What is extreme and what are its consequences

What is extreme and what are its consequences

One of the most rewarding activities is sports. Some do it because they want to look good, others because they like the energy boost that sports give them. But there are those who go in for extreme sports to get a good dose of adrenaline. Not everyone dares to take up this kind of sport, as it is quite dangerous. In this rating, we will tell you about the most extreme and dangerous sports.

This is a young, rapidly gaining popularity sport, the basis of which is movement under the action of the traction force developed by a kite held and controlled by an athlete. It is a very fashionable and dynamic, spectacular and rather extreme sport. With the help of the wind, the kite tows you wherever you want, not the wind. For kitesurfing, any place with the wind to the shore is suitable. A large open body of water and a convenient location for the takeoff and landing of the kite are very important. Many people go kitesurfing both along the ocean coast and on large lakes and rivers. It all depends on the level of the surfer and his place of residence.

This is the art of moving and overcoming obstacles, a discipline based on a simple philosophy: there are no boundaries - there are only obstacles. Many practitioners perceive it as a lifestyle. Currently, it is actively practiced and developed in many countries. The essence of parkour is movement and overcoming various obstacles, both existing architectural structures such as railings, parapets, walls, etc., and specially made structures. A person doing parkour is called a tracer. People who have been doing parkour for a long time do it beautifully and clearly, but beginners sometimes cannot do without abrasions, bruises and fractures.

Downhill on a long skateboard in a prone position appeared in Southern California in the 70s of the last century. Over time, race organizers have become more serious about safety, track regulation and inventory requirements. Streetlagging rules are governed today by several racing associations, and the sport itself is included in the Summer X-Games Demonstration Program. In total, there are about 1200 active riders in the world, but it can be assumed that there are many more of them and not all of them live according to the rules of official organizations.

The only safety equipment for riders is a helmet, elbow and knee pads, gloves and a tracksuit. This is quite a bit when you consider that an overclocked skate is difficult to get to quickly slow down. In streetlagging, riders slow down on any objects in the way - walls, cars, rocks and trees. Obviously, only the luckiest riders don't get injured with this method of stopping!

This is a temporary rafting on mountain rivers with the passage of natural and artificial obstacles on special 6-, 4- and 2-seater inflatable boats. Rafting is a team sport and each participant performs certain functions during the rafting, and the crew as a whole follows the instructions of the leader-captain. As a sport, it was included in the All-Russian Register of Sports in 2003. Rafting is a commercial type of rafting, which means that no previous experience is required to participate in rafting. It is also a rather dangerous sport, especially when it comes to routes of the 3rd and higher category of difficulty. The main dangers are: overcoming powerful rapids and waterfalls, falling into rubble and underwater pockets, getting injured, hypothermia, remoteness from civilization and, as a rule, lack of communication with rescue services.

Scuba diving with special equipment that provides an autonomous supply of air for breathing underwater from several minutes to 12 hours or more, depending on the depth, type of breathing apparatus and the diver's consumption of the gas mixture. There are 3 types of diving: recreational diving - snorkeling for relaxation and pleasure, professional diving and sport diving. Scuba diving requires a set of skills to tackle the vast majority of diving problems. These skills and knowledge are acquired in the course of training and are confirmed by a certificate from one of the diving associations. Diving is always associated with danger to life and health. The main hazards are: drowning, decompression sickness, barotrauma, gas poisoning and depletion of oxygen or technical breakdown.

Taming the Bull or Rodeo is a cowboy sports that includes taming a wild horse, riding a horse without a saddle, catching a bull with a lasso, fighting a wild bull and taming it with a lasso, riding a wild bull ... Distributed in the USA, Canada and Australia. The cowboy must not only hold out on horseback for 8 seconds, but also show the animal's potential by spurring it on. No other sport can be as injurious as rodeo bull riding. Here is a complete set for medical research: sprains and tears of muscles and ligaments, fractures of various degrees of severity, blows, etc. The rider takes a risk every time he mounts the bull.

A type of technical diving performed in caves where there is a so-called overhead environment. In fact, this is the same diving, only in underwater caves. It is a highly dangerous sport and places extreme demands on swimmer skills, equipment reliability and equipment configuration. The main danger of cave diving is that emergency ascent is difficult or impossible. But there are other dangers as well. The risk of getting lost or not calculating the air supply - therefore the air reserve. There is always a chance of being left without artificial light, so you need to be able to swim and navigate in complete darkness. There is a danger of equipment damage by striking a wall or ceiling. A large amount of silt can make it difficult to see for a long time, and just like in the dark you have to look for a way out blindly.

Paragliding is a paragliding flight using the lift of an updraft. Such currents arise from the wind and the terrain, for example, when the wind blows towards a mountain or when there is an updraft of heated air. A paraglider is a simple system of fabric wing, ropes and a system. The movement is carried out due to the special shape of the wing of the paraglider, into which air is drawn, due to which it is picked up by the wind and carried in any direction. Paragliding is a rather dangerous, but very fashionable form of extreme aviation sports.

An athlete is required not only to be in good physical shape, but also to have a good knowledge of physics, atmosphere, behavior of air currents, etc. As a rule, the flight begins at the top of mountains, hills or rocks, where there is a powerful air flow at high speed rushes upward, bending around the top. The pilot should not be an alarmist or a reckless driver. It's the same with risk - smart calculation is always better. And not only for the pilot himself. After all, he is not alone in the sky and, risking himself, can create a dangerous situation for other paragliders.

The top three of the most extreme sports are mountaineering - climbing to the top of the mountains. The sporting essence of mountaineering is overcoming obstacles created by nature on the way to the top. In sports competitions in mountaineering, the object of the competition is the height of the summit, the technical complexity of the traversed route, its nature and length. When passing mountainous reliefs and glaciers, there is a danger of falling, dislocations, fractures, avalanches and other dangerous situations that can occur even if safety precautions and all mountaineering rules are observed.

A kind of alpine skiing, freeride, the essence of which is to descend on untouched snow slopes, far from the prepared slopes, with an ascent to the beginning of the descent by helicopter. Using a helicopter for ascent allows you to find various options for descending from the mountains in a pristine, untouched nature, where there is no other way to quickly climb. Depending on the type of helicopter and its carrying capacity, there may be several people in a group of skiers. The group, as a rule, is accompanied by a guide who is well aware of the peculiarities of the descent on certain slopes. Where there are mountains, there is always risk and danger. For heli-skiing, skiers must be proficient in the technique of downhill skiing on slopes of various steepness. To ensure safety, each skier must have an avalanche sensor, an avalanche probe, a shovel and other necessary equipment to quickly find people in an avalanche, i.e. there is a danger of being caught in an avalanche.

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