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Good battery, shockproof casing, rugged screen - in our review you will find phones that are best suited for travelers.

Travel can be different - some explore the surroundings of their hometown, others fly abroad, others like to conquer high mountains with a backpack on their shoulders or go on long trips, taking a mobile home with them. But in any situation, the traveler certainly needs good communication and navigation. For Tourism Day, September 27, CHIP has prepared a selection of useful phones for all adventure lovers to come in handy on the road.

INOI Z: phone and portable charger

Portable charger is a necessary thing in any journey that involves constant movement away from civilization. Your smartphone may simply not last until the end of the day, especially if you take a lot of photos and post them on social networks. INOI 246Z can charge a smartphone, camera, navigator or any other electronic device. The device with a battery capacity of 4750 mAh can withstand up to 2 months without recharging in standby mode.

INOI 246Z also works like a regular phone - it receives and sends calls, SMS, supports Bluetooth 2., FM, MP3 options and works with three SIM cards at once. In remote areas, communication may be lost if there is no tower of the required operator nearby, and with INOI 246Z, you can use the services of three operators and choose the one that is available at a particular moment. Also, the model is equipped with a shock-resistant case with metal inserts, a powerful speaker and LED flashlight, which will be appreciated by fans of extreme tourism.

DOOGEE S: durable and long lasting

DOOGEE S30 is a shockproof and waterproof smartphone that will survive a hike of any complexity. The model is also popular among travelers due to its powerful battery - the 5580 mAh battery allows the smartphone to last 3 days without recharging.

In terms of technical characteristics, it is unremarkable. The model is equipped with a 5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280x720 and an aspect ratio of 16: 9 - no fashionable bangs and narrow frames, everything is pretty standard. The main camera here is dual - with 8 and 3 megapixel sensors, so if necessary, you can use your smartphone for extreme shooting. The device is powered by a MediaTek MT6737 processor and is equipped with 2/16 GB of memory. Taking into account the fact that there is a slot for microSD up to 128 GB, there is enough space for both photos and videos.

SENSEIT P: for the true extreme

By the way, about phones for extreme lovers. SENSEIT P300 is not only shockproof, but also moisture resistant. The IP67 degree of protection is dust and water resistant: it can be immersed to a depth of 1 meter for no more than 30 minutes. The phone is suitable for those who are planning a hike in completely unpredictable conditions.

There are names on the world map that evoke a special excitement in us. This is what you experience in childhood, when you avidly read books about brave adventurers and dream of mysterious cities. Timbuktu, Caracas, Addis Ababa ... Dreams of discoveries and wonderful worlds that are not ready to open their arms to everyone. Dreams of the mysterious, unseen and frightening. An extreme pleasure to be there, where only a few of the most curious will decide to go. This is Adventure, akin to adventure, not tourism.

Heart of Africa

Ethiopia: The Land of the Peoples of the South

By African standards, Ethiopia is a prosperous and calm country. Well, the Somali bandits are playing pranks on the eastern border - and where is someone not playing pranks?

People go to Ethiopia to admire the underground temples of Lalibela, monasteries on the island in Lake Tana, the Blue Nile waterfalls and the majestic mountains of Geralta. But not every tourist will visit the Land of the peoples of the South. And this is where all the fun begins!

Forget civilized Ethiopians rushing to the office or church. Travel to the Omo Valley. This is the heart of Africa, and it beats in the same rhythm of tom-toms as several thousand years ago.

The inhabitants of the Omo Valley paint bodies with red, white and yellow paint. Coat the hair with clay. Bovine horns are put on their heads. They are washed with cow urine. They cut the girls' lower lip so that, as they mature, they decorate their mouths with a 20-centimeter clay disc. Bizarre patterns of scars are applied to the body. They live in huts made of straw, clay and dung. They arrange bull jumping competitions. They dance the same war dances that their ancestors danced 3000 years ago. And they wear Kalashnikov assault rifles as naturally as we carry an umbrella or a bag.

Yes, tourists are taken to the Omo Valley to gaze like on a safari. But this is not your path, is it? You will find a local guide and travel to the peoples of the South not as a spectator, but as a friend. And then you will hear the heart of Africa beating.

  • malaria,
  • aggressive fauna: snakes, insects,
  • a large number of armed people,
  • Somali extremists in the eastern regions of the country.

  • bring repellents, mosquito nets, anti-malaria medicines,
  • drink only bottled or boiled water,
  • show respect for the locals customs,
  • avoid the eastern part bordering Somalia.

How to get there: flight to Addis Ababa. The most profitable are combined flights via Cairo, Istanbul, Dubai, Doha.

The Lost World

Cars were originally created as a means for long trips, significantly exceeding the level of cross-country ability in comparison with the traditional carriages and carriages, which were harnessed to horses.

But over time, the automotive industry has developed, consumers have raised new demands, and companies had to meet these demands. In addition to a body with 4 wheels and an engine, customers require a high level of comfort, which is manifested in the presence of climate systems, comfortable seats, a spacious rear sofa, soft suspension, at least a minimal audio system, etc.

Choosing the best car for travel

The best cars for travel were determined within the framework of the current rating. Here are collected budget, mid-budget and quite expensive models, since the level of income for people is different, which allows them to buy vehicles of various categories.

Key Selection Options

If the consumer needs the best car designed for regular travel over long distances, he will have a number of important requirements for the car. And some of them are purely individual in nature.

Based on the general concepts of a comfortable car for long trips, there are several important factors:

  • Spacious salon. Not all of the best travel vehicles are huge minivans or long sedans. There are also models that are quite compact in size. But they still offer a fair amount of space inside. Someone travels together, others need a large car for 5-7 seats. Therefore, coupes and minivans can be equally good cars for such purposes.
  • Roomy trunk. It is equally important to have sufficient space in the luggage compartment for loading personal items. Cars, whose trunk does not even reach 250 liters, are unlikely to be suitable for carrying a large amount of luggage. And some trips are accompanied by the need to take really a lot of things with you.
  • Ease of maintenance and reliability. By far the best travel-friendly family car shouldn't break down or require overly complicated maintenance. The driver needs to be able, if necessary, to independently change the filter on the road, add oil, check the condition of the spark plugs, etc.
  • Comfort for long trips. This largely depends on the organization of the cabin, the quality of the seats, as well as the suspension. The latter should not be overly stiff, but overly soft suspension tires.
  • Permeability. When choosing the best car for traveling with the whole family, it is important to pay attention to this parameter as well. It is not necessary to take an all-terrain vehicle, but travel is not always associated with trips exclusively on flat asphalt. Therefore, the car sometimes needs to overcome small obstacles, go to the ground, I do not risk staying there until the assistance car arrives.
  • Availability of a place to sleep. It is a closed body type, reclining seats and ample headroom. Priority is given to cars with a spacious rear sofa, or cars in which the rear backrests fold down and form a flat surface. You can put mattresses or sleeping bags there and spend the night.

It is difficult to say what the best car for long distance and frequent travel will be, as there are so many options on the market. To satisfy the largest possible audience, the rating will be divided into several subcategories.

Rating Categories

Some are sure that the best car for regular travel in Russia should be exclusively in the sedan body. Others consider crossovers and SUVs as favorites, while others do not perceive anything else at all except minivans.

There is some truth in each of these positions. This is an imposed stereotype that you can only travel in minivans, minibuses or large station wagons. If we are talking about a large family, then you really need to take a large car with increased capacity. But when only 2 people go on a trip, which happens very often, a small sedan or compact crossover will be enough here. There are those who do just fine with a city hatchback.

The choice largely depends on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage that the car must take on board without compromising the comfort of people.

"Skyscraper" will open in -m

According to The Daily Mirror, Florida's Skyplex Amusement Park will be the world's tallest roller coaster. The attraction, 174 meters high, will receive the corresponding name - "Skyscraper". Currently, the developers have posted a video on the Internet, which is a computer version of what the visitors of the "Skyscraper" are going to experience. The attraction is a tower entwined with rails. The speed on the extreme route will reach 105 kilometers per hour, adrenaline lovers will find numerous coups, "dead loops" and riding upside down.

Construction of the attraction, like the entire Skyplex complex, will start in 2015. The total cost of the complex, which will include the "Skyscraper", will be about $ 200 million. It is assumed that the first daredevils will be able to try out the new attraction in 2017.

From Catherine's slides to the "miracle of the XXI century"

The most important incident associated with roller coasters is that such attractions have such a name only in the post-Soviet space. For the rest of the world, including the United States, this is a roller coaster ride. This name goes back to the legend that the first attraction of this type was built in the 1780s in Russia for Empress Catherine the Great.

Visitors are warned in advance - measure your desires and capabilities! People with chronic diseases, weak vestibular apparatus, not too strong nervous system, it is better to observe what is happening from the side.

Despite this, the number of people who want to tickle their nerves is constantly growing. And since there is a steady demand for such extreme entertainment, the supply also grows. As soon as a "roller coaster" appears somewhere in the world, which is declared to be the most extreme, competitors immediately start thinking how to do something even more "terribly interesting".

Steel Dragon, Japan

Park Nagashima Spa Land in Japan's Mie Prefecture offers its visitors a ride on the Steel Dragon 2000. The structure reaches a height of 97 meters and bears the title of the longest attraction of its kind - the length of the track is 2,478.99 meters. Opened in 2003, this entertainment monster cost $ 52 million to create. Such a huge amount is due to the fact that the attraction was built with the expectation that it would be able to withstand the seismic activity typical of Japan. In addition to the length, this Japanese miracle of attraction technology stands out for its duration of the race - almost 4 minutes, while on most other extreme "slides" the ride lasts much less.

Kingda Ka, USA

Bad roads or their complete absence have never been an obstacle for an SUV. Its design allows it to withstand large overloads and overcome difficult obstacles. Nevertheless, even SUVs are powerless over the terrain, where no car can pass.

The landscape or weather conditions are not everywhere so friendly that even an SUV could drive there. Especially for such cases, special vehicles are being developed that can overcome obstacles erected by nature. Such machines have been developed since the time when man tried to adapt a vehicle to tough off-road conditions, in which an ordinary car would have a hard time. Sometimes engineers have extremely unusual projects.

Electric Sand Buggy

Sand is one of the worst riding surfaces. In this case, a conventional car has numerous problems. Volkswagen has developed an electric buggy especially for those who are constantly forced to move on the sand, in particular for surfers. Its construction is specially designed for sand riding, which is greatly helped by the suspension with a ground clearance of 238 millimeters, 18-inch alloy wheels and tires from BF Goodrich for off-road driving.

To make the buggy comfortable to use on the beach, it was stripped of the roof and doors and equipped with a removable awning. The buggy was equipped with one electric motor of 204 horsepower, capable of accelerating the car to 159 km/h. So far, the company has only one ready-made sample. At the moment, ID Buggy is actively preparing for serial production.

Walking SUV

Even modern SUVs, built for extreme driving, cannot go everywhere. Hyundai said it intends to create a separate division to develop vehicles designed for rough terrain. It will begin its work with the creation of a serial version of a walking all-terrain vehicle, the concept of which has already been created by Hyundai.

The Elevate walking car will receive four legs, ending in wheels, instead of the standard four-wheeled platform. When folded, they will allow the car to go, differing from other cars only in an unusual appearance. In working order, the six-segment legs will allow the car to reach areas previously inaccessible to cars. At the same time, Elevate will be able to both ride on wheels and walk.

Off-road vehicle for land and sea

SCG from the United States is going to demonstrate its own technical capabilities by creating an amphibian. The basis for it should serve as an SUV, which will be equipped with a floating platform driven by two motors. On an amphibious vehicle, the authors are going to make a trip around the world, without using the services of third-party vehicles to overcome water obstacles.

The start of the demonstration will be the conquest of the highest volcano on earth, Ojos del Salado, located in the Andes, by off-road vehicle. So far, the project exists at the stage of intentions, the authors have shared only the renders of the SUV.

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