Travel insurance for a trip abroad and how to get it

Travel insurance for a trip abroad and how to get it

What do insurance companies consider extreme sports?

Calculate the cost of insurance for outdoor activities in 5 minutes

Insurance for active holidays abroad

Extreme sports insurance guarantees free provision of all necessary medical services in case of injury while engaging in extreme sports.

Are you an experienced traveler who has visited dozens of countries? If yes, then you probably know how to choose the right policy, how to reduce the cost of insurance by 40-50% and which type of classification of outdoor activities suits you best, which means that you can immediately calculate the cost of a traveller's policy on our calculator. If you are a beginner tourist, then continue reading, and from this article you will gain a lot of useful information.

Is it necessary to insure outdoor activities?

Many people think that insurance for outdoor activities is the prerogative of avid extreme sportsmen, for whom adrenaline and an unquenchable thirst for unjustified risk have become the main goal, pushing them to more and more insane, deadly actions.

Snowboarding down a three-kilometer mountain without fences, solo skydiving in the Kalahari in 45 degrees heat, and even walking on the floor just washed by the cleaning lady give them even more self-confidence, symbolizing another victory in the game with death.

In fact, even activities such as fishing, running, cycling, bowling and even, attention, table tennis fall under the concept of "active rest" in insurance. Official world statistics are silent on the number of recorded injuries sustained while playing table tennis (probably because these are catastrophically huge numbers), but it is reliably known that thousands of people break their nails and fingers every year while playing bowling.

Thus, almost any physical activity is regarded by insurance companies as an unjustified risk that could have been avoided. Therefore, if you are injured while practicing any of these potentially dangerous sports, no insurance will pay for treatment if this sport was not prudently indicated when the policy was issued.

RESO-Garantia is a backbone structure that concludes insurance contracts and provides services on the territory of Russia. In 2015, the public joint stock company took the third place in terms of the amount of collected gross premiums. RESO-Garantia is a universal company providing services for all types of insurance, including insurance for tourists, human life, movable and immovable property. It is useful to know how to purchase an annual policy for multiple trips abroad on the RESO-Garantia website without leaving home.

Why travel insurance is needed

Being abroad means being active in another country, whether it is a business trip or a family vacation. Often the journey is overshadowed by sudden viral diseases or mechanical damage. You can get fast qualified assistance if you have an insurance policy. By the way, most countries do not issue visas without an insurance policy.

Activities in active sports imply the introduction of additional medical services into the terms of the contract, since in the absence of a proper clause in the policy, the insurance company does not undertake to cover the costs of treatment.

RESO-GARANTIA offers various insurance policies for medical expenses anywhere in the world, including the CIS countries and Russia. You can use RESO-Garantia insurance at any time of the day. The insurance policy will cover all expenses for compensation for damage within the framework of the prescribed rules in the contract.

What is included in the RESO-Garantia travel insurance policy

The insurance policy fully covers the costs of medical care abroad and coverage of property damage for legal entities. Compensation for losses is guaranteed if the infliction of harm is spelled out in the list of insured events for each specific type of policy. Depending on the specified range of insurance situations, the RESO-Garantia client has the opportunity:

  • to use the services of a doctor free of charge, as well as to receive medications prescribed by a doctor in the amount of necessary emergency assistance;
  • be served in a hospital, as well as undergo necessary examinations, including operations in the amount of necessary emergency care completely free;
  • use the services of medical transportation to the hospital for emergency treatment, and subsequently be transported home;
  • get free tickets to the place of inpatient treatment for a relative, if hospitalization lasts more than 10 days;
  • for minors left without guardianship - to be delivered to their homeland free of charge;
  • use dental care prescribed in the insured event; <
  • get other services specified in the contract.

The rules for providing guaranteed client insurance abroad or for domestic tourism are posted here.

Depending on the direction of tourism RESO-Garantia offers additional services. For example, for comfortable tourism within Russia, the company has entered into contracts with more than 230 medical institutions that provide free services within the framework of an insured event. Also, a separate type of insurance is offered when planning extreme sports abroad.

Making an online travel insurance policy

Children are at risk more than adults, even at home. During trips, the likelihood that a child will get sick or get injured increases, because there is a lot of new and interesting things around, and the body is not prepared for a sharp change in climate and nutrition. To protect a child when traveling abroad, it is worth issuing an insurance policy for him with personal conditions.

Features of child insurance

Children can travel abroad with their parents or as part of a group, for example, to participate in sports. In this case, insurance companies conclude a joint contract for several people or for each separately.

For short family trips for a relaxing holiday, you can limit yourself to basic family insurance. But if there are plans for extreme sports, it is worth providing a policy for each family member or child, including when traveling to participate in traumatic competitions. In the latter case, the price of the document will increase, but it will fully justify itself in the event of an insured event.

Making insurance for a child step by step

Buying a policy for a child is similar to concluding a contract with an adult, with the only difference that the signatory of the minor's documents is a legal representative - a parent or guardian. Registration of child insurance is carried out in several steps.

  • Filling out the form

With the help of an aggregator site, you can quickly find a good UK that offers all the required services. To do this, in the search, you should note the country of destination, the validity of the documents, the number of insured, information about sports.

  • Company Choice

Knowledgeable tourists do not recommend immediately using the economy offer, but read the reviews about the insurance company. When it comes to health, it is better to overpay a little than to face an unscrupulous insurer and be left unprotected in a foreign country.

  • Purchase a policy

It is easy to buy a policy at the office of a selected company or online. When filling out the data, it is important to pay attention that they must all match the information in the foreign passport.

  • Document preparation

Despite numerous quarantine restrictions, citizens of our country do not stop traveling around the world. At the same time, travel insurance continues to be one of the prerequisites for both obtaining a visa and simply entering most countries of the European Union, Asia and the United States. A service such as travel insurance not only helps to travel smoothly across all continents, but also guarantees that you will receive immediate, and most importantly, free assistance in case of problem situations abroad.

What is the need for travel insurance

Going on a tour, people tune in to the positive, anticipating an interesting and unforgettable pastime. At the same time, they perfectly understand that being in the alienation strip is associated with much greater risks than in familiar and familiar territory. If a person has not purchased travel insurance or its validity period has expired, then he is forced to give up numerous temptations that can be potentially dangerous in one way or another.

Insurance of citizens traveling abroad is necessary for the following reasons:

  • The cost of treatment abroad is an order of magnitude higher than in Russia. Travel Insurance provides free medical assistance onsite or reimbursement of the cost of returning home.
  • During a trip, a person may experience various everyday troubles - an accident, hooligan actions of third parties, loss of valuable things. Insurance for those traveling abroad allows them to easily get out of such situations without any particular complications.
  • Climate change, stress during flights can cause serious health complications. It may also be due to food or contact with representatives of the local flora and fauna. Pre-arranged medical insurance guarantees free assistance in almost any circumstance.

Pay attention! An insurance policy for tourists is an appendix to the official contract that a citizen enters into with a company. One party makes the payment and lists the conditions, the other assumes the obligation to reimburse the costs specified in the agreement. Figuratively speaking, the insurance of those traveling abroad is the funds lying on the foreign account of travelers, which are withdrawn by a medical institution when providing them with the necessary assistance. As for the TCD policy in Schengen, it captures an additional 15 days from the declared period, with the mandatory inclusion of additional options.

How to get an insurance policy for tourists

Travel insurance, like any product, is voluntary. But his absence can become not only the cause of huge material costs, but also the reason for refusing to enter most foreign countries. At the same time, it is not difficult and quite quick to issue accumulative life insurance abroad.

You can purchase a health insurance policy for a trip to Europe, including for the Schengen area, in the following ways:

  • In any travel agency that implements tours and individual trips outside the cordon. Organizations sell documents with a guarantee, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the price of services will be quite high, since firms live through mediation.
  • In one of the insurance companies. Most of them are licensed to sell travel insurance for travel outside the cordon. There prices will be lower, but there is also less choice. In addition, agents will try to sell the most profitable product for themselves. An online policy abroad will cost 5-10% more.
  • For aggregators. Organizations partner with many companies to receive their bonuses for promoting their services. You can find the cheapest insurance on the services, while the electronic policy will have the same legal force as its paper version with a wet seal.

Important! Before concluding a contract, you should compare the insurance offered by different operators. After spending a little time, you can find the most acceptable option in all directions.

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