Travel insurance: everything you need to know

Travel insurance: everything you need to know

How to choose insurance for traveling abroad? And is it needed for traveling in Russia? Tourists are often too lazy to compare the types of policies and understand their intricacies. And to choose a reliable insurer among a huge number of offers - too. What is really there, even the agreements of a number of companies are often drawn up in such a language that you get tired of reading by the second point. However, you still need to deal with health insurance. We will try to answer all frequently asked questions so that you do not have to search for materials on your own and spend too much time on it.

Why do you need insurance at all?

Let's say you have already arrived, but your luggage has not. Or, say, you are getting from Russia to Spain with a transfer in Germany, but the first plane was delayed and you did not get to the dock. What to do? And it can also happen that, God forbid, you got poisoned, caught a virus or got injured on vacation.

In a word, there are many unpleasant situations. This is why travel insurance is cool, because the operator will handle the problems for you. He will contact the airport, talk to the travel agency, or tell you where to go. And, of course, you will receive compensation later. This is especially important in the case of medical treatment abroad - it is very expensive there.

Will the money be refunded in case of not leaving? And what about the lost luggage?

Cancellation insurance is usually automatically included in the price of tours and most insurance packages. However, it is worth clarifying this point when buying. If this is not provided, it makes sense to pay extra. Moreover, it costs, as a rule, only 5-10% of the tour.

An important point: when buying a tour, you need to insure everyone who flies. If there are, say, three of you, and you insured only a child, then in case of no departure, you will receive only 1/3 of the total compensation.

Please note that no one will refund your money if you just change your mind about flying. "The boss refused to take a vacation" - it will not work either. But illness or non-issuance of a visa is a valid reason, and you will receive compensation.

Losing your baggage is simple. If you have insurance, you just go to the application on your smartphone or call the operator and place an application. They will immediately start looking for a suitcase, and you can count on compensation. By the way, the more the suitcase weighs, the greater the payout amount. Of course, the insurer pays much more than the standard airline compensation.

Do I need travel insurance to travel in Russia?

Strictly speaking, you must be admitted to any medical facility under the usual compulsory medical insurance policy. However, practice shows that "non-local" in polyclinics are served in the last place. Anyway, this whole adventure turns into a hassle. If you have medical travel insurance, you automatically become a priority patient.

More and more Russians allow themselves to have a rest abroad. And, unfortunately, many of them forget about taking out an insurance policy. But this is not at all superfluous. Practice shows that even a beach vacation can carry risks, and what can we say about traveling to ski resorts. In life, it never hurts to play it safe. In this article, we will consider all the subtleties and nuances of insurance for persons traveling outside their country.

Why insure?

Is risk insurance really necessary for those traveling abroad? Statistics of accidents abroad will help to answer this question. According to the Federal Tourism Agency, the most common among all insured events are:

  • Respiratory and infectious diseases (48%).
  • Digestive problems (18%).
  • Injuries and bruises (17%).
  • Fractures of the spine and extremities (6%).
  • Allergies, burns and sunstroke (4%).
  • Dental inflammations (3%).
  • Animal bites (2%).

Important! Travelers' fatalities are 1% insured.

In 2015, based on disappointing statistics, the Russian authorities tried to raise the issue of compulsory insurance for people traveling abroad, but this did not go any further.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the number of cases of medical evacuation of citizens of the Russian Federation from abroad increased 6 times, which entailed budget expenditures from 3.4 mln. rubles up to 85 mil. rubles.

Rating of countries by the number of insured events:

  • Turkey 47%.
  • Egypt 22%.
  • Spain 6%.
  • Thailand 4%.
  • Bulgaria 4%.
  • Cyprus 2%.

A list of the most dangerous countries for winter travel has also been established. And the first place among them is occupied by Austria. Followed by:

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