Tourism, fishing and recreation in the Republic of Karelia: photo and description

Snowmobile tour; Three peaks of Karelia

It's no secret that the lion's share of holidaymakers in Karelia is fishing. The republic, on whose territory there are more than 70 thousand lakes and about 30 thousand rivers, simply must be a fishing paradise. If you also decided to join this lesson, then take tackle and come to any Karelian recreation center. However, a little theoretical training still does not hurt anyone.

What to take with you on a fishing trip?

Many fishermen successfully combine successful fishing and rest in Karelia, staying in comfortable cottages of modern recreation centers - there are many of them today in the republic. As a rule, on the territory of the base you can buy or rent almost everything you need for fishing. But if you decide to rest in a "wild" in a tent, you will have to stock up on many necessary things:

  • repellents - otherwise the ubiquitous mosquitoes will not give you rest either at night or on a clear day;
  • high waterproof boots - to protect from moisture and snakes, which, although there are few, but meeting with them is still possible;
  • a navigator - so as not to get lost in the maze of lakes, rocks and forests;
  • good thermal underwear and several sets of clothes for different weather, since the climate of Karelia is surprisingly unpredictable, and pleasant sunshine can be replaced by rainy windy weather within half an hour;
  • salt and thick plastic bags to preserve the catch.

Considering that you will need another tent, a supply of food, bedding and household utensils, not to mention fishing tackle, bait baits, etc., it becomes clear that it will be extremely difficult to survive without a car. However, an ordinary passenger car will not go far along the Karelian forest roads - a powerful SUV is needed.

What kind of fish can you catch?

Pike remains the most widespread fish in Karelia - it is easy to catch it in almost any body of water. In addition to it, there are high chances of catching perch, rudd, silver bream or roach. But seasoned fishermen are not particularly interested in such prey, for them it is a matter of honor to get a rare trophy like salmon, whitefish, vendace, grayling or trout. All of them live both in lakes and rivers, but they are anadromous fish, spending part of their life in the White Sea. There are chances to fish out the bream, and you need to catch it exclusively with a worm and in calm, calm water. But for many, the most coveted prey is pike perch, to catch which you will have to fish deep bottom holes from the boat.

Tackle & Bait

Karelian reservoirs are so diverse that an angler can easily find a catchy place for any tackle. If you like fishing with a rod, then stock up on different floats, lines and hooks, do not forget about the weights. You also have to take the bait with you, since digging up a worm or buying maggots on the spot is problematic. However, maggots are indispensable here if you expect to bring home a solid catch.

Spinning fishing is no less successful in Karelia, since there are a lot of predatory fish in local water bodies. The choice of rod and spinner depends entirely on personal preference and the kind of catch you are aiming at. It is better to take the rigging with a margin, since a rocky and snaggy bottom is not uncommon here, which means that losses are inevitable. The more varied the lures, the more chances of fishing success, since the Karelian fish is very unpredictable.

If you are going to fish with feeder gear, you need to have a good idea of ​​the bottom relief. Without an echo sounder, it will be difficult to count on a large catch.

If the boat capsized

3 days/All inclusive/Accommodation in guest houses

The breathtaking beauty and energy of the North on a snowmobile tour in Paanajärvi National Park in North Karelia. A real northern holiday with snow!

Leave a request for a Snowmobile tour in Karelia

First day

✔ Group meeting, acquaintance

✔ 11:30 - training course "Getting to know the snowmobile"

✔ 12:30 - 13:00 - Departure to the safe route "Pyaozersky - Paanajärvi National Park"

✔ We will climb Mount Kivakkatunturi, where not only a gorgeous view of Lake Pyaozero will await us, but also ... ancient seids - Sami sanctuaries

✔ Accommodation in a guest house, bathhouse at will

Second day

Main impressions

Let's unite together for short trips!)) Spend an active weekend in Karelia. The most important and interesting places in 3 days.

What will we do on the tour

Our tour is a short rest option that suits all lovers of an active weekend and get away from the bustle of the city. No boring excursions or a per-minute schedule. Relax really in the company of like-minded people! The program includes a lot of extreme entertainment, but all of them do not require special physical training. We start on Friday morning from St. Petersburg, in a comfortable minivan, and on Sunday we return back. If you are from another city, then you just need to get to St. Petersburg on your own.

  • Active entertainment - add adrenaline and colors to the gray days;
  • The beauty of untouched wildlife. Amazing flora and fauna of Karelia. Walks along forest paths and clean air;
  • Lots of photographs for memory;
  • A real rest for body and soul. Cool company and new friends;
  • Evening gatherings with a bathhouse, barbecue and board games;



We meet in the morning in St. Petersburg, metro Ploshchad Vosstaniya and start towards Karelia.

And the first stop is at our pier in Karelia. There we will go kayaking. The whole group will sail along Ladoga. You will remember this fantastic journey with unforgettable landscapes for a long time :) If you are going to Karelia, then you definitely need to see its beauty, swimming between the skerries of Lake Ladoga. We will pass among the rocky islands covered with moss and will rest on the islands among pines and blueberries. Kayaking on Ladoga is safe and suitable even for beginners and children, special physical. no preparation required. For those who have never done kayaking, there will be detailed instructions, and an experienced instructor will be with us all the time. After kayaking, there will be free time for beautiful photos.))

Then we have lunch, walk, share our impressions after kayaking and go further.

We arrive at the recreation center. We relax, admire the views, walk around the neighborhood. Those who wish can take a steam bath or sauna. And also try the entertainment that will be at the recreation center (boating or fishing, tennis or volleyball).

Tourism, fishing and recreation in the Republic of Karelia will leave unforgettable memories. Our country is rich in stunningly beautiful places where you can have a great vacation. In Karelia you can have a great rest, fishing or extreme sports. The main attraction of Karelia is its natural resources, ideal ecology. In the resort corners of the Karelian Territory, vacationers are offered a lot of all kinds of pleasant pastime.

Photo: Karelia

Guests will be able to fully enjoy active hiking, ecological tourism, fishing, hunting and other riches of this place. Karelia can also boast of its proximity to the White Sea, the cool waters of which have always attracted and inspired romantics. Karelia is the land of lakes. All recreation areas are concentrated directly around them. And some of the lakes are worth getting to know better.

Lakes of Karelia

Tour of Lake Ladoga

Perhaps the most popular holiday destination in Karelia is the northern coast of Lake Ladoga. People come here with pleasure to catch burbot, pike perch, pike with their own hands. Here you can also cook fish soup or any other fish dish. In summer, tourists are happy to travel along the shores of Lake Ladoga by bicycle, rent a boat or motorboat, and walk along Ladoga.

Tents can be seen all along the coast. However, many tourists prefer to settle in one of the many tourist centers, in the houses of a fisherman or at a hunting base. Most of Ladoga is located in the Leningrad Region. Many people know such cities of Karelia as Olonets, Luskelya and Sortavala. All these are cities whose life revolves around tourism. Of the interesting places to visit, the Valaam Monastery is especially worth noting.

Lake Onega: resort, recreation and fishing

A well-developed resort area is located on the shores of the famous lake. This is due to the geography of Karelia. The capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, is very close. It is clear that the resort favorably stands out with a well-organized infrastructure and comfortable entrances to boarding houses and hotels. Onega, among the Karelian lakes, is one of the largest. It has a huge number of beautiful places and tourist sites on its banks. Enchanting nature, a lot of mushroom places - all this can be seen if you are on the coast of Lake Onega. The blue surface of the lake is delightful.

Lake Onega

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