TOP-25 attractions of Pattaya

Pattaya's 10 Most Popular Places on Foursquare

Excursions in Pattaya: active rest and extreme

I continue the series of articles about excursions in Pattaya.

All prices are in baht. 1 Thai baht = 2 Russian rubles. Just multiply the price in baht by 2 and get the actual cost of the excursion in Russian rubles.

Attention! In different travel agencies, the excursion program may differ, but not much. The price also differs for 100-300 baht. So before buying an excursion from one company, take a walk and find out the price from others. Or buy a tour online using the form below.

Excursions in Pattaya: Siam Park

Amusement park + water park for adults and children. This park is listed in the Guinness Book of Records! The culprit is one of the water slides, which is considered the highest in Southeast Asia. Jurassic Park with full-length dinosaurs, a room of fear and laughter. All rides + lunch included.

Duration - from 8:00 to 18:30.

Cost - 1000 baht, children up to 120 cm tall - 750 baht.

Cartoon Network Pattaya Waterpark

New water park 15 km from Pattaya. Water slides, children's area, tidal pool. Round trip transfer and entrance ticket included.

Duration - from 8:00 to 18:30.

Price - 1600 baht, children up to 120 cm tall - 1350 baht.

Dream World

Find out where tourists and resort residents like to check in

The Foursquare mobile app is a real box of ideas. Thanks to him, you can quickly find a cafe nearby, get the information you need and useful during your trip, or just show off your check-in abroad. On the other hand, Foursquare's statistics are a good indicator of how popular a place is. Reviews and recommendations from hundreds of users can't lie. Below are the TOP-10 places in Pattaya, which are often visited by smartphone owners.

Central Festival

The largest shopping center in Pattaya is extremely popular with tourists (rating - 9.4 out of 10). In the comments, users share rave reviews, leave tips about restaurants, and complain about crowds. They write most actively in Russian and Thai, a little less in English, rarely in Turkish, Japanese and Korean. At the time of this writing, 63,308 people have checked-in here.

Mum Aroi

Mum Aroi Thai Restaurant (15/15 Pattaya Third road (Pattaya Sai Sam), Naklua, Pattaya) is the second most popular place. His rating is 9.1. According to users, they prepare incomparable seafood dishes and serve flawlessly. The gorgeous sea view deserves special praise. Everyone advises visiting the establishment at five or six in the evening to see a stunning sunset. The vast majority of comments on Foursquare about this place are in Thai. Sometimes English and Russian "slip through". According to the number of check-in, there were 17,036 users of the service.

Rimpa Lapin

The Thai restaurant Rimpa Lapin is still unknown to foreign tourists, but among the locals it is very popular (rating - 9.1). Judging by the fact that the lion's share of reviews is in Thai, the establishment is not focused on "farangs". But the views from here are incredible. The restaurant is located on Sukhumvit street. The only thing that confuses the editorial staff of the Zagranitsa portal: the number of check-in (4920) does not differ too much from the total number of visitors. This means that few come here a second time. In the reviews, guests recommend trying hot desserts.

Jomtien Beach

The longest beach in Pattaya is labeled by Foursquare as Popular for Visitors. Indeed, only tourists write comments, mainly about sunbeds and cleanliness. Over the past year, the Russian language has become the leader in reviews, and the rating of the beach has risen to 9.0. 22 867 people have checked in here. In the reviews, users recommend taking sun loungers early in the morning right at the edge of the surf, otherwise at low tide you can be in the third or fourth row.

Pattaya Beach

Despite the high rating (9.0), there is little praise for Central Beach. Users complain about the quality of the water and sand, as well as noisy holidaymakers. But the nightlife on the beach is singing praises as one. Only 19,237 people were registered here.

Nong Nooch Garden & Resort

Why do people go abroad? Why do airlines transport thousands of tourists from one corner of the planet to another every month?

Of course, each has its own goal, but the main one is a change of scenery, rest, an opportunity to escape from the routine of gray everyday life. And if you also save on food, accommodation, service without sacrificing quality - welcome to fabulous Siam, the land of smiles, as Thailand is also called. In this country, you can enjoy a leisurely vacation and feel what it is - the famous Thai "sabay-sabay", or, conversely, indulge in "all bad".

A bit of history about the city of Thailand

Pattaya is once a small town in the southeast of the country, nestled on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand in the South China Sea. It was once a small village of fishermen and coconut pickers called Thap Praia. Now this name bears one of the streets on the border of Pratamnak and Jomtien districts. The residents of the capital Bangkok fell in love with the lovely place and began to build houses here - as in Russia they build summer cottages.

Later, about 60 years ago, soldiers of the US Army, who were then serving in Thailand, accidentally found a wonderful beach with very clear and transparent water. They loved Thap Praia so much that the guys decided to stay there until the end of their vacation. Rumors of a wonderful beach and a quiet, cute village began to spread like wildfire, and less than 20 years later, a city arose on the site of the village.

Of course, the new resort attracted other foreigners, and now you can meet tourists from all over the world here.

"Sabay-sabay", or calm and relaxed rest

One of the features of Thai culture is friendliness and relaxation. It is not for nothing that in one of the studies, the Thai people ranked first in terms of happiness and life satisfaction. There is even a special word for a measured, calm rest, a word that has a lot of additional shades - "sabay". This, according to the inhabitants of the land of smiles, is a real skill, almost an art.

There are many ways to do this. One of them is the famous Thai massage. It is noteworthy that if the guest simply orders a foot massage, the master will not forget to devote a little time to other parts of the body. You can relax under skillful hands using oils (oil massage and aroma massage). If a visitor to the salon somewhere bruises or stretches something, he will be offered (and often done without asking) rubbing with ointments and balms, which work great. They will not charge a separate fee for this. There is also a special, healing Thai massage. This is a whole ritual in which the guest will be dressed in a special robe, because touching the body in this case is wrong and does not correspond to the canons. This is followed by what seems to be the usual rubbing and kneading of the limbs, but then ... Then the action becomes similar to gymnastics or yoga, sometimes even painful, but the result will be such relaxation and at the same time such a feeling of fullness that you will want to heartily utter “Sabaay!” As you exhale. p>

Leisurely beach holiday. True, for clean water and a coastline, you will have to go to the nearest islands. The most famous and closest of them is Ko Lan. It can be reached from Lem Balihai Pier in the city center, a 3-minute walk from Walking Street. The regular ferry will take everyone to one of the marinas for 40 baht. Then you can take a tuk-tuk or a motorcycle taxi, which will take you to any beach with a breeze at a bargain price.

It is worth noting that sun loungers on the beaches are paid, drinks are more expensive than in the city, the cost of food varies from beach to beach, but also higher than even on the pier. There are no showers at all, or they are replaced by a paid bath using cups for ablution. That is, there is no soul in the usual sense of the word at all.

In general, the concept of rest among Thais is very well described by the famous title of the book - “Eat. Pray. Love. " One of the components of "Sabai" is delicious and fresh food. Siam abounds in the freshest fruits that are a sin not to taste. These are tender mangosteen, juicy mango, sweet bananas, jackfruit and rambutan, and much, much more! On every corner you can buy a fresh, cold young coconut, and in some places even the most delicate ice juices for mere pennies. Gourmets should visit not only cafes and restaurants, but also, without fail, markets, especially at night. The most famous ones are located on Third Street and at the very beginning of Jomtien Street on the coast. Another famous weekend night market is located just before the Outlet and Big C on Teprazit Street. Shopping is also a kind of "sabay". In addition to delicious food in the markets, you can buy inexpensive clothes and accessories: handbags, watches, jewelry. There is everything for almost every taste. Only with sizes it is more difficult: Thais are medium-sized and short, so it is almost impossible to buy clothes over size 46.

Attractions of Pattaya - what to see and where to go in the city and its surroundings. Description, photo, how to get there, addresses, gps coordinates, markers on the map.

Pattaya, which in some half a century has gone from a provincial fishing village to a mega-resort of international class, offers its guests a huge variety of attractions - although most of them are man-made and were built not so long ago. These are unusual temples, and zoos of varying degrees of sophistication, and modern water parks, and much, much more. And of course, the main attraction and the main magnet of the city for millions of tourists - Walking street, famous for its ostentatious depravity, with all its clubs, go-go bars, neon lights and rumbling music.


The numbers of points of interest in the text correspond to their numbers on the map at the end of the article.

Big Buddha

The Wat Phra Yai Temple on Pratumnak Hill was erected in 1972, when Pattaya turned from an unknown fishing village into a solid seaside resort. Five years later, a 15-meter statue of Buddha adorned the top of the hill:

It was originally white, but later returned to its current golden color. Thais call the statue Luang Phor Yai, and tourists call it Big Buddha, Big Buddha.

You can climb to the statue just like that, or you can follow the ritual: by paying a modest 20 baht in the temple at the foot, you will receive a monk's blessing and a white rope on your wrist. You can't take it off - your wish or request will come true when it wipes itself off.

Literally a stone's throw from the Big Buddha, there is a very nice Chinese park: here you can walk among the pavilions and beautiful temples, look at the statues of ancient Chinese sages and get acquainted with their immortal sayings and aphorisms - especially for tourists, they were transferred to English language.

GPS coordinates of Big Buddha: 12.1431, 100.6862. Coordinates of China Park: 12.1588, 100.6855.

Excursions in Pattaya are offered in such quantity that tourists' eyes run wild. Is it better to spend the day on a paradise beach or see the sights? Or maybe a couple of days in the jungle?

To facilitate the torment of choice for our readers, the ZagraNitsa portal analyzed where it is better to go, and turned to a real expert for help, who told about the best excursions in Pattaya

General manager for excursions of the tour operator SAYAMA Travel. She can diagnose "where to go" even from a photograph of a tourist.

General tips

It is advisable to decide in advance what excursions to visit in Pattaya, and make at least an approximate list. It is important to realize that, for example, crazy ATV racing may be your dream, but not the fact that your companions will like it.

Planning is much easier when you go on excursions in Pattaya on your own. However, remember: there is no point in going on an excursion just to tick off the must see list. The choice of travel, like wine, must be approached wisely. On average, for two weeks of rest, tourists manage to visit from three to seven excursions. But some manage to go on tours every day! We will tell you not only about the most interesting places, but also about how much excursions in Pattaya cost.

Excursion to Samed

Let's start with an excursion in Pattaya to the islands. With a small child, you can go to Samed Island. There is a warm clear sea, soft sand, and a convenient entrance to the water. And the branchy trees on the shore will shelter your child from the burning sun. Full day trip (8-10 hours), the cost of excursions to Samed in Pattaya is 1500-3000 baht.

Excursion to Nong Nooch Park

Children from infancy absorb beauty like sponges. Therefore, from themed excursions, a trip to the Nong Nooch tropical park is suitable. For the little ones, book an evening excursion: in the morning they are forced to walk, and in the evening they are driven by electric cars. Put six hours on everything about everything. The cost of the excursion is from 580 to 1900 baht.

Excursion to Khao Keo Zoo

For those who go on excursions in Thailand, Pattaya is a favorite city. There are a lot of parks, temples and attractions in it. To show your little one live exotic animals, go to the Khao Kheo Open Zoo. Some pets, such as deer, giraffes and elephants, can be touched and hand-fed. The duration of the excursion is six hours, the cost is 800-1000 baht.

“Khao Kheo is not an ordinary zoo in our understanding. Interactive communication with animals is possible here. Children love it. "

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