TOP 9 best tents for tourism

TOP 9 best tents for tourism

Tourism has always been and remains to this day one of the most popular types of outdoor activities. People who like to go hiking know that they can hardly do without a tent. However, you should choose such a design very carefully and carefully, since there are no trifles in this matter - size, capacity, weight, material - all these factors in one way or another affect the choice of a product. Therefore, before starting to consider individual models of tourist tents, we decided to indicate the main points, based on which you can choose the most optimal design.

Camping tent selection rules

It is very important to consider the type of recreation. For example, if a person prefers special campgrounds equipped with car parking, then it makes sense to purchase a so-called camping model. This is a fairly spacious structure, designed for several people, can also be used for family vacations, often equipped with a vestibule and windows. In it, even a tall person can stand at full height.

For hiking or cycling trips, the trekking tent is the most suitable model. It is characterized by small overall dimensions and weighs a little. This design is intended for the plains if you plan to stop along the hiking trails for rest. The tent is lightweight and takes up little space - you can easily carry it on your back all day, regardless of how you move. Unfortunately, this design will not help against strong winds or rain.

A so-called assault structure has been developed for mountaineering travel. It is distinguished by its minimum weight and high reliability, it can withstand even squally or hurricane winds, it can be assembled or installed in a matter of minutes.

Seasonality of the model is also paid attention to. All designs are divided according to this parameter into types - summer, three-season or all-season. The first ones are designed for rather hot weather, equipped with natural ventilation, but they can get wet in heavy rain. Three-season products are designed for spring, summer and autumn. They are made from a denser fabric, so they are able to withstand even heavy rainfall. All-season designs are designed for harsh climatic conditions, resistant and not afraid of rain.

All these points we took into account when developing our rating of the best tourist tents in 2020. In addition, user reviews, including experienced tourists, were taken into account, as well as the price-performance ratio of the model. We hope that the information we have collected will be enough for you to buy the most optimal tent, which will fully meet the requirements that you set for it.

Best Camping Tents


Our review opens with a model that is characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio. It is equipped with a large vestibule, very spacious, it can comfortably accommodate 4-5 people. The premises are large, the awning is impregnated with special materials that will not allow rain moisture to penetrate inside the tent. The size of the inner space is 240x240x150 cm, and the awning is much larger - 250x470x190 cm. The weight of the structure is not too large - only about 10.5 kg, so that it can even be carried in the hands or on the back. It is worth noting that when folded, it practically does not take up space - 26x26x65 cm. Such a tent can be taken not only in a car, but also on a bicycle and even on foot.

The tent is divided into two compartments with a translucent mesh. The tent will be very comfortable even in extreme heat, largely due to the natural three-position ventilation system. The material of the tent is impregnated with special compounds, so it will not get wet, strong gusts of wind of this design are also not scary. The arches are made of lightweight fiberglass, the bottom is made of moisture-resistant reinforced polyethylene. The structure is allowed to be installed even on wet ground and not be afraid that it will be flooded even in heavy rain.

  • Very spacious tent;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Low weight;
  • Several ventilation windows;
  • Doors can be used as awnings.

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