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Sochi extreme tourism

Extreme sports in the city of Sochi. Krasnaya Polyana, hiking.

Brave guy! The swimmer was not injured.

Finally we rode through the woods again. This time, a small company drove along the route code-named "Dyatlov Pass". See the movie to see what came of it

Despite the common misconception that at the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana, queues for lifts are ubiquitous - this is not the case. Not all resorts are so popular that they are worthy of the queues.

There are 4 resorts in Krasnaya Polyana (GTZ Gazprom owns 2 slopes "Alpika" and "Laura", which in fact and in fact are separate resorts with their own infrastructure).

Each of the 4 resorts has its own skiing characteristics, a different number of tracks, lifts and, accordingly, ski passes. We will make a brief overview of these ski areas and focus on the most extensive of all - Rosa Khutor GLK (more than 100 km of tracks).

The table explains the popularity criteria:

At the time of this writing, not all resorts have announced the cost of a one-day ski pass, so the full price of the seasonal ski pass (no discounts) has been used.

Guests of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort will traditionally be the first to start skiing in the mountains of Sochi. It will be possible to enjoy the snow-white slopes and mesmerizing mountain landscapes from December 24. The first to open for skiing are trails and a snow park at an altitude of over 2000 meters above sea level, located in the mountain valley of the Circus-2.

On the opening day, training in skiing on the ski slopes will also be available. The premiere of the season - a 200-meter drag lift at Polyana 2200 - will allow you to start skiing or snowboarding from the first day of the new winter season. The new "green" track along the ski lift received the symbolic name "First Snow". Those wishing to learn how to ride in a snow park "from scratch" or improve their level of park tricks will be able to use the services of freestyle instructors. The figures of the snowpark in the mountain valley Circus-2 will be built for both experienced and novice riders.

The long-awaited opening of the ski slopes was made possible by heavy snowfall, which a snow cyclone brought to the Aibga mountain range the day before. The special climate of the Tsirk-2 mountain valley allowed the resort to accumulate snow, starting from the day of the first snowfall, which came to Krasnaya Polyana in October. According to forecasts of meteorologists, the snowfall in Krasnaya Polyana will continue until the middle of the week, which guarantees skiers and snowboarders to open the ski season next Thursday.

In summer, Sochi is not only the sea, but also picturesque mountain trails, breathtaking canyons, and refreshing rivers. If you go for a walk or even a hike in the outskirts of Sochi, then all this kingdom of nature can be seen, touched, sniffed and get the most vivid impressions.

But walks are different. We want to offer you some of the most popular ones. Trekking - a kind of hiking - is available to almost everyone, does not require expensive equipment.

All you need is comfortable hiking clothes and shoes, a backpack and a good mood. Where to go for a tourist who wants to do an extreme vacation near Sochi?

Yew and Boxwood Grove

Invites you for a walk through the relict forest along a well-equipped trail. Two circular routes and one linear route are available here. The walk along the "small ring" will take about an hour, the "big ring" will take from 2 to 4 hours. The linear route was opened recently - it takes about 2 hours and goes from top to bottom, allowing you to see the most beautiful part of the "big ring" - the Khosta river gorge.

The road starts from the Devil's Gate canyon and ends at the entrance to the grove. On hot summer days, you can swim in the Khosta River canyon, so don't forget your swimsuit. You can get to the entrance to the grove from the Sputnik bus stop in Khost.

Agur Falls

A cascade of three waterfalls awaits you in the picturesque canyon of the Agura River, this is the ultimate goal of one of the most popular trekking routes. If you want to complicate the route, you can plan an ascent to Mount Akhun (663 m), take a tent and all related equipment and spend the night under the stars.

A walk along the bottom of the impressive Agura Gorge takes from an hour to four, depending on what and how you want to see.

If you don't have much time, the minimum plan will suit you - take a taxi to the beginning of the park and walk to the third waterfall, and then go back. Four kilometers of this path will take about an hour and a half.

But if you have enough time, you can leisurely climb past all three Agur waterfalls to the Eagle Rocks, sit in gazebos overlooking the mountains and the sea, fill the worm with drinks and snacks from the stall and go down the dirt road to Matsesta.

There is a third option: take a taxi to the Eagle Rocks and from there follow the route from top to bottom, going down through all four waterfalls to the entrance to the gorge.

There is something to see in Sochi throughout the year, because it turns out that Sochi is an all-season resort. A city in the folk sense and for tourists - all infrastructure facilities and territory from Tuapse to Krasnaya Polyana. The main nuances about the rest in Sochi are in the guidebook. All the sights in Sochi are scattered along the coast from central Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana. The main resort town of Russia offers rest on the beaches, visits to ethnographic and natural sites, extreme sports and walks in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana. If you are arriving by plane - how to get from the airport to the center of Sochi.

How to see Sochi in comfort - tips

What to see in Sochi

The list of "what to see in Sochi" includes objects that are easy to reach if you are an independent tourist, they are open to the public all year round and are of great value in studying the nature and culture of the city. Sochi can be viewed through guided tours or on your own.

Mount Big Akhun

Location: Sochi Cost: 100 rubles Working hours: 10: 00-21: 00

Mount Bolshoi Akhun, on which the observation tower is located, attracts many tourists, but it is worth going here and going up to the very top. If you want to look at Sochi from a height, then you will not find a more accessible place. From the height, a 360-degree view of the sea and Sochi opens on one side, and the mountains on the other. This is a very accessible observation deck. It takes about 40 minutes from the center of Sochi, taking into account small traffic jams.

Location: Central Sochi Site: dendrarium. uCost: adult ticket 300 rubles, child ticket - 200 rublesTime for a visit: 1-3 hoursHours of operation: 9: 00-18: 00, in winter until 17:00

The cable car to the Sochi arboretum rises above the city, you will have a view of the sea and Sochi, surrounded by greenery. The cable car will take you almost to the observation deck of the arboretum.

Location: Central district of Sochi Cost: 100 rubles Working hours: 24/7 Time to visit: 30 minutes

This observation deck is located almost in the center of Sochi and deserves attention. You can look at Sochi and the sea and relax in the rooftop restaurant if you wish. There is a cafe on the roof of the tower, but if you come separately to the observation deck, then for a panoramic view of the city and the sea you will be asked to pay 100 rubles per person.

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