TOP 12 best shockproof and waterproof smartphones today

TOP 12 best shockproof and waterproof smartphones today

If you travel a lot and often find yourself "out of network coverage", you may need to pay attention to a satellite phone.

Many people consider these devices the prerogative of secret agents and think that they are not needed in everyday life, but they are not. In fact, satellite phones are quite common and very convenient.

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This GPS tracker with built-in satellite receiver allows you to send and receive SMS messages over Iridium coverage. Garmin offers users a range of devices, from the simple Garmin inReach Mini to the Garmin inReach Explorer +, which combines Iridium functionality with a handheld GPS receiver loaded with topographic maps.

Prices for Garmin devices on Amazon start at $ 300.

Another popular brand of satellite trackers and messengers is SPOT. Among the most popular devices from this manufacturer are the SPOT X two-way satellite switch with a built-in compass, SPOT Gen3 Messenger, which allows users to send control messages and SOS signals, and the SPOT Tracker, which can be used to track various things - from cars to suitcases and wallets.

Spot prices start at $ 80.

BlueCosmo Inmarsat IsatPhone

The following satellite phone model has some of the functions of a smartphone. BlueCosmo Inmarsat IsatPhone 2. offers the ability to make voice calls, send SMS, and track location from anywhere in the world using GPS.

The built-in lithium-ion battery provides 8 hours of talk time and 160 hours of standby time.

Prices start at $ 569 kit.

Most keen tourists sooner or later want to buy a special watch for hiking. So that they are not afraid of water, withstand cruel treatment and please with various tourist functions.

I just came across a forum where a beginner was advised to look at a watch with a price tag of 1000+ bucks. Tourist watch models for active use in a lower price category were labeled "under-hours". The arguments are simple, they say “you don't buy for a year”.

Such snobbery is certainly amusing, but an unenlightened person, after such advice, will most likely refuse to buy at all. Saying that a good hiking watch should cost at least a thousand greens is nonsense! Watches for $ 100 and even less will serve the owner for many years, not worse than expensive models, despite aggressive use. Let's figure it out.

There will always be two types of people. Some remain adherents of wristwatches, while others prefer to watch the time on a mobile phone, it is more convenient for them and it does not make sense to persuade them. Let's not say now which is better. In my opinion, everything is obvious here. But when choosing a watch specifically for tourism, do not forget that the main purpose of any hiking watch is to show the time correctly and reliably withstand external loads, and it is also important to understand that most of the options are more pleasant additions than a necessity.

I would divide hours suitable for hiking into two categories. Actually - tourist, designed specifically for hiking enthusiasts and crammed with all sorts of options, as well as, as I call them "near-tourist" - this is a clock that, in addition to displaying the time, can resist water and shock, plus simple functions such as a timer/stopwatch/alarm clock.

Why travel watches are loved

The functionality of modern watches for tourism is very wide. But I will describe my relationship to the most popular options:

Water and shock protection

In my opinion, these are the functions that primarily distinguish tourist watches from ordinary ones. Protection against water and shock must be mandatory. Hiking is an extreme environment for your watch and moisture or accidental bumps are inevitable. We'll talk more about water resistance in a separate article, I don't want to overload the text.


Displays the current pressure. With its help, you can predict the weather for the next day. The watch generates a graph of pressure fluctuations from the tracked indicators, according to which the user can determine whether the weather is improving or deteriorating in the near future.

It's simple, if the pressure drops sharply, then the weather is likely to get worse and there may be rain, and if it rises sharply, then on the contrary, the weather is likely to improve. The direct graph suggests that the weather will be stable.

In general, the barometer is a very useful thing on a hike. If possible, choose a watch with such a function, it can even come in handy when traveling.

We continue to present semi-annual announcements of smartphones designed for adventurers, extreme sports, field professionals and adventure enthusiasts. Today we publish the next rating of protected smartphones in 2014 according to the version of the Internet magazine "Electronics on the road".

As always, our rating is divided into 3 categories, although now one more category has been added to them:

1. World premieres and professional devices (3 pcs.); 2. "Russian reality" (3 pcs.); 3. "Parquet SUVs" (3 pcs.); 4. "Out of competition" (1 pc.).

The first category includes the three best devices in the world. In the second - the optimal in terms of ease of acquisition in Russia (most often Chinese design and OEM). In the third - branded smartphones with protection sufficient for comfortable tours. The fourth category is the best device for the past period.

Category "The best smartphones of the planet for extreme sports"

1st place. CAT B15Q. The KitKat CAT B15Q smartphone manufactured by the world Caterpillar brand cannot be called the absolute leader in terms of the number of cores in the processor. But we are talking about devices for extreme conditions, so the device of a professional company specializing in working in extreme field conditions can be called the main contender for first place according to mobipukka. u. Caterpillar always monitors its image and will definitely not “subscribe” to consumer goods.

KitKat CAT B15Q offers MIL-STD-810G military protection and IP67 certification, dual SIM slots, an economical 4-inch display and a quad-core processor with PM = 1.3 GHz.

2nd place. Nautiz X4. The Nautiz X4 smartphone manufactured by the Swedish professional company Handheld Group can rather be called a mobile computer (PDA) with phone capabilities. It is also tested to US Army MIL-STD-810G standards under the most extreme conditions, but offers lower specifications. However, for a pocket computer not overloaded with shooters, this is more than enough to work in the harsh conditions of winter storms and desert hurricanes (samum).

By military rugged smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

3rd place. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active smartphone is not a professional, but a custom device. But the quality of the products of the Korean manufacturer and the special protection of the case with shockproof bumpers make the model a serious device. The Galaxy S5 Active also complies with some MIL-STD 810G testing methods, and offers superior modern specs - 2.5 GHz x 4 cores, multi-sensor compatibility, high-quality display, and more.

The best shockproof smartphones today. Rating and review of popular phone models with protection from water, shock and other external influences.

Not all smartphone users need unique design solutions, extra megapixels and sky-high performance.

Often users need a practical, durable, wear-resistant device with a functional filling.

The following review contains a series of the best shockproof and waterproof smartphones with decent technical parameters.

Rating of TOP-best shockproof and waterproof smartphones

The best shockproof smartphones

These parameters, plus protection against moisture and dust, imply the use of specific technologies and solutions in branded models that comply with accepted international standards.

Rating of the TOP-6 best shockproof smartphones today in terms of price and quality.

Ulefone Armor

The Ulefone Armor 8 smartphone is completely protected from falling onto a hard surface from a height of up to 1.2 m, withstands up to 30 minutes under water at a depth of up to 1.5 meters and can be in a dusty environment for 24 hours.

The device is equipped with a large drop-shaped display, the surface of which is reliably protected from scratches.

The sensitive sensor reacts to the touch of your hands, even when wearing gloves.

Here you will find brands that produce smartphones for tourism, extreme sports, sports, hunting, fishing and other active outdoor activities. We will introduce you to the best companies, brands and their official stores.

Blackview: company (brand) and history

The Blackview brand, owned by the Chinese company Shenzhen Doke Electronic, was founded in early spring 2013. Founder - Xu Ming. The developer specializes in the creation of waterproof shockproof smartphones, including those with powerful batteries.

The company's offerings include flagship-level models and products with economical characteristics for those users who agree to sacrifice unnecessary performance in favor of improved battery life. The company's products are sold in Russia, China, Europe, Southeast Asia.

Blackview's official website is blackview. k.

AGM: company (brand)

The AGM Mobile brand was created by German and Chinese developers in 2008. In the first years, the company experienced difficulties, like any novice manufacturer. In the future, gradually protected AGM smartphones began to gain popularity, and today the portfolio of offers contains various devices for different categories. The range of the brand includes versions for tourists, hunters, fishermen, businessmen and gamers.

One of the company's achievements is the introduction of the OEPT (Outdoor Environment Performance Test) standard. The test involves testing various options for the operation of mobile devices in the Outdoor mode. In addition, AGM developers create software and use the experience and feedback from real customers in their developments.

  • agmtech. e (Germany);
  • agmmobile. om (global, Samoa);
  • agmdevice. om (China).

Ulefone: company (brand)

The Ulefone Mobile brand produces smartphones of various levels, but travelers are attracted by models with large batteries and long battery life. In addition, the company's assortment includes models of a brutal look - they are designed for use in extreme conditions, when everything is possible - falls, hits, getting scratches, getting into dust, dirt and sand. At the same time, for example, Ulefone Armor 2 can replace several gadgets at once, which are necessary for hiking, expeditions and outdoor activities.

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