Top 11 places for outdoor activities in Moscow

Accessible extreme: thrill for everyone

You can have fun not only with fun, but with benefits for the body. It is for this that an active vacation in Moscow is suitable. There are a lot of places for entertainment, fun sports and games in various directions, you just need to choose what you like: paintball, diving, quests, skydiving, horseback riding, etc.

I present my own selection of the best ways of active recreation in Moscow, which I and my friends liked.

Paintball field in Lefortovo

Paintball is an active sports game, in which two teams usually participate, playing against each other on a specially prepared ground, shooting balls of paint at each other. There are many paintball clubs in Moscow, but what I like most about MFP Lefortovo is that the play area is one of the largest indoor areas in the capital.

Address: Moscow, Tanky proezd, bld. 7.

Metro: st. "Ilyich Square".

Phone: +7 (495) 517-26-87.

Players are not afraid of snow, rain or wind. The site is heated, the temperature in winter is about + 12-14 C. It has good natural and artificial lighting, the height from floor to ceiling is 8 meters, along the perimeter of the window is the same height. You can play both during the day and in the evening and at night

Fort Boyard Quest

Fort Boyard is a quest for children and adults based on the world TV show. From 60 to 150 minutes of adventure with challenges in realistic scenery, mazes and secret places. Fort Boyard 2. - this is a difficult test, heroes familiar from childhood and an alluring spirit of adventure. In the new version of the game, tasks have become more difficult, and mechanisms and puzzles are more cunning.

Address: Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect, 23. "Arena Quest".

Walking in the park is enough to become happier alone. Others, in order to feel a surge of emotions, need to test themselves, take risks and overcome the fear of heights, speed, falling. Coupon sites are ready to provide discounts on entertainment. The best entertainment in our review.

Today, there are tons of opportunities to get the much-needed thrill for many. Do you want to become a climber without going to the mountains, or a racer no worse than Schumacher? You are welcome. Feel like a bird in flight or head over heels down a huge mountain without harm to your health? No problem. Go-karts and zorbings, buggies and bungees, climbing walls and wind tunnels are at the disposal of everyone who wants to get the missing share of adrenaline.

Go-kart and buggy Speed ​​is life

As a rule, excessive speed is incompatible with life on city roads. What should those who like to "drive" do? The answer is simple: go karting. And it doesn't matter how many times you have been driving before: one or a million, or perhaps never at all. Karting is available to anyone who gets to the pedals.

Karting is a specially equipped racing area with many sharp turns. Maps are cars that look like real racing cars. In general, they are just the simplest in their class. The maps are made in such a way that in a collision with each other, those sitting in the car do not get any health damage. Also, each participant must be provided with equipment, an integral part of which is a helmet. Skating is not allowed without it. After all, safety is above all.

Karting is the best entertainment for racing fans. The roar of the engine, twisting turns, speed, drive, rivalry. For professionals, this is sport. For connoisseurs, this is entertainment. For beginners, this is a surge of emotions. But for all together, karting is a real adrenaline rush.

What if you want to rush at speed, feel the freshness of the wind, enjoy nature, overcome not only sharp turns, but also bumps, holes, puddles? Karting will not work here. But there is also a replacement for him. Buggy.

This entertainment is known primarily to those who like to relax abroad. Buggy riding is one of the most popular excursions over the hill. But few people know that in order to drive these cars, it is not necessary to go to distant distances. Such extreme is available in our open spaces.

What is a buggy? It is a special light vehicle with large wheels, no glass, with protective frames on the sides, reminiscent of a small SUV. The seemingly clumsy car is actually very maneuverable, and riding it is quite safe.

What's extreme? Buggy riding takes place in nature, in a specially designated place. On such a car, neither slopes, nor pits, nor bumps, which will surely meet on the track, are not terrible. This is all the pleasure. Driving at speed on roads not intended for driving on conventional cars. This kind of fun can turn into a real adventure. Moreover, you can learn to drive a buggy in just a few minutes. Look for discounts on buggies in the "Sports Promotions" section.

Rope jumping and bungee jumping Step into the abyss

Rope jumping and bungee jumping are called bungee jumping among the “common people”. Bundles have been known to everyone since childhood. But now they have changed. This is no longer a childish form of entertainment, but, perhaps, one of the most dangerous extreme undertakings. A man in special equipment jumps from a great height: whether it be an unfinished multi-storey building or a high bridge.

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