The shocking truth about cannibal tribes today: Africa, Oceania, South America ...

9 deadly places that attract tourists

Exotic tourism is a stay in an unusual place for living and usually far from civilization.

The word “exotic” is translated from Greek as “alien, foreign”. Such a journey provides an opportunity to gain experience in extreme conditions. Cognition of new sensations and emotions associated with extreme and adventurous. Feelings of delight and pride in overcoming oneself.

Types of tourism for extreme people

This kind of relaxation evokes positive emotions and leaves vivid memories. It is available to any healthy person, even without special skills, who is ready to take risks in difficult natural and geographic conditions. This is a combination of the beauty of an exotic nature and a dose of risk.

If such trips are organized through travel agencies, then tourists to unfamiliar places are accompanied by professional guides. And the risk is minimized, but not so much as to deprive the daredevils who have decided on such adventures of all the "zest". It is the risky situations that will remain in the memory for a long time.

Sri Lanka - Exotic Island Tourism

If you feel like summer in the middle of winter, head to Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. It is located next to India. Here the year-round temperature is within 30 o. And even frequent, but short rains are warm and pleasant.

Something blooms and smells good here all year round. And all this is accompanied by the singing of hundreds of species of birds and the powerful chords of the ocean waves. There is no European civilization and no bustle of big cities. Only the endless expanses of the ocean and exotic nature.

Plus, there is no need for special vaccinations. It is enough to follow the rules of personal hygiene, drink only bottled water and use sunscreen.

Regardless of the purpose for which you went to Ceylon (beach holidays, excursions to sacred and unusual places or in search of adventure), you will take away an unforgettable experience. This is a place of heavenly delight!

African Safari

This is a traditional type of tourism for Europeans, known since the colonization of Africa. It belongs to the elite types of tourism and entertainment. Available to wealthy people with good physical fitness and a stable psyche.

The earth is inhabited by hundreds of different peoples. Some of them are adherents of European tolerance, others refuse to recognize such values, and others are distinguished by their own, sometimes original values. But there are those with whom it is better not to have any business. Why? Just because for some tribes living in remote corners, a stranger is not just an intruder, but a special dinner. There are tribes of cannibals in the South Seas, in the West and East Indies, in Africa, in South America ...

African Mambila tribe and its traditions

Let's start with Africa. More precisely, from its western part. The country of Nigeria is located here. On its territory, the Mambila tribe lives compactly. The leadership of Nigeria, like a significant part of its public, strive to make this state look no worse than others. There is an army there, and a police force, and different laws exist. One of them prohibits cannibalism. For such a case in Nigeria, even a rather severe punishment is due. However, not everything is so simple in Africa.

Until the charitable missions came to the country in the middle of the twentieth century, everything was fine. In European and other countries adhering to common human values, citizens were in the dark about the events on the "black continent". But already from the first missionaries there were reports that mass eating of people was practiced on the territory of Nigeria. As it turned out, cannibalism was something of a mandatory ritual for the local population. And everyone was obliged to eat people, from small to large. The Mambila tribe fought with neighbors, and intra-tribal clashes also happened. According to well-established traditions, the winners were supposed to eat killed enemies right on the battlefield. This was done so that the enemy's power would pass to the victor along with his flesh.

Literally until recent years, all the people of the Mambila tribe remained cannibals. They would not have given up such a feature even now, but it is scary in front of the authorities. The punishments are now in Nigeria for such a pretty serious thing.

As for the tradition itself, the inhabitants of the neighboring village were often killed by the enemies. In peacetime, marriages were made between such neighbors. But the war began, and sometimes it turned out that the winner ate some of his relatives. It happened that some hero killed and ate the brothers of their own wives. The only exception for the winner was his own father-in-law. It was forbidden to eat it. The winner could become seriously ill or even die.

For your information! Most often, cannibalism is associated with certain rituals. People not only believe that the power of the eaten enemy is transferred to them, but they are also sure that by doing so they provide themselves with help from some gods or spirits. That is, we are talking about a custom provided by religion. The Mambil tribe has practically no religious component in cannibalism.

The corpse of a slain enemy for the people of this tribe, as they clarified to the missionaries, is just ordinary meat. The victors simply cut the slain enemy into pieces. Some of the prey was eaten raw on the spot. At the same time, there were no formalities. The victors turned to neither the spirits nor the gods. They simply satisfied their hunger. The warriors carried the remains of the booty home. There they gave what they got to the old people. After all, they also needed to satisfy their hunger.

The waste from such a feast was minimal. The people of the Mambila tribe even ate the entrails. They were removed from the corpse, washed gently. They were used as food boiled.

Special attention was paid to skulls. They were kept. When young warriors went to fight the enemy for the first time, they had to first drink some special infusion from these skulls. If possible, they drank beer. Due to this, courage was instilled in the young warriors.

Nepal is again issuing permits for climbing Mount Everest after a break of 4.5 months due to the coronavirus.

The highest mountain in the world attracts not only professional climbers, but also ordinary tourists who are not always well prepared for climbing. In the spring of 2019, 12 people died there.

Some sights look harmless, but in fact they pose a mortal danger. Here are nine places with a bad reputation that attract tourists.

Beaches in Recife in Brazil

The Brazilian city of Recife has beautiful beaches. For example, Boa Viazhem has fine, clean sand, warm water, and there are coral reefs nearby. But there are warning notices on the coast: visitors are asked not to enter the open sea because of the sharks.

Since 1992, sharks have attacked people 60 times on the beaches of Recife. In 2013, despite the help provided, an 18-year-old girl died from the bites of a predator. In 2018, on one of the beaches, a shark tore off a tourist's leg.

The risk of attack by predators increases when the water becomes cloudy due to rain: then sharks blindly rush at anything that moves.

At Boa Viagem Beach, visitors are asked not to go over the reefs or swim at high tide or in troubled waters. It is better to remove jewelry before swimming: shiny objects attract sharks

Danakil Desert in Ethiopia

In the Danakil Desert, you can see relief flows of solidified lava, salt deposits of an unusual shape, volcanoes, poisonous green and yellow lakes. The African desert is like another planet and this attracts tourists.

Danakil is the hottest place on earth. The average annual temperature reaches +34.4 ° C. In summer, the thermometer stays at around +40 ° C - the heat can negatively affect your health. The desert is also dangerous with poisonous fumes and acidic lakes. In some of them, the water temperature reaches 100 ° C.

Travelers died in Dananil not from poisonous fumes: they were kidnapped and killed by terrorists. In 2012, five European tourists were killed and two were kidnapped. In 2017, a traveler from Germany was killed and her guide was injured.

Tourists go to the desert for such alien landscapes. Explore all the sights safely with an experienced guide and security.

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