The safest countries in Africa: Top 12, photo and description

Traveler's paradise: what to do in Kenya - the most popular tourist destination in East Africa

"Is it safe there?" Is the first question asked by people who are going to visit South Africa for the first time.

Friends, South Africa is a country of contrasts ?. Of course, in terms of security, even the most developed part of Africa is difficult to compare with Switzerland. But, if you follow a number of simple rules, your trip will be successful, and you will not face the problems that really exist in South Africa.

From the history of the issue

South Africa is the most developed and richest country in Africa with modern infrastructure, medicine and industry. Before the fall of the apartheid regime in the 90s, the country was even classified as a developed country. After the fall of the regime and the coming to power of the representatives of the black majority, South Africa has lost some of its economic potential, but it is still economically the most powerful country on the continent. We will talk in more detail about the history of South Africa and apartheid in one of the upcoming articles.

Black & White Layouts

The population of the country is divided into white, colored and black. This is the very place in the world where skin color divides people into classes and largely determines the fate of a person. The main conflict in the country is taking place at a white and black break: the poor, illiterate majority are black, the wealthy and educated minority is white. At one time, the blacks took over in the country and now representatives of the majority fall to all important government posts, which at one time led to some degradation of the country. In recent years, the situation has been improving, a generation of representatives of the majority who have already received a good education is growing up.

But this does not change the main picture: whites own and run a business, blacks do simple unskilled work. There is a lot of "black" crime in the country, so the white population prefers to live in special "white" towns, which are guarded around the clock, outside the perimeter of barbed wire fences.

The good news is that if you organize your trip correctly, you won't face all these problems. A significant part of your trip will take place in the Cape Town area and its suburbs, where the share of the white population exceeds 50%. The tourist areas of Cape Town are absolutely safe even for walking in the evening, but beggars can be somewhat annoying on the central streets. In nature reserves, hotels, tourist centers, during excursions, you are also completely safe.

How can you surely find fun adventures on your ass in South Africa?

Pretty simple if you want. For example, you can go to Johannesburg (where the whole tourist can do nothing), put on expensive jewelry and in the evening, at dusk, try to walk in a poor area of ​​the city. At the same time, it is advisable to still speak loudly and joyfully in Russian on an expensive new iPhone.

If you are not interested in such adventures, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following section:

Basic rules for safe and comfortable travel in South Africa

People who have never been there tend to think that the only possible activity in Kenya is safari. But the # 1 tourist destination in East Africa (about 1.5 million visitors from all over the world throughout the year) actually has a ton of adventure to suit all tastes.

While wildlife is primarily a tourist attraction, Kenya also has stunning Indian Ocean beaches, world-class mountain trails, vibrant nightlife, eclectic cultural heritage, and fun ways of getting around (from the ancients sailing ships to the newest railway lines).

Mountain tourism

Rising nearly 3800 meters, Mount Kenya is the continent's second highest peak. But there are much fewer people who want to get to the top than those of its snowy neighbor (Kilimanjaro) in Tanzania.

Tourists are offered to make a five-day hike with four nights on the mountain. Mount Kenya Safaris offers guided tours of any of three major routes to the top of Kenya.

The Great Migration to Masai Mara

Coming from the neighboring Serengeti Plains, millions of wildebeest, zebras, and the predators that follow them migrate through the Masai Mara National Reserve between July and October during the Great Migration.

This is an incredible sight that can be photographed during a photo hunt in cars, flying in an airplane or hot air balloon, traveling on foot or on horseback.

Sea, sun and sand Diani

Stretching 17 kilometers along the southern coast of Kenya, Diani offers the best beach holiday in all of East Africa. In addition to fine white sand and jade waters protected by a coral reef, tourists are offered a variety of sports (kitesurfing, skydiving, snorkeling, jet skis), relaxing in trendy beach bars and restaurants, or in the chic Alfajiri villas.

Helping orphaned elephants

The Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation on the outskirts of Nairobi has saved hundreds of small elephants (and a blind rhino named Maxwell) from near certain death. The reserve was founded in 1977 by David and Daphne Sheldrick. You can spend time with animals every day.

Africa, with a population of more than 1.1 billion people and an area of ​​30 million square kilometers, ranks second among other continents in terms of population and size in the world.

The safest countries in Africa for tourism:


Botswana is one of the safest places to visit in Africa. It is an ideal place for couples, families. Botswana is not only incredibly beautiful but also insanely easy to travel.

Almost everyone speaks English, which makes communication easy and convenient. Make sure you explore Botswana's diverse nature reserves in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park.

One thing you just need to do in Botswana is to experience the Mokoro trip, which is a unique canoeing experience. You can expect to glide through the shallow waters of the Okavango Delta and get close to birds and other marine animals.

  • Malaria exists in Botswana, especially in the northern regions. Medical consultation is recommended six to eight weeks prior to arriving in Botswana to learn more about the recommended vaccinations.
  • Avoid driving outside the city at night, as the roads are poorly lit.
  • The weather conditions can be extreme, so be sure to take care of Botswana's climate prior to arrival.


Ghana is not only a safe and stable country to visit, but also a great country to visit all year round with reliable and stable weather. Ghana is considered the pearl of West Africa and boasts incredible coastal cities, bustling cities and breathtaking scenery.

The local Ghanaians are hospitable by nature and you will notice this friendly hospitality as you move into Ghana. If you are a history buff and find yourself in Ghana, you just need to stop by the Cape Coast Castle Museum.

  • The beaches in Ghana are beautiful, but the current can be strong. Therefore, be careful when swimming in the ocean.
  • Bilharzia (Schistosomes, blood flukes) is common in many freshwater areas and lakes, so make sure you take the necessary precautions.
  • Avoid walking at night.

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