The best rugged smartphones for the most extreme conditions

The best rugged smartphones for the most extreme conditions

Sleeping bags for extreme temperatures should provide people with a comfortable sleep for 8 hours in severe frosts. These are models with lower comfort temperatures from -24 ° C, which are produced by not all manufacturers due to the complexity and high cost of the technological process. How do they differ from ordinary sleeping bags?

The difference between an extreme sleeping bag and a regular one

In sleeping bags for extreme temperatures, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Potential cold bridges are protected by an additional layer of insulation, the seams are glued, the fasteners are supplemented with protective valves. These models are tested under laboratory conditions and have a high level of thermal insulation. They are intended for members of expeditions to the Arctic, climbers who are constantly faced with difficult climatic conditions. These people are forced to carry a lot of heavy equipment, so sleeping bags should be as light as possible, compact, but very warm. Their weight does not exceed two kilograms, and natural fluff or modern synthetic materials are used as insulation, which can retain heat even when wet.

Extreme Sleeping Bag Design

Sleeping bags for extreme temperatures are equipped with insulated hoods with fur bolsters, collars that cover the neck and shoulders, zippers with straps to prevent cold air from entering. The design is designed so that there is no heat loss anywhere. The hood is adjustable on the head with drawstrings. The seams are sewn figuratively, so that through holes are not formed in the fabric. The insulation is distributed evenly over the entire volume of the bag, does not get lost and does not migrate around the sleeping bag. Warm collar fits snugly against the chin.

Models have a loose fit, allowing a person to feel free in a down jacket or warm overalls and put items of equipment, batteries, electronics inside. All materials of the products are impregnated with a fire-resistant compound and covered with a moisture-proof layer.

Extreme sleeping bag materials and fillers

The top of extreme sleeping bags is made of polyester or nylon with PU, silicone reinforcement. Most of the models are filled with goose or duck down. There are sleeping bags insulated with synthetic materials such as:

• Thinsulate Lite Loft. Consists of hollow polyester and polyolefin fibers, excellent heat retention when wet. Dries quickly.

• Polarguard. Long-lasting insulation for their triangular fibers. Able to quickly recover from compression.

If you want to pick up a phone that, as they say, is able to withstand "fire, water and copper pipes", as well as easily survive falls and shocks, you should check out the rating of the most durable and protected smartphones of 2021. Thus, it will be possible to make exactly the right choice.

Rugged smartphones presented in the rating have been subjected to serious tests. They meet all modern requirements for protection against moisture, dust, vibration, high temperatures, mechanical stress.

Caterpillar CAT S

Average price - 45,185 rubles.

Features: - smartphone with Android 8. - support for two SIM cards - screen 5. ″, resolution 1920 × 1080 - camera 16 MP, autofocus - memory 64 GB, memory card slot - 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, GLONASS- 4 GB RAM- 4500 mAh battery- weight 250 g, WxHxT 78x163x13 mm

The body of the smartphone is made of polycarbonate, has certificates IP69, MIL-STD-810G. In simple terms, the phone can work even under high pressure and in water.

The CAT S61 is equipped with useful tools such as an indoor air quality sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, and a thermal imager.

Of course, in terms of its technical characteristics, this model cannot be compared with the flagships of 2021. However, 4GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 630 should be sufficient for everyday tasks, including games at medium settings.

Pros: a screen from which you can read in the bright sun, mechanical buttons, a capacious battery, there is a programmable button.

Cons: high price, no wireless charging.



Let's be honest. Going out into nature, it is not necessary to fall into the Stone Age. Action cameras, trackers, walkie-talkies, satellite navigators, cameras, e-books, smartphones, laptops, music players - these electronic devices really help to make the trip more interesting, more comfortable and safer. Recently, there have been many other gadgets created specifically for travelers. Let's talk about them further.


We start with the simplest, most reliable and versatile solution. The fact is that from the "power bank" you can directly power heated clothes, light bulbs, mosquito traps, fans ... By providing energy to any device that charges from USB 5 volts, portable batteries can be lightweight and compact.

But there are also really powerful power supplies with several simultaneously operating ports, with high outgoing charging currents, with different output voltages (6, 12, 19, 24 volts).

These are the so-called starting-chargers, which are created to help out autotourists. They often have adapters for laptops, regular USB ports, and a built-in flashlight as standard.

For demanding wanderers, special models of power banks have been developed, with a shockproof and waterproof case. There are many expensive and high-tech power supplies among them.

High-speed and capacious (up to 40,000 mAh) solutions with a 220-volt outlet can also be useful for the electrification of everyday life in nature. From such a power bank with a "multi-socket" at a camping, you can power a water pump, a quadcopter battery, a mini-refrigerator, medical devices, something from portable office equipment (yes, sometimes you need to be able to do something emergency for work right from the forest ).

Electrically heated clothing

This technology was first mastered by manufacturers of tools and construction equipment. It has proven itself well and is selling well. Hiking clothes with built-in heating are designed to prevent hypothermia and frostbite, allowing a person to feel normal at temperatures down to -60 degrees.

These clothes are made on the basis of a membrane fabric, between the layers of which (including in special pockets) there are heating cables or special infrared modules made of carbon-containing fibers. The whole thing is powered, as usual, from power banks connected via USB. If we talk about specific types of hiking wardrobe, then these can be:

If earlier the market for secure smartphones was rather poor, then in 2020 the situation is completely different. There are plenty of similar gadgets for users with any preferences. There are also models that are suitable for the most extreme conditions. Which of them are the best, you will find out by reading our article to the end.

- Doogee S Pro

The smartphone has a grooved back that provides a tenacious grip, as well as excellent protection - IP68, IP69, MIL-STD-810G. For those who do not understand what these numbers mean, let's say that you can do whatever you want with the gadget - it will not suffer. The hardware for the class is not bad - Helio G90 paired with 8 GB of RAM is enough for basic applications to run smoothly and not slow down. If you wish, you can cut into modern game releases.

There are no problems with autonomy - a capacious 6350 mAh battery lasts about three days with medium-intensity operation. It can be charged via a wire through the supplied 24-watt power supply or by using a wireless station. You will have to buy it separately, and the power in this scenario is only 10 watts.

- Ulefone Armor

The model is IP68 waterproof as well as shockproof with MIL-STD-810G certification. So, there is no reason to doubt that the smartphone is excellent for use in extreme conditions. You can throw it into the water, on concrete, or bury the snow - it will still work.

Under the hood of the gadget is a capacious 6660 mAh battery that can provide up to three days of battery life. 6. -inch screen has FHD + resolution and gives a clear picture. The hardware platform is represented by a duo of the Helio P90 chipset and 8 GB of RAM. Enough for both games and messengers or a browser.

- Blackview BV Pro

One of the latest innovations from the Blackview brand has everything you need for a user who professes an extreme lifestyle. The housing is protected to IP68 and IP69K standards. He is not afraid of falling into water, on asphalt, dust, temperature changes and other similar influences. The body is made of durable metal, which tactilely evokes pleasant sensations, and in terms of design, the model surpasses most of the representatives of the segment by a head, which usually look unprepossessing and rough.

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The device has a complete order with the characteristics - an excellent 5.-inch display, made using IPS technology, has maximum viewing angles and gives an eye-pleasing picture at any viewing angles, Helio P90 in conjunction with 8 GB ensures no brakes When doing everyday tasks, there is dual-band Wi-Fi, powerful GPS and NFC. The main camera is also pleasing. On it, you can capture the beauty of nature landscapes and post them on social networks.

Camping allows you to escape from the constant hustle and bustle and recuperate, but before going on such a trip, you should be well prepared. First of all, you need a quality tent. It is enough to pay attention to some selection criteria for the purchase to really be justified, since the correctly selected product provides protection and safety.

Recommendations for selection

How to choose a product? You should pay attention to some parameters. Although there are quite a few of them, they are important when choosing a quality product.


All types of structures are made of polyester or polyamide materials. Each type has its own characteristics. Polyamide fabrics are made from nylon, nylon. Such products are durable, light in weight and resistant to abrasion, but upon contact with sunlight, they lose strength, and getting wet leads to stretching altogether.

Polyester tents are made from lavsan and polyester. These materials do not stretch when wet. They are also resistant to UV rays, but the polyester option is quite expensive.

Material strength

The construction can be made of the following fabrics:

  • Rip-stop is a fabric with a strong thread woven into it. There will be no leakage in the plexus areas. In addition, this material is tear resistant.
  • Oxford is a fabric with woven threads. It is dense, but it has a low level of water resistance.
  • Taffeta is a densely woven material with a high degree of water resistance.


Each manufacturer tries to make products that best meet the needs of people, so one of the most important criteria for choosing a tent is the indicator in mm. water Art. You can find this characteristic in the product passport. The indicator can fluctuate within 600-10,000 mm. water Art. This pressure is 1 sq. m. of material.

It is important that the bottom is watertight higher than the awning. The reason is that the body of the people inside is pressing to the bottom.

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