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Sex and relaxation in Brazil - planning, advice and cost

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Brazil is one of the most popular countries for sex tourism, and it's not hard to guess why: it has beautiful beaches, a tropical climate and, of course, the hottest women in the world.

Brazilians love sex and talk about it openly. Sex is celebrated here, exhibited and advertised in many places. The atmosphere of eroticism permeates literally everything wherever you go.

Contrary to popular beliefs about Brazil, it would be a mistake to believe that this is the country of the year-round carnival festival, where the streets are constantly crowded with people. Brazil, in comparison with other countries, is more liberal and open, and this is one of the reasons to get acquainted with its cultural customs.

If you think that you can just go to a nightclub and immediately "film" hot Brazilian women, with whom in half an hour you can do everything that happened in your favorite porn movies, then you you will be very disappointed. It may surprise you, but meeting "women for the night" is not so easy here.

Before traveling to this country, there are a few things you should know about. Brazil is not that cheap when compared to other popular sex tourism destinations, especially Asia's Thailand and the Philippines. Here you have to pay more, starting with the hotel and food, and ending with girls. So if you are looking for a cheaper and more exotic country in South America, then you should probably head to Colombia.

Be that as it may, "pleasure" in Brazil is mostly affordable, and prices are still cheaper than, for example, in Germany or other Western countries.

And one more thing: don't be seduced by any "secret advice" about where to find a hidden paradise in Brazil. In this country, it is better to stay in big cities or favorable areas - mainly for your safety, the quality of women, as well as the quality of the environment.

This guide gives you a complete overview of planning a sex holiday in Brazil.

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Brazil is one continuous carnival, with countless graffiti, sparkles and tinsel in picturesque alleys, colorful and hospitable people. Getting here is not easy, but it really is worth it.

Christ the Savior Statue

Brazilians call it Corcovado (or Corcovado) after the name of the mountain on top of which this grandiose monument is located. Undoubtedly, the statue of Christ is the main symbol of Brazil. To visit Rio de Janeiro and not climb to the foot of Christ means not seeing the city in all its splendor. Only from here you can see Copacabana Beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain, the legendary Maracanã Stadium and the entire fantastic expanse of Rio. On Mount Corcovado, you can take a miniature train and travel through the Tijuca National Park, admiring its natural phenomena and unforgettable views through an open window.

Come to Brazil and these big arms will embrace you.

Iguazu Falls

On the border between Brazil and Argentina, there is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. A truly grandiose waterfall brings down its streams from 82 meters in height through 270 cascades. Compared to Igasu, the world-famous Niagara Falls looks simply pathetic!

The most impressive view of Iguazu is from the Brazilian side. Firstly, from here it can be seen in its entirety, in all its tremendous power. In addition, there are walking paths and observation platforms for tourists. Or you can even order a helicopter or boat excursion!


There are many beaches in Brazil and all of them are beautiful, but the famous four-kilometer Copacabana beach is the hallmark of Rio de Janeiro, and perhaps the whole of Brazil. Copacabana is not quite an ordinary beach in the usual sense of the word (swimming here is very difficult because of the high waves). Rather, it is a huge area for parties, games and other outdoor entertainment.

People run, play football, volleyball, watch and learn the national wrestling capoeira, just walk and talk. Copacabana is the perfect surfing spot. Huge sand sculptures adorn the already magnificent beach all year round, attracting millions of spectators.


“Happy people are those who can live to the rhythm of dance and dance to the rhythm of life” - this is said about Brazilians. Dance as a means of expressing feelings and emotions is just in their blood. People dance in the streets, beaches, morning and evening. You don't have to know the music and movement to get into this dance maelstrom. Passion, sincerity and genuine joy are enough.


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Brazil is the largest country in terms of area and population in South America and the only Portuguese-speaking state on the American continents. It is in fifth place among countries in the world in terms of area and in sixth in terms of population. Occupies the eastern and central part of the mainland.

Brazil has a hot climate. The average monthly temperature ranges from 16 to 29 ° C; only in the high eastern massifs the average July temperature is from 12 to 14 ° C

The weather in Brazil is tourist-friendly and does not interfere with visiting this country throughout the year. Unless in the south, summer can sometimes be unbearably hot (December-February), and winter (June-August) can be frightened off by heavy rains. In the rest of the country, short-term tropical showers are possible, which, by and large, do not affect the plans of travelers.

The most attractive area for tourists, but difficult for tourist development is the north of Brazil. The main tourist resources - wildlife, exotic jungle and of course the Amazon, favorably affect the development of such types of tourism as excursion, entertainment, rafting, extreme, fishing, hunting.

The north-east of the country does not play a big role in the development of tourism, since agricultural land is located there.

The interest of this area is represented by the large port cities - Recife, which houses an old university, as well as El Salvador, which has many architectural monuments and famous beaches. This area is favorable for the development of tourism such as recreational and educational.

Probably, every person at least once dreamed of being in another country and seeing how people live there, how they differ, what their customs and traditions are. And for a Russian person, sunny Brazil always seemed tempting. And such interest is due to the fact that until recently this country could only be seen in Brazilian TV series. Therefore, Russians come to Brazil not only to have plenty of rest, but also to be convinced or debunk myths about this country.

Russians in Brazil Tourists and Migrants

It doesn't matter if you came as a tourist or for permanent residence, but you need to know and follow some rules and traditions because of respect for the people and their culture. Russians who have visited Brazil at least once or decided to stay there forever, having their own reasons, can already tell their fellow countrymen who are going on a trip what they should pay attention to first of all, what little things, and how to protect themselves.

Russians in Brazil, or how to deal with locals

1. Don't be reckless. Unfortunately, in Brazil, crime blooms and smells. Therefore, do not shake your smartphone or tablet in side streets, especially near poor neighborhoods, you can not only be robbed, but also seriously suffer. And if you came to the country as a tourist, then keep up with the group and the guide. Even in Rio de Janeiro, thieves abound.

Features of the celebration of various celebrations in Brazil, for more details: Holidays in Brazil.

2. Use public transport only as a last resort. If you have to get on the bus, then do not be surprised by what you see or hear. Brazilians are talking on the phone very loudly and to their heart's content, and even without headphones. Therefore, if you know Portuguese well, you will be aware of the affairs of almost all passengers. And some may play loud music. If your nerves are at the limit, it is better to count to a hundred and calm down, otherwise they can argue with you for a remark, and sometimes even fight. Brazilians are temperamental and emotional people.

3. Attention to detail. Surely, watching the next "soap opera", you thought that in Brazil everyone goes naked, especially the girls. But that only happens in Brazilian TV shows. In fact, ordinary people are not like that.

4. English comes second after Portuguese. Make no mistake, this is another myth. If you are fluent in English, then you may still not be understood in everyday life, probably, except for flight attendants.

5. Brazilians value a sense of humor. It's true. If you can laugh at your shortcomings, know at least a little Portuguese, and are friendly, then people will treat you more favorably, as they are sure that you respect their country, language and traditions.

6. Brazilians are sociable. Do not hesitate if asked about religion, politics or finance. There is nothing seditious in these conversations.

7. Appreciate Brazilian friendship. If you are sincerely offered to taste a dish, do not dismiss it. Accept with gratitude at least a piece, otherwise they will be offended at you and will not be invited anywhere else.

Russians do not go to Brazil for passive relaxation on the beach. Sports are also in favor. Do you like extreme sports or fishing, or do you want to go water skiing? In Brazil, you can relax for every taste and budget. And if you are tired of the cold and snowdrifts, go to Brazil for the summer. And from February to March you will find yourself in a carnival fairy tale. Fun, bright costumes, and a general holiday, this is not for you to sunbathe on the beach. And if you are tired of celebrating the New Year traditionally with a Christmas tree and Olivier, then Copacabana Beach is already waiting for you. Almost the whole city is having fun at the festival, and wonderful fireworks will remain in your memory for a long time.

A holiday country, fragrant coffee, golden beaches of Copacabana, and impenetrable jungle - this is all Brazil. Over the past ten years, resorts in Brazil have attracted foreigners from almost all over the world. And every year there are more and more of them. After all, everyone can choose a vacation to their liking. Someone wants to dance samba at the carnival, someone wants to sunbathe on the beach or go on a trip around the country, and someone wants to take a break from worldly problems and go through a survival school in the Amazon. What country still has so many opportunities, good-naturedness and fun. A comfortable hotel, or a bungalow, or a hut with a banana leaf roof and a hammock? Brazilian resorts open doors to a wonderful world and invite you to enjoy a wonderful vacation. Which resort will grab your attention?

Amazon Brazil

This resort attracts not only young active people who have a raging blood and want extreme. But it will also be useful to visit the Amazon for those who want to dramatically change their lives and feel like a different person. Unusual nature, the Amazon river instead of roads and canoes instead of motorcycles, the aborigines who voluntarily abandoned most modern goods and live as their great-great-grandfathers lived, and dishes that have practically not changed since then.

The journey to the Amazon will take an additional five hours. Flight from Rio de Janeiro to the capital of the Amazonas, Manaus. No, you will not go straight to wild monkeys and grumpy parrots. Manaus is quite similar to a civilized European city, with museums and theaters, decent hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. And if such a rest is enough for you, then you can stay here if you do not yet dare to live in the jungle. You can make periodic excursions with a guide for a day or a couple of days, and return to your comfortable room. This, as they say, is up to you. We are sure that without preparation you will not be able to live in an unfamiliar forest for a week in a row, stop for several excursions. For example, take a look at the Wedding of the Rivers - the Amazon and the Rio Negra do not merge when they meet each other, but flow side by side like a pair of lovers. A delightful sight, the black water of the Rio Negro and the light brown Amazon, a real play of contrasts. Also, in the resort of Amazon (Amazon) Brazil, popular among tourists and entertainment such as hunting alligators or catching piranhas. Local souvenirs such as amulets or masks are also in demand. Another plus for you, vacation in the Amazon will cost you much less than in elite resorts. This is another reason why it is becoming more and more in demand.

Angra dos Reis Brazil

If not only a comfortable stay with expensive entertainment is important for you, but also a mild climate, stop the choice at this resort. The temperature in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro almost never drops below +20 degrees and does not rise above +37. Lovely coves, picturesque nature, beaches and islands. You can, and bask on the sand, and do any water sports - fishing, diving or serving. And also ride a boat. Do you like horses? And there is entertainment for you - horseback riding. At night in Angra, not only do they sleep, young people will find something to do, for example, take a promenade to the cinema, or dance until they drop at a disco. As for the dishes, the cafe can prepare both national and overseas food, for every taste and color, as they say. In addition, the Angra dos Reis Brazil resort is an excellent place for families with children, again because of the favorable climatic conditions. And also for those who are used to a measured and calm life, without extreme overtones. Be sure to come, relaxation and pacification are guaranteed to you. And grab a camcorder to capture all the splendor as a keepsake.

If you need a quiet and romantic vacation, Buzios opens its doors to you, more details: Buzios Brazil.

If you are not attracted to the rest in the metropolis, but big crowds tire you. Moreover, your pockets are not dimensionless, why not go to the village, which is located two hours from Rio de Janeiro. In addition to sights and architecture, you can enjoy picturesque corners, beaches, and, of course, exotic. If you are relaxing on the Olho de Boi beach, then not far from you there are forests that have not been touched by a human hand. If you are attracted by the mountains, you can see them from Forno Beach, and so on. Thus, you combine business with pleasure, the creation of beauty, and relaxation on the coast. Therefore, do not be surprised if a muse visits you. The Buzios Brazil resort is no less attractive for outdoor enthusiasts. Golf, horse riding, surfing or sailing. Choose what you like. The abundance of different cuisines is also pleasing, in addition to traditional Brazilian, there is also Japanese and Thai, French or Moroccan. So your menu can be different every day, depending on your mood, or based on your taste preferences. Welcome.

This resort is as popular as the vibrant and festive Rio de Janeiro. And all thanks to the world-famous waterfalls. The beauty and power of water, rainbow and roar, stunning nature, exotic cuisine. You can't resist the splendor of Iguazu. The resort is located 1,500 kilometers from Rio, so your trip will be long, but worth it. Be sure to admire the "Devil's Throat", but be prepared that the waterfall falling into this gorge sometimes makes scary and mysterious sounds. He just attracts the attention of foreign tourists. You will help to walk along the bridges and observe the waterfall up close, or you can take a helicopter ride for an additional fee.

The most majestic waterfall in Brazil, in more detail: Iguazu Falls.

In addition to the waterfalls in the Iguassu resort in Brazil, there is another national park of the same name. Beautiful birds have chosen their home in this park - baby hummingbirds, sociable parrots, herons and even eagles. There are also exotic animals that are not found in our area - crocodiles and tapirs, monkeys and slow sloths, and you can also meet a boa constrictor. You don't have to leave this wonderful place right away. There are great hotels or bungalows nearby where you can stay. Have a wonderful stay.

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