Sale of extreme tents in St. Petersburg

Sale of extreme tents in St. Petersburg

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Tents for extreme conditions are mainly intended for mountain climbing. Even if there is only one overnight stay on the route, you cannot do without a temporary home.

Any weather can meet you in the mountains, changes come unexpectedly, and you need to be as prepared as possible so as not to return from a hike with a temperature. Therefore, the choice of a mountain tent should be treated as responsibly as possible.


Products for this purpose are of 2 types: alpine and mid-altitude. The first option is usually classified into 2 subcategories:

  • Expedition tents are designed for climbing in the "Himalayan" style, when the route provides for the installation of several base camps. Such temporary houses must have high characteristics of moisture resistance, resistance to wind and snow loads.
  • Assault models are designed for climbing in the "alpine" style, when climbers put up a tent only for rest, the rest of the time it is behind the climber's back with other inventory. Therefore, in addition to the above qualities, it should also have a small weight.

Medium mountain tents for extreme tourism combine the qualities of the above subgroups. They are of medium weight and can be more comfortable as they are used in a more gentle environment.

How to choose the optimal model

Requirements are formed by means of the construction:

  • Mechanical strength and high wind resistance depend on the shape. Models in the form of a barrel, a tunnel or a gable house in the mountains are irrelevant, since they cannot maintain geometry in difficult conditions. The shape of the dome, reinforced with several ribs, proved to be excellent - installation this design is more complex, but also more practical. When choosing, you should pay attention to the material of the arcs: it is better if the parts are metal, for example, from an aluminum alloy. The number of stretch marks also affects stability.
  • Climbing tents must have such a detail as a skirt. This is a strip of fabric around the perimeter. It adheres to the surface of the ground and does not allow the wind to blow under the awning. If the object is installed in the snow, it is advisable to dig in the skirt - this will create additional thermal insulation.
  • Extreme models should have a multi-layer structure and effective ventilation. This solution will ensure that there are no icicles inside, which can form from the condensation of moisture exhaled during the night. In addition, such a structure will provide normal breathing for the climber at high altitudes.
  • The outer awning must be UV and snow resistant. Well proven polyester with a polyurethane coating, which forms a high level of moisture resistance. This parameter is higher for mountain models than for tourist products and should be at least 5 thousand mm of water column.
  • An extreme tent should exactly match the size of the number of people who will use it. If you will be accommodated alone, you should choose only a single model, otherwise your comfort on vacation will be a heavy burden when climbing up.
  • The presence of a vestibule gives a lot of advantages - if you have a choice in the number of these modules, it is better choose a tent with 2 vestibules. One of them can be used as an entrance, and in the other you can store personal belongings and inventory.

Important! The floor must be more durable and moisture-proof, since the base is subjected to greater stress, the fabric must withstand at least 4 thousand mm of water column.

Before buying, carefully inspect the seams - they must be stitched with nylon or lavsan threads with double stitching or glued. Zippers with a 5mm connection and YKK pawl markings have proven to be excellent as fasteners.

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