Rating of the TOP 7 best waterproof watches: which ones to choose, characteristics, reviews

Rating of the TOP 7 best waterproof watches: which ones to choose, characteristics, reviews

Sports watches are models capable of not only showing the time. They are equipped with a stopwatch, step counters, heart rate and other indicators. Know how to keep track of calories and built-in training modes. In this rating, we have selected ten models that have earned the maximum approval among the owners.

TOP- Amazfit GTS

The most popular sports watch!

This watch is considered one of the best in its category. Some people consider them a good copy of the famous Apple Watch, as they have the same rectangular shape and large screen. The sensor is installed here sensitive, it instantly reacts to every press. The display conveys colors vividly, contrast at a high level. Everyone will like the autonomy in work, because the device can work on one charge for about a week. And this is even if all the sensors are turned on. Accordingly, if you spend the charge more economically, then the gadget will work longer. The model is considered universal. It has built-in sensors for acceleration and air pressure, which will allow more accurate measurement of physical activity.

TOP- Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The most comfortable sports watch!

Elegant and beautiful watches, belonging to the category of not only sports, but also universal. They can easily cope with both the usual duty of showing the time and play the role of a full-fledged fitness tracker. Running mode can be activated through voice control - Bixby command. Smart "stuffing" will allow not only to control sports activities, but also monitor the quality of sleep, as well as provide integration with YouTube video hosting. The glass above the display is protected so it doesn't scratch like the previous generation. The mechanical bezel has given way to a digital one, which has become a big plus - now, when playing sports, its accidental turns are excluded. The manufacturer has provided a wide range of models with different dials.

The lightest sports watch ever!

Cheap (in comparison with other offers of this company) watches for sports, surprising the buyer with the build quality and rich functionality. The device is optimal for lovers of an active lifestyle: all the necessary sensors for collecting biometric data during classes are available. The manufacturer itself claims that the watch performs best when running, although it has modes of cardio training, cycling, exercise on a treadmill. There are no advanced sensors, but the gadget shows the minimum necessary parameters. As for the cons, the reviews contain information about possible communication problems with the iPhone and the low resolution of the display.


A watch with better protection against unintentional clicks!

A mid-range sports watch that is not expensive for this brand. The manufacturer equipped them with a screen without a sensor, the gadget is controlled by ordinary button presses. Built-in sensors monitor sleep quality and heart rate. With the watch on your wrist, you can swim, run, hike, ride a bike, and do triathlon. In the reviews, many owners say that they buy the device largely due to the fact that it has lesson plans. They also praise the sensitive heart rate sensor, comfortable shape and the ability to quickly charge. Of the minuses, they note too long synchronization with a smartphone and insufficiently bright backlighting.

TOP- Polar Ignite

Updated 09.09.2020

The Gadgets-reviews portal continues to tell its readers about the "classic of wearable gadgets" - a wristwatch. We recently published a review of the best selling men's watches on the planet. Now is the time to talk about sports chronometers. Joggers and divers, tourists and extreme lovers, as well as their wives and girlfriends - this article is for you!

It is clear that no watch will turn you into an athlete. But they can push a person to a healthy lifestyle, make sports a part of his “life style”. We started talking about lifestyle for a reason: in the 21st century, designers and marketers simply "turned" on the topic of sports! For some reason, the prefix "sports" turns almost any product into a hit of sales. There is an increased demand for everything “healthy”, “useful” and “correct”.

This is another trend that also applies to sports watches for men. As a rule, in various sports devices, it is not functionality that comes first, but design. Design is also important: would you run around with a massive metal watch that chafes your wrist and reminds you of a hard day at the office?

This material contains chronometers for healthy lifestyle lovers: beautiful, functional, and comfortable. What sports watches do people buy more often and why?

What is a sports watch for men?

First, let's remember what modern sports watches are all about. Why, after all, can't a sports fanatic run and go clubbing with a classic Rolex? What unites all Sports class models: the simplest and most expensive, the brightest and most inconspicuous?

- More often electronic. It is not easy to find a sports watch with a classic dial on which the minute and hour hands run. Most often, their place is taken by ordinary electronic displays. All these angular dotted numbers, familiar to any of us from childhood. And the point here is far from the accuracy of measuring the chronos. It's just that in many sports you need to use a stopwatch and timer. Moreover, even tenths of a second can play an important role here! They need to be seen, felt, fixed. Unfortunately, the good old dial does not provide these possibilities. Digital indication is another matter. Here, measure at least hundredths of a second!

- Unkillable. Waterproof Sports style is always freedom of movement, a drop of extreme, a certain risk for the watch itself and its owners. I think that fans of outdoor activities would have gone bankrupt long ago if they only wore expensive, gilded watches. One blow - and there is no glass! One fall on the sports field - and the leather strap is erased into dust ... It's not for nothing that sports watches are made of plastic and rubber! It is these materials that guarantee their safety and long life. And the owner of such a watch has a whole wallet and nerves.

By the way, add here such characteristics of a sports watch as moisture resistance (for fishermen and divers) and shock resistance.

- Lungs. It's nice to walk around the office, feeling the noble weight of a gift wristwatch on your hand. Especially if you feel this heaviness on the way to the director's chair. But when a person sits behind the wheel of a bicycle or operates downhill skiing ... he needs completely different feelings. Ideally, there should be no weight on the arm. Need a watch? You will look at them. And in other moments, your favorite chronometer should not distract its owner. That is why the developers of sports watches are still looking for the perfect material for their creations. What kind of chemical alloys are not used in the creation of straps and cases of chronometers ... Unless they have not taken up tissue paper yet;)

Hunter watches

From the Siberian taiga to the South African steppes. Modern devices determine the time with an accuracy of a hundredth of a second and work in all weather conditions. Hunting watches are produced by such companies as the Finnish Suunto, the Japanese Casio and Citizen, as well as the American companies Timex and Garmin. Hunters will find mechanical models with high levels of water resistance and shockproof protection, but such watches are inferior in functionality to the same Casio or Suunto and rather play the role of a universal tool in long city walks and tourist outings.

General information and recommendations for hunting watches

The case of a solid hunting watch is made of durable polymer materials and protects precise and fragile meteorological and navigational instruments. Compasses, barometers, altimeters orientate in space and track changes in the weather, which helps the traveler not to get lost in the forest or swamp, return to the parking lot before dusk, take shelter from the impending bad weather in time, do not freeze and soak supplies. When choosing a hunting watch, take into account:

  • body strength and glass material
  • navigational instruments, primarily a compass
  • the presence of barometers, thermometers, altimeters
  • lunar phase indicators and calculators for sunrise and sunset
  • timers, stopwatches, chronographs, alarms
  • display backlight or built-in flashlight
  • button sizes and weights

There is only one universal characteristic - reliability. It makes no sense to trust life to a watch that will break on the way and leave the traveler without a compass and accurate time. For the rest of the items, the person selects the model himself. Let's say the size. Hunting, tourist and other survival watches are large in size. On average, their diameter is 50 mm, and the height of the case is about 15 mm. Sizes play a decisive role in the choice of winter equipment, since quartz chronometers are worn under the sleeves of warm clothing to protect against temperature shock, which occurs at -14 ° C. Massive watches are inconvenient to wear under a thick layer of clothing, at the same time, large buttons are easy pressed in thick gloves or mittens. There are many such subtleties, and before buying, check the detailed specification to find strengths and weaknesses.

Model Views


The only company that makes gadgets specifically for hunters and fishermen and builds an appropriate marketing strategy. The Finnish company offers a watch with a built-in GPS navigator, a light and durable case and a display protected by a sapphire crystal. The watch is available in two ranges, Suunto Traverse Alpha and Suunto Traverse. The main advantage is navigation with GPS and GLONASS satellites. The method is also called "bread crumbs", since the program marks the coordinates at regular intervals, recording the change in direction and the distance traveled from the nearest marker. On the route, you can leave points of interest, for example, mark a place with traces of wild animals. The watch provides synchronization with a smartphone and tablet. You can plan your route ahead of time using the Movescount app. Finally, the program automatically counts the shots fired and marks them on the map.

At the same time, Suunto's weaknesses are a continuation of their strengths. With this functionality, the batteries run out on average in four days, and the watch is practically useless on long expeditions. They are suitable for hunters who are planning a trip for 2-3 days, no more.

Smart watch with GPS navigator. Garmin and Suunto offer nearly identical gadgets, but Garmin has a better display that does not glare in the sun. Plus, the company offers Wi-Fi synchronization and an external antenna for communication with navigation satellites. The battery lasts for a day if you continuously receive a GPS signal, and in the energy-saving mode - for 2-3 weeks. In general, the choice between Garmin and Suunto is a matter of taste.


Fishing and hunting will be even more fun if you have the right equipment. You don't have to talk about weapons, tackles and other necessary equipment - this is understandable. But also many do not forget about the watch for hunting and fishing. This thing is really important and useful. How not to make a mistake when choosing?

Mandatory qualities of models

The selection takes into account extreme operating conditions. The watch can be exposed to moisture, mechanical shock. The comfort indicator and the availability of additional functions are also important. But reliability and accuracy remain the defining criteria.

At first glance, classic mechanical models are optimal, but they are inferior to electronic ones in terms of the number of additional options. To ensure the best fishing conditions, the watch must have the following properties:

  • impact resistance;
  • quartz movement;
  • water-resistant case with the ability to submerge to a depth of at least 2 m;
  • screen backlighting using LED system;
  • glass resistance to damage, scratching;
  • the ability to quickly replace the power source;
  • ease of activation of various modes.

The degree of comfort is equally important. The watch should not get entangled in the tackle, there are no protruding parts on the surface of the case. Before buying, you need to try on a suitable model, analyze your personal feeling of wearing.

Most popular models

The most common and popular models of fishing watches include:

Casio AW - 82–2A. The product from the budget series, but with good performance, has the function "Time for fishing", "Scale of moon phases", which is important when determining the intensity of biting in a particular area.

The body is made of polymer plastic, and the glass has a spherical configuration, which gives the product additional strength. The bracelet is made of polymer material, which is flexible and durable enough.

Thanks to the neon display, the watch can function quite normally at night for a long time.

There is a multifunctional alarm clock, and a high-quality battery can work without interruption for about 10 years. It should be noted that this product has a waterproof rating of 50 meters.

Casio AMW - 702-7A. A good model for real anglers, it has a smart thermometer that retains previous information. The product belongs to high-precision watches, determines the temperature regime of the environment, atmospheric pressure, lunar calendar, timer, etc. The watch case is made of stainless steel, mineral glass has a convex shape, a quartz movement is installed inside, and a bracelet is made of polyurethane material.

Wristwatches have long become a classic accessory for any person, but they are not protected from environmental influences, so waterproof models began to go on sale. In this article, we'll talk about the best water-resistant models and take a look at a few tips for making a good choice.

Waterproof classification

Watertightness is an indicator of the tightness of a structure. On the watch lid, the level of protection is indicated using two abbreviations - ATM, WR. The latter in translation into Russian means "waterproof", and ATM means the pressure that was used during the test of the watch.

Introduces the classification of water resistance:

  • 30m (3 ATM) allows the structure to withstand the ingress of rain drops, water while washing hands. Cannot withstand total immersion in water and showering.
  • 50m (5 ATM) can easily cope with a short time in the water and heavy rain. It is not recommended to use such a watch while swimming.
  • 100m (10 ATM) are suitable for water sports. With them it is allowed to dive, surf, but cannot be used for diving.
  • WR 200 m (or 20 ATM) can be used for diving. Withstands long time underwater and high pressure.

TOP rating of the best waterproof watches

The following models were rated the best:

  • Casio GST-B100-1A.
  • Casio GA-800-4A.
  • Orient EU07007F.
  • Casio GA-100-1A2.
  • Casio GST-B100D-1A.
  • Vostok 350515.
  • Orient EU07008D.

Let's start a more detailed acquaintance with all the listed positions.

Casio GST-B-A

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