Photo walk in the center of Kazan: the most important thing in 2.5 hours - unusual excursions in Kazan

Photo walk in the center of Kazan: the most important thing in 2.5 hours - unusual excursions in Kazan

Get to know the bright sights of the city and take away warm photo memories

Individual excursion for 1-10 people Price: 2789 rubles.

Photo walk in the center of Kazan: the most important thing in hours

The historical center of the capital of Tatarstan is an object of continuous aesthetic delight, where each building grabs attention and invites you to plunge into the past centuries. In order for the impressions of the visual range to remain with you after visiting the beautiful Kazan, it is definitely worth going on an informative photo walk, in which I will introduce you to the most beautiful sights of our city and find the best angles for atmospheric shots!

Fanis guide in Kazan Usually responds within 1 hour. Hello friends! I am 24 years old and I am a young resident of the capital of Tatarstan. For the last 4 years, he actively hosted many tourists-couchsurfers, introduced them to the history of the city, and each time he fell in love with it more and more, discovering Kazan from a new side. He traveled a lot in Russia and Europe. I have no professional education as a guide, but I have an extensive knowledge of the history and culture of Kazan and Tatarstan. I am fond of local history, photography and video filming, sports. I look forward to seeing you!

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Description of the excursion

What awaits you

Bauman Street, or Kazan Arbat The excursion will start from the first pedestrian street of Kazan, where street musicians play, and in every house there is a shop, cafe or restaurant. You will walk past the hotel, where Mayakovsky, Gorky and Tolstoy were among the guests. Explore the House of the Press, a constructivist monument with geometric shapes and ribbon glazing. And, of course, you will meet one of the symbols of Bauman Street and its decoration - the high bell tower of the red-brick Epiphany Cathedral.

Kremlevskaya Street On the once commercial merchant street you will see the Aleksandrovsky and Chernoyarovsky passages of the late 19th century, the pompous building of the former Gostiny Dvor, and now the National Museum of Tatarstan. Near the eclectic House of Ushakova, reminiscent of white marshmallows, let's talk about Isadora Duncan, as well as about industrialists who ordered one architect to rebuild and decorate their mansions in Moscow and Kazan. Thus, looking at the iconic sights, you will get acquainted with the appearance and life of the main artery of the historical center.

The Leaning Tower of Syuyumbike The spire of the watchtower of the Kazan Kremlin, deviating from the vertical by almost 2 meters, is also one of the city's calling cards. I will talk about the disputes that are going on in the circles of historians about the date of the construction of this structure, and I will voice the romantic legend about Ivan the Terrible, who wished for his wife the local queen Syuyumbika.

Good day, dear friends. Blogger Kazanets is in touch. If your Friday night starts with the question - "Where to go to have fun tonight and how to spend this weekend?", Then you have found what you were looking for.

There will be no options for biking, skating or going to the movies. You already know that.

I have prepared a cheat sheet for you, which contains a concentrate of the most bombastic and impressive places for entertainment for young people and adults in Kazan.

Contents of the article:

The best entertainment for youth and adults in Kazan this year

The collection contains various options for entertainment. First, there will be extreme moves, then gambling and intellectual, but let's finish with hot offers for adults.

I Extreme Entertainment

The most extreme adult moves I've tested on myself, and on which the adrenaline goes off scale beyond the top references of the norm ... but at the same time leaves you alive. :)

Flight by plane with the command "SKY"

Do you want to become a pilot of a real plane, emotional shake-up and enjoy the views of Kazan from above?

Winter is a great travel opportunity during a long weekend. Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, has become one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists. At this time, the streets are decorated with beautiful illumination, places for entertainment are organized, parks turn into playgrounds for winter fun. In February, at the central venues of the city, folk festivities in honor of Maslenitsa continue.

Kazan in winter pleases tourists with beautiful architectural monuments against the backdrop of snowy landscapes, as well as interesting natural attractions. For those who do not like to spend a lot of time outside in winter, Kazan has a wide variety of museums and entertainment centers for every taste. Of course, in summer you can see a lot of greenery here, but in winter you can enjoy walks in different colorful places with a New Year's atmosphere.

It should be noted that festive events begin on the 20th of December, at the same time the illumination comes on. Fairs usually close by January 7, and programs with workshops, concerts and other events run from mid-December to mid-January.

Sights of Kazan in winter

On your own in Kazan in winter you can get acquainted with the main iconic sights. The main thing is to make sure that you dress warmly for hiking. The center of Kazan is decorated with garlands and festive decorations in winter, which creates a New Year mood and gives the streets a magical look.

Kazan Kremlin

Regardless of the season, the Kazan Kremlin always looks impressive. In winter, against the backdrop of snow, the ancient city with white walls has a special charm. You can freely walk around the territory and inspect the beautiful Kul Sharif mosque with turquoise spiers of minarets, go inside. Other significant buildings of the historical and architectural complex are the Annunciation Cathedral, the Syuyumbike Tower, the Presidential Palace, the Palace Church, walls and towers, as well as other buildings.

According to many reviews, winter landscapes add magic to the appearance of the ancient fortress. If you are cold while walking in the Kremlin in Kazan in winter, then you can go to one of the Kremlin museums.

Bauman Street

The main tourist road leads to the Kremlin - the pedestrian street. Bauman. The sights of Kazan in winter are especially beautiful in the evening, when the lights come on. This also applies to Bauman Street, although in the daytime it is pleasant to walk here and look at various monuments.

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