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New Zealand is a country of incredible beauty located in Oceania. Endless blue skies, green valleys, beautiful beaches, mountains and lakes. New Zealand is a small fantastic corner of our planet, where you can stroll through the village of Bilbo, see a kiwi bird, enjoy nature in a large number of national parks, jump from the Sky Tower, learn the Maori culture. The largest tourist destinations are Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown and Christchurch.

New Zealand Travel Guides

New Zealand: How to get there

Since New Zealand has no borders with other states by land, and the way to the nearest countries by water is extremely long and not suitable for creating public water transport routes, in fact, the only way to get to New Zealand is by air.

From the CIS countries you can get to New Zealand using the services of Aeroflot, JAL, Emirates, Korean Air, American Airlines, Air New Zealand and Air China ". However, on such a trip, you will have to make a transfer - there is no direct connection between the CIS countries and New Zealand. Transplants, as a rule, are made in Hong Kong (the fastest option, since you can get from Moscow to New Zealand in 25-26 hours, and from Ukraine and Belarus only slightly longer), as well as in Dubai, Tokyo, Los Angeles ( 30-32 hours) and Seoul (30-35 hours). In recent years, connecting flights to Helsinki have been popular. Most of the international flights land in the New Zealand cities of Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

The most economical options you can find will cost around 500 USD. Finding a lower price is hardly possible. As a rule, the cost of a ticket to New Zealand from the airports of the CIS countries will range from 700 to 1000 USD.

If you wish, you can overpay and cover 1200 kilometers between Australia and New Zealand by sea. Such a trip is possible only on a rented boat with his crew, which will cost you a very large sum, or on a cruise ship from Australia. Cruises from Australia to New Zealand take a very long time, since first you get from Sydney to Melbourne, after which you drive to New Zealand for another two days and three nights. The average cost of such cruises is 1300 USD.

New Zealand: Hotels and other accommodation

Housing Features

There is a wide variety of temporary housing options available in New Zealand. If you are interested in life in the center of one of the major cities of the country, hotels, hostels or cozy apartments are great for you, but the desire to completely immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of this country is an excellent reason to rent an apartment somewhere far from the city, settle in a farmhouse or pay for a place on the campsite. In addition, there is a huge number of guest houses, B&B hotels, motels, resort hotels and various exotic accommodation. In any case, in search of accommodation in New Zealand, you can satisfy any of your desires - from finding a budget option to settling in a luxury apartment on the seaside.

Dreams come true - we are going with Adventure Club to New Zealand!

New Zealand - Aotearoa (in the Maori language) or the country of the long white cloud is an island state located on two large islands - North and South, to the nearest country - New Caledonia - 1400 km. It is an independent state under the rule of the Prime Minister of New Zealand and under the nominal supremacy of the British monarchy.

A visa for citizens of the Russian Federation is issued free of charge, however, a visa application center fee of about 1,500 rubles is required. Visa processing is carried out online, the attachment of scanned documents is required. After approval, you need to be sent by courier (from St. Petersburg, for example, about 1000 rubles, forwarding there and back) or personally send your passport to the Moscow Visa Application Center for verification. Visa processing takes about 30 days. Detailed instructions for applying for a New Zealand visa are available here: . fsglobal. om/NewZe.

Or you can contact a travel agency in your city for a visa (cost about 7,500 rubles).

Throughout the entire route we accommodate hostels for 4-12 people in a room. Accommodation in single, double rooms (if available) is possible: the surcharge will be from 20,000 rubles. for the entire route (+ service fee 2000 rubles) - inform the manager of your desire to book a room in advance!

We eat on our own or you can cook - there are equipped kitchens in the hostels. It will be convenient to take a small thermos and an airtight food container with you.

According to the program, we will have trekking to the Tongrariro volcano - aka Mount Mordor from the world of Tolkien - for which you will need comfortable trekking boots, a backpack of 20-30 liters, a fleece jacket and a windproof jacket and pants, trekking poles you can take your own or get it on the spot (if you use it).

All luggage travels with us, it is most convenient to use a backpack as luggage, but a suitcase or bag will also work. You will often need to walk from the bus stop to the hostel (up to 20-30 minutes) - wisely approach the collection of your luggage! Most of the transfers are carried out by regular buses, where places for us will be reserved in advance.

We will not swim in the ocean as part of the hike, but there is an opportunity to take a bath in hot springs. If you want to swim in the north of the North Island, you need to leave the day before or after the program to visit the beach.


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