Mount Yutsa

Paragliding with an instructor does not require any prior skills

In good clear weather, from Pyatigorsk, from the side of Mashuk, a beautiful view of three mountains opens.

The first is Yutsa, then Jutsa, and even further is the handsome Elbrus. Interestingly, all three mountains line up in an almost perfectly straight line. And if you mentally add here the point from which the survey is carried out - Mount Mashuk, then 4 mountains are already lining up in one line. Someone sees a sacred and mystical meaning in this, while someone considers it just an interesting and beautiful landscape. In any case, I have not yet met people who such a circumstance, and the opening views left indifferent.

But today we will talk about the first grief - about Yutsa.

Many names

Yutsa, Yutsa 1, Zhuchka, Zhuchka first, Dzhutsa 1, Mount Bolvan - all these are the names of one mountain. Outwardly, she reminds someone of a sleeping cow in a meadow. And, indeed, there is something in this comparison.

The height of the mountain is 973 meters, it is located 8 km from Pyatigorsk.

A bit of history

At the end of the 19th century from the foot of Yutsa to Pyatigorsk there was a pipe through which water was supplied to the city. "Yutsk water pipeline" supplied water to the entire population and six local fountains.

A beautiful waterfall was located at the foot of Yutsa, and this place, in turn, was popular with the townspeople. Then a small cozy restaurant was built here overlooking the waterfall.

Today it will not be possible to walk up to the waterfall just like that, since the surrounding area is considered to be nature conservation and is fenced off from free access.

The mountain itself is not very high and it will not be difficult for a traveler to climb to the top.

I strongly advise you to walk up the mountain in spring, or rather in May or early June. At this time of the year, the weather is usually fabulously warm, and there is an unreal smell of herbs in the air. Words cannot convey! You just have to be here, inhale the aromas, admire the surrounding views ...

The latest news from KMV resorts

Anna (Hanokh) Development strategy for the Caucasian Mineral Waters region.

Anna (Hanokh) Ski slopes of the Elbrus region, Cable cars of the Elbrus region are ready for the winter tourist season. The number of tourists on the ski slopes of the Elbrus region will be carried out by four cable car complexes on Mount Elbrus and Mount Cheget. The repair and restoration work of the second stage of the damaged ropeway "Stary Krugozor - Mir" was completed. The ropeway facilities have round-the-clock security. The evacuation and transportation of the injured on the ski slopes will be provided by the rescue service. The stations "Azau", "Staryi Krugozor" and "Mir" are equipped with video surveillance cameras. December lovers of skiing sports can try out the trails for skiing. All tracks are equipped with mandatory passive safety equipment - nets, signs, mats. for the winter season, a system for artificial snowmaking has been prepared. The training to ensure the safety of tourists has passed at a high level. Loud-speaking communication is established in all gondolas of the first and second stages of the cable car "Azau - Staryi Krugozor" and "Stary Krugozor - Mir", as well as along all ski slopes. Rescue and medical services of ropeways are fully equipped with all means.

Anna (Hanokh) Plaza Sanatorium is now in Zheleznovodsk. The opening of another international-class sanatorium "Plaza" will take place at the beginning of 2019! It will be a 3-star sanatorium with a total area of ​​11,000 sq. m, the number of rooms at the 1st stage will be 134 rooms. The infrastructure includes a dining room for 170 seats, a lobby bar for 80 seats, a spa center (sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, gym and exercise room, indoor pool) and a medical center (rooms for examinations and procedures). Their total area is 1,560 sq. ... Thus, guests of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region will be able to appreciate the combination of comfortable rest and high quality medical services not only in the world famous Kislovodsk, but also in the unique resort of Zheleznovodsk.

Anna (Hanokh) November 2019 in the sanatorium "Solnechny" a unique sports and recreation complex was opened: - Swimming pool (dimensions 25 x 13 m, fresh water, 18-fold water exchange per day, disinfectant solution based on active oxygen and water treatment with ultraviolet radiation); "Bar; - zone of artificial tanning (" winter beach "); - hydro and air massage chairs; "waterfall"; - "oncoming wave"; -Children's pool (water is refreshed every 2 minutes); - Finnish sauna and Russian bath; - Beauty Institute with a wide range of spa services; - Bowling for 6 lanes; - Billiard room for 6 tables (Russian billiards, American); - Night club; - gym; - conference rooms for 300 and 50 seats, with multimedia equipment - meet the most demanding needs of the business community. Now the sanatorium can hold business events of the highest status and almost any level of complexity. The use of the pool and gym is included in all vouchers, tours and programs of the sanatorium. Only vacationers of the sanatorium will be able to use the numerous services of the complex.

Anna (Hanokh) CMS Mountain Therapy

Since ancient times, mountains have made mankind fall in love with them. And this is explained not only by the fabulous beauty of the landscapes, the feeling of detachment and sublimity, which inspires a majestic view, but also for practical reasons. at altitudes below atmospheric pressure, which affects well-being. The condition of hypertensive patients improves, but at the same time they should avoid heavy loads, only walking without steep climbs will bring significant health benefits. Due to the rarefied air in the KMW mountains, people with respiratory problems may experience shortness of breath, and people with high intracranial pressure may suffer from migraines. Many people at altitude feel better, feel a surge of vivacity. clear, clear air allows better vision and vision appears to improve. When going uphill, hyperventilation of the lungs occurs, the deepest layers are cleansed, and man-made dirt leaves the body. Due to the thinness of the air, the body is rebuilt, adapting to new conditions, a person breathes more often, blood circulation and oxygen supply to all tissues and organs improve. The air of coniferous forests is filled with phytoncides, natural fighters against bacteria, so the risk of illness is reduced, recovery is faster. Solar radiation, which is higher in the mountains, also suppresses the development of pathogenic microbes, ozonates the air. Under the influence of many factors, the mountain air becomes a special healing factor that prolongs life.

Take care of yourself and your health, you cannot save on this. Come to us at KMV! We are always waiting for you and always glad!

Anna (Hanokh) Pyatigorsk. A walk in the center Like any city in the world, the center of the North Caucasus Federal District can surprise the guests of the region with a number of its unique and iconic places. The southern city, immersed in greenery in summer, looks a little different in winter. On the busiest avenue of the city, the so-called "Broadway", you will not see the strolling vacationers and the crowds of tourists with whom the street is filled with the arrival of the warm and swift Caucasian spring. But there is something in the very center of Pyatigorsk that can be interesting at any time of the year. Many people know that there is a tram in Pyatigorsk, but not everyone saw which one. The narrow-gauge line immediately catches the eye of the guests of the city, who often used a tram of the usual type, widespread throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The paired trailers themselves are also a kind of miniature version of urban public transport, adapted specifically for a small (by the standards of the inhabitants of megalopolises) settlement. It goes without saying that the noise from small trams is much lower than from their "big brother". Similar to Pyatigorsk, tram cars of small capacity and on a narrow gauge, in Russia there are only in Kaliningrad. Walking slowly along the central street of Pyatigorsk, you can study and learn about the past and the present, history and geography, architecture and modern construction technologies. Glass showcases are a usual thing for us, but when a cozy cafe is arranged behind the showcase, and a view of city life is opened from the windows inside the room, it is already a small miracle. The squares of Pyatigorsk are, of course, chestnuts and spruces, pines and birches. You can often find both oaks and beeches in the city. Particularly thermophilic trees have not taken root in the warm Pyatigorsk, since the strict old Caucasus can sometimes let frost - in Pyatigorsk, the air temperature in January is often kept at around -20 *. But one has only to stop and take a close look at the giants-spruce in the park, how you can go back 50-70 years ago, when these trees were seedlings. One can imagine what path these keepers of the city's secrets traveled, what events took place during their time. There are shops, cafes, and even isolated communication centers on Broadway. At a remarkable coffee shop, a Turk invitingly flaunts - a small architectural form, which is at the same time an advertisement. Near the cafe “Zolotoy Ostap” a miniature cast bronze figurine of the hero “12 chairs” was repeatedly exhibited on a pedestal, and it was stolen from there more than once. The very symbol of Pyatigorsk is also immortalized on Kirov Avenue - this eagle proudly looks from its miniature mountain at the passing pedestrians.

Anna (Hanokh) On the creation of a tourist cluster in the North Caucasus Federal District. At the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg in June 2010, Russian and foreign investors were presented with a project for the tourism development of the North Caucasus region "Height 5642". It is assumed that by 2020 five new ski resorts will be built in the North Caucasus at a cost of more than RUB 450 billion. The volume of state investments will be about 60 billion rubles. The total area of ​​the resorts will reach 4 thousand hectares. The length of the ski slopes will exceed 803 km, and the number of places for tourist accommodation will be 100 thousand, two new airports will be added to the five airports operating in the region. In 2007, a special economic zone of tourist and recreational type was created in the Stavropol Territory. the following projects are expected to be implemented within 20 years on 14 investment sites with a total area of ​​1,649 hectares: • All-Russian children's health center at the foot of Mount Camel, • Center for business and health tourism in the city of Essentuki, Kapelnaya Balka district, • Center for extreme tourism on the mountain Yutsa, • Megapark of entertainment in the city of Zheleznovodsk, • Sports and recreation center on Lake Novopyatigorsk, etc. A total of 36 objects of the sanatorium-resort complex are being reconstructed and built in the Kavminvod region, by 2020 its capacity is planned to be increased to 2 million people. Spa Yutsa "The pilot project of the special economic zone was the resort and tourist complex" Grand Spa Yutsa "on the mountain Yutsa, 10 km from Pyatigorsk. on an area of ​​840 hectares there will be a health and hotel complex, sports and entertainment facilities, a botanical garden, a cascade of lakes and waterfalls, an indoor water park, golf courses and a horse riding center. The new resort is designed for 4, 5 thousand tourists, so it will be able to receive up to 160 thousand tourists annually. The estimated cost of the project exceeds 23.6 billion rubles. "Mountain Sea" The second investment site of the special economic zone - "Mountain Sea" - is located in Zheleznovodsk in the area of ​​Razvalka Mountain. There, it is planned to build four health resorts with a full range of hotel, health resort, entertainment, sports and service infrastructure for 5 thousand accommodation places. Within the framework of the project, the possibility of creating a unique artificial sea with a depth of 3 m and an area of ​​water surface of over 100 thousand m2 is being considered. More than 30 billion rubles are expected to be spent on the project.

Sonya (Eaton) Dear residents of Kislovodsk! In the park opposite the monument to Pushkin across the bridge, 4 tiny puppies live in the storm runoff, they are very cold, and now the snow has fallen (((Good people, maybe someone needs a future guard in the private sector !! your wonderful city with pleasure I will show them to you !! I beg you, help them.

Anna (Hanokh) Let's hope the little ones find their home!

The paraglider is the lightest aircraft. It is made for soaring flights and flies according to the same principles as the soaring birds. This is not a parachute - we do not jump from where, but smoothly take off from our feet. It is enough to take just a couple of steps and we are in the air!

We fly without a motor! Not a single bird will be afraid of us. We soar in silence enjoying a natural flight. Or maybe we will be lucky and we will soar in the same stream with the eagles.

With the help of a special two-seater paraglider and an experienced instructor, everyone can feel the joy of free flight! You don't need any skills. Children (the youngest was only 4 years old) and very elderly people (world record 104) and those who usually move in a wheelchair flew with us.

Flying is an event that brings a lot of joy! For a long time after the flight, you will walk with a smile on your face!

Easy to fly!

We start with our feet and smoothly lift off the surface of the earth. As the plane takes off from the runway. We do not jump from rocks, but run up an inclined platform in case of a start from a mountain. When we start on a winch, we run over a flat surface and smoothly rise into the sky from it.

Protective equipment

We wear special protective equipment for all our passengers. We have special boots for paragliding flights of the German company Hanwag in almost all sizes. We use lightweight but durable knee and shin protectors.

Respect for weather conditions

We fly only in favorable weather conditions. We respect the elements and refuse to fly if there is even the slightest doubt on the part of the weather.

Certified Technique

All our equipment has passed European certification. We use only new technology specially designed for flights with passengers. All our kits are equipped with special rescue parachutes. The parachute is used by the pilot and is designed for both crew members - the pilot and the passenger.

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