Kamchatka guide - about the power of volcanoes and alternative history of the End of the World

Kamchatka guide - about the power of volcanoes and alternative history of the End of the World

We all know that when it is 15 0 in Moscow, midnight falls in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which indicates that Kamchatka is very far from the capital.

This is the land of hills, geysers, erupting volcanoes, red caviar sandwiches and brown bears stealing fish. An expedition to Kamchatka is an expensive and responsible business.

In this article, we will not be able to cover all the subtleties of Kamchatka tourism. But we will try to give a succinct overview of the "interesting things", talk about independent travels, helicopter and automobile expeditions, and also spice up the dry narration with video material. Let's go!

Excursion to Kamchatka

Before planning a trip and planning routes to this harsh land, you need to decide on the travel time.

The peninsula has a rather peculiar climate, which is formed by mountainous terrain and the proximity of the Pacific Ocean.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the climate is maritime and mild enough for the local latitudes: + 15 ° С in summer and around -10 ° С in winter.

Tourists most often come to these regions in spring and summer. Consider the benefits of each season.

  • Spring. In March and April, there are:
    • ski fun;
    • snowmobile expeditions;
    • other winter activities.
    It is best to drive to the north of the region.
  • Summer. This season also partially covers September. During this period, you can admire the beauty of Kamchatka, its original nature. And there is something to see here:
    • volcanoes ,
    • lakes ,
    • bunches ,
    • forests ,
    • beautiful preserved fauna.

It is best to go to the north of the region.

Going to the north of Kamchatka in winter, get ready for frost: the mercury column at the beginning of the year is kept at -22 ° С.

Only inquisitive minds are able to fully appreciate the journey to the mysterious world of Kamchatka.

About why the Kamchatka Territory is so engraved in the memory of even the most sophisticated tourists, the correspondent of "AiF-Kamchatka" learned from the most famous guide on the peninsula, Elena Perminova.

"A person who loves to tell interesting stories" - this is the exact description that Elena Alexandrovna herself gives to herself. And travelers from all over the country rush to take seats on her bus to listen to the alternative history of Kamchatka. However, the guide herself admits that she prefers to work with her fellow countrymen.

A peninsula for all

“Life itself brought me to the tourism business, and all the accumulated previous experience today helps me a lot,” says the guide. - After graduating from school, I entered the Samara Pedagogical School at the primary school department, then studied at the preschool department, already in Kamchatka I graduated from the philology department. I managed to work as a teacher of the Russian language and literature at the KSTU college until I was laid off. And then my work book moved to the Kamchatka Regional Art Museum. There I first tried myself as a guide. "

Uliana Bakumenko, kamchatka. if. u: You seem to like the role?

I decided to change this situation. She started her business without money - she just filled the excursions with interesting stories. The pedagogical collectives of kindergartens became my first listeners, and a year later there appeared strength and money for further development. Then I turned to the Entrepreneurship Support Fund, got a loan and bought my own bus. By the way, the money was “recaptured” in less than a year.

- Do you think you got into the jet?

- I think I've set the right goals for myself. The main task for me was to educate the local tourist, and I manage to do it well. And many travel agencies are unhappy with me, they think that I "beat off" their clients. But in fact, the opposite is true - I help: I ​​instill in young Kamchatka tourists a love for Kamchatka. Then they go to extreme tourism, to the offices of those firms that provide such services.

As for my popularity, I think it's a matter of conscientious attitude to my work. I do not advertise my services - word of mouth does it for me. A well-catered tourist brings a whole bus with him. And for many, I have to be not only a guide, but also a mother, a doctor, a mentor, a teacher and sometimes even a confessor.

Edge of Power

- The latter role seems to be related to what you call "energetically strong places on the peninsula"?

- They really are here. Official science does not recognize this, so I tell tourists an alternative history of Kamchatka, which I consider to be real. As a person who came from science, I am used to getting to the bottom of any issue, to conduct my own research. The official history of the peninsula is sewn with white thread, there are many gaps in it. And the alternative, oddly enough, explains much more. Someone will consider my stories about the traces of highly developed civilizations in Kamchatka, eccentricity, but there are serious facts on the peninsula that cannot be ignored by history.

- Which ones, for example?

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