Jeeping extreme tourism

Jeeping extreme tourism

Safari on high-traffic cars in the most interesting corners of Crimea are gaining popularity. Every year more and more vacationers choose skiing, excursions and jeep trips to visit the most inaccessible corners of the peninsula - near the mountain beauties, rivers and waterfalls. Diverse routes and trekking, like prices in 2021, contribute to this.

Jeeping in Crimea: key advantages

Several factors make jeep tours especially attractive for Crimean vacationers. By choosing this type of excursion, you can:

  • To see several man-made and natural sights of Crimea, remote from each other, within 5-8 hours.
  • Travel comfortably in a jeep car equipped with a climate control system.
  • Quickly get to the main beauties - rivers, mountains, waterfalls, which are often located in areas that sightseeing buses are not able to reach.
  • Make stops in any corner you like for taking photos, filming videos, or organizing a picnic.

Of course, you can't call jeeping cheap entertainment in Crimea, but its merits are more than worth the money spent. There are no age restrictions for jeep tours, participation in them does not require special physical shape and excellent health.

The best places for jeep driving in Crimea

It is not difficult to become a member of a jeep safari at any major resort in Crimea - nature has generously rewarded it with picturesque landscapes of various types. Someone will be attracted by the routes of the southwestern region, passing through the steppes and foothills. Someone will prefer extreme trekking along the mountain ranges, where nature has preserved its pristine beauty. Some will like a voyage along the serpentines of the South Coast. The choice depends only on personal preference.

Offers of companies and private traders that allow you to buy tours by jeeps are very diverse on the Crimea Peninsula in 2021. Among the many possible options for thematic and sightseeing trips, there are several that are especially popular.

In unique jeep tours around the filming locations of the legendary comedy "Prisoner of the Caucasus", travelers will be able to recover from Alushta. The route includes a visit to the "Valley of Ghosts" and the medieval fortress "Funa". A tour of 3 hours costs 4000 rubles.

Lavender Stories safari starts from the village of Verkhnyaya Kutuzovka. Travelers will enjoy the splendor of fragrant lavender fields, visit the Poin-Khyr hill, where the headquarters of M. Kutuzov's army was located, who defeated the Turkish landing in the Shumsky battle of 1744. The track ends at the Stalin's pear spring. For 3.5 hours of skiing, you will have to pay 5000 rubles.

Another jeep cruise from Alushta involves a visit to the delightful Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall, dropping from a 15-meter height. On the way, you will be taken to the village of Malorechenskoye, where it will be interesting to see the Nikolsky temple-lighthouse and the holy spring Ai-Andriy. The outing lasts about 5 hours and costs 6,000 rubles.

The main attractions of the city of Sochi are the sea and mountains. With a hike to the sea, everything is more or less clear, but is it really possible for an unprepared person, without a guide and special equipment to climb the mountains?

It turns out really. To do this, they came up with jeeping - a trip in off-road vehicles through the mountains.

What attracts people to jeeping

▲ By participating in jeeping, you can see many fabulously beautiful places that an unprepared person would never reach on foot.

▲ No special equipment required.

▲ You can go to jeep with the whole family: the presence of children is not prohibited, but welcome. They enjoy new places and experiences more sincerely than anyone.

▲ A jeep trip may deviate from the route and violate the time frame.

▲ The number of travel participants is not limited - if you wish, you can order two or three cars.

▲ In extreme conditions, overcoming natural obstacles, the jeep participants and the driver-guide become one team.

▲ You can do anything by jeeping: have a picnic in the meadows, swim in mountain rivers, smear yourself with healing blue clay, taste honey in distant apiaries and taste real southern wine.

▲ You will have enough adrenaline rush from a trip in a UAZ SUV on mountain roads for the whole year.

Psakho Canyon

There are many jeep routes. I want to tell you about the places that you will see when choosing a trip to the Psakho canyon.

Jeeping in St. Petersburg

BONUS The driver can take with him from one to three passengers, it's free!

ATTENTION! People who have a category B driver's license are allowed to drive independently.

Self-driving of a charged all-wheel drive prepared off-road vehicle in extreme conditions! You will learn how to properly drive a jeep and understand what it is capable of, master the use of a winch and other devices to rescue stuck equipment. We guarantee extreme, drive, nature and a sea of ​​mud!

Rent of jeeps, off-road vehicles with delivery to your territory

BONUS Jeep is delivered with a full tank of gasoline and all necessary equipment for rental.

How to book a ride?

Gift certificates for off-road driving and multi-certificates

BONUS You can also order a gift certificate from us for any of the services we offer or a multi-certificate for all types of equipment from our rental fleet to choose from. Make an unusual gift to someone close to you. It is completely free (only the cost of the rental is paid). Give emotions and pleasant memories, not things!

You can issue a gift certificate:

  • Personally meet with the administrator in St. Petersburg or drive up to the rental;
  • Electronic - After payment, the gift certificate is sent to e-mail, VKontakte, etc. You can donate the certificate electronically or print it in any copy center. For electronic payment options, see here:
Electronic payment methods

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