Iceberg soda

Iceberg soda

Millions of rubles are given by extreme tourists to buy a tour to the North Pole. Oleg Doktorov, a resident of Samara, told the AiF. u about a trip to the Arctic: an airfield on a drifting ice floe, a graveyard of tractors and life at the polar station.

How to get to the North Pole?

There are two options for a tourist's trip to the North Pole - on a cruise icebreaker and by plane. I immediately rejected the tourist trip on the icebreaker. The option did not suit me - the ship arrives at a point in the ocean with coordinates of 90 degrees north latitude, they stop the motors, shoot from the rocket launcher and drink champagne. If you're lucky, they walk on the ice for a couple of hours - and back. It's not like winter.

I chose to travel by air - a paid tourist. I wrote out a ticket for a plane and a helicopter. In April each year (before the coronavirus pandemic), about 300 people entered the North Pole this way.

First you need to fly to the capital of Spitsbergen - Longyearbyen, from there - a flight to the temporary airfield Barneo, which is located directly on a drifting ice floe about 100 km from the pole. From Barneo, groups of tourists are taken by helicopter to the joint venture. There are options - from the temporary camp you can go to the axis of the Earth on skis, on dogs, on foot.

I imagined this trip not at all the way it turned out.

Flight on Cheburashka

I feel the first breath of the North Pole in Longyearbyen, the capital of the Svalbard archipelago, the northernmost settlement in the world with a population of over a thousand people.

At the airport, tourists can be seen right away - they are dressed in colored ski overalls. They rush to a photo shoot to a stuffed bear and a sign to the North Pole - 1136 kilometers.

The air crossing from Longyearbyen to the Russian seasonal station Barneo is strictly for travelers who booked the tour in advance.

Let's fly by plane AN-72, the car is from the USSR, to put it mildly, not new. Due to the high location of the engines on the wings, it is nicknamed "Cheburashka". However, it is precisely this design that makes it possible to perform a short take-off and landing take-off run - only 800 meters.

Arctic and Antipodes

This is the case when you shouldn't postpone the trip indefinitely: scientists unanimously say that global warming will change the Arctic beyond recognition within a couple of decades.

The main thing to start with is not to confuse it with Antarctica. Remember the geography lesson: the Arctic is at the top of the globe, in the north, and the Antarctic is in the south. Therefore, there at different times there is a polar night, when the sun does not appear in the sky for many days: in the Arctic it lasts from calendar autumn to spring, and in spring and summer. The polar night is beautiful in its own way, for example, at this time you can watch the northern lights. Still, icebergs and snow-covered areas are best seen in daylight!

Top of the Earth

The most interesting (and alas, the most expensive) way to visit the Arctic is to go to the North Pole. It is, of course, impossible to get there on your own. You will have to join an organized group, and you need to prepare a trip in advance: on average, Arctic cruises with a visit to the North Pole are booked six months in advance.

The cost of such a trip with departure from Russian cities is about twenty-five thousand dollars. There are two main ways to get to the northernmost point of the planet, which is covered with drifting ice: by ship or by air. There are not so many operators who take tourists to the North Pole, so before leaving, you can thoroughly study all the characteristics of the vessel on which you will go. For example, the world's largest Russian nuclear icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" will operate flights to the Pole until at least 2018. If you think that such a trip is only for harsh hikers, we have a surprise for you! It even has a gym, sauna and swimming pool. So put your bikini in your suitcase just in case!

The Russian polar station "Barneo" is located near the pole. Every year it is rebuilt on one of the huge drifting ice floes, and it has only existed for a few months. Tourists can get to the station by ship or helicopter, and from there - go to the very pole on skis or dog sleds.

Umka and a hare

There is also a more budgetary, and at the same time no less interesting way to visit the Arctic. After all, the Arctic zone includes a “cap” of sea and land around the North Pole, on the territory of which there are even cities! In Russia, Murmansk or Vorkuta are located in the Arctic zone. In general, the Arctic is divided between Russia, Canada, USA, Denmark and Norway. Since all inclusive tours to the Arctic are usually not organized, services for self-travel booking will come in handy here. We checked the price of air tickets from Moscow to the Norwegian Tromso using the Svyaznoy Travel application - for two weeks in February 2015 it turned out to be about 30,000 rubles, in the following months the price is slightly lower. So the price of such a tour can be compared to staying in a four-star beach hotel in Egypt. “Considering that Tromsø is not the“ high ”tourist season in February, you can also fall under the promotions of hotels and airlines,” says Andrei Osintsev, commercial director of Svyaznoy Travel. And the impression “well, who of your friends can boast of having seen a polar bear.

The Taimyr Peninsula, located in the far north of Siberia, is a real Terra Incognita (from Latin - "Unknown land") for the majority of the inhabitants of Russia.

Taimyr is the largest peninsula in Russia and at the same time the northernmost point of the entire Eurasian continent. This peninsula with an area of ​​400 thousand km² surpasses any of the European states in size. The entire territory of the peninsula is located beyond the Arctic Circle.

The western part of Taimyr is surrounded by the waters of the Kara Sea, the eastern - by the waters of the Laptev Sea. To the north of the peninsula is the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago; the Putorana plateau is the southern border. The northern extremity forms the Chelyuskin peninsula, ending with the cape of the same name - the most northern point of the continent.

The entire territory of Taimyr is divided into 3 natural zones:

  • North Siberian lowland;
  • the Byrranga mountain system in the central part;
  • the plain coast of the Kara Sea.

Previously, Taimyr was administratively considered the territory of a separate Taimyr Dolgan-Nenets district. Since 2007, after an administrative reform, it has been turned into a district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory - the largest in Russia.

Taimyr is the place that cannot be reached by road or rail. The peninsula is connected to the outside world by two types of transport: aviation and sea transport.

Norilsk Airport is the main gateway of Taimyr to the outside world. Alykel Airport is connected by regular flights with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and other cities of Russia. Directly to the territory of Taimyr from Norilsk airport can be reached by Norilsk - Dikson flight, departure from Norilsk only on Wednesdays, ticket prices - from 13300 RUB, travel time - 1 hour 30 minutes.

The second air gate of Taimyr is the village of Khatanga, the local airport receives flights from Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk. Flights from the regional capital to Khatanga depart on Mondays and Thursdays, tickets cost from 15,000 RUB. Travel time is 4 hours 15 minutes.

River transport is an alternative to air routes. Taimyr is connected with the Krasnoyarsk river route along the Yenisei during the summer navigation period. For river cruises, the motor ships "Alexander Matrosov" and "Valery Chkalov" are used. Flights depart every 3-4 days, ticket prices range from 10,000 to 20,000, depending on the class of the cabin. The port of arrival is Dudinka, the travel time is 4 days, the return journey is one day longer.

Motor ship Hansuta Yaptune departs from Dudinka to the river ports of the Yenisei during summer navigation (late June - mid-September) along the route Dudinka - Ust-Port - Karaul - Nosok - Baikalovsk - Vorontsovo - Dudinka. Cost - from 2000 to 12000 RUB depending on the port of arrival and cabin class. Cargo over 36 kg is paid separately.

Outside the short period of summer navigation, the main transport in Taimyr is a helicopter. The main air harbors are located in Dudinka and Norilsk at the Valek landing site. The flights are operated by Norilsk Avia. Most of the villages of Taimyr are connected with Dudinka and Norilsk by weekly flights, ticket prices start from 32,000 RUB. It is also possible to charter a helicopter for tourist purposes, the cost of an hour of helicopter operation is from 300,000 RUB, the route is limited only by the wishes of the customer.

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