How to choose a thermos; TOP 15 best models prices and reviews

How to choose a thermos; TOP 15 best models prices and reviews

Thermos is often needed on hikes, trips, fishing, hunting. But in ordinary life, they are common. The designs differ in different parameters, so not everyone knows how to choose them.

We compared the best thermoses for tea and food in terms of quality. At the same time, we focused on the analysis of characteristics, expert recommendations and customer reviews. The 2020 ranking includes high-quality models that will last a long time without complaints. Anna Ulyanova, a consultant at the Extreme tourism and fishing store, helped us to select the best options.

Most people, when going on a trip, make sure that they have hot tea or coffee on the way. In order for the drink to maintain the desired temperature as long as possible, it is necessary to choose the right container. There are a lot of offers, so when buying it is difficult to decide which product to give preference to.

In our top there were quality models, which included:

Thermos Biostal NG-- (, l) for tea, coffee and other hot drinks

The rating of thermoses for tea and hot drinks is opened by a model of a well-known brand. Biostal NG-1500-1, which is available in stainless steel. The material is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

The model is equipped with a double neck, thanks to which it is possible to store not only drinks, but also first courses. The convenient lid can serve as a cup. It is equipped with seals that ensure complete tightness. Drinks keep the temperature up to 19 hours. On the case there is a handle and a carrying strap.


Users write that Biostal NG-1500-1 allows you to keep the drink hot for a long time. The steel body is not only stylish but also durable. Even after a fall, there are almost no scratches or dents on it.

The model is notable for its light weight, just over 1 kg, and good capacity. You can take a thermos for a walk or to the office so that you will always have a hot drink at hand during the day.

Thermos is included in the minimum set of things that you need to take with you on a fishing trip, especially in autumn or winter. However, this device must also be chosen in such a way that in the future you will not regret the purchase made. All the nuances of this process, as well as the most interesting modern models, will be discussed in detail in this article.

Types of thermoses

Initially, you need to deal with the existing varieties of thermoses, each of them can be useful for fishing.

The main classification is shown below:

Classic models have a simple design, they are intended for liquid drinks or soups, if their consistency is not too thick

Classic models have a simple design, they are intended for liquid drinks or soups, if their consistency is not too thick. Most of them have a narrowed neck, which has a positive effect on the long-term preservation of heat. This option is well suited for fishing, the volume can be from 0.5 to 2 liters, depending on the features of the selected model.

  • The thermos jug is a container with a modified design, in which a handle has been added, which greatly simplifies operation. Most models also have a special spout, which eliminates the possibility of spilling the drink if you need to pour it into a cup or other container. The volume is usually larger than that of the classic version and ranges from one liter or more.
  • A thermos equipped with a pneumatic pump - a distribution mechanism that relieves the angler from the need to constantly open and close the lid, which has a positive effect on the preservation of the temperature regime inside the container. Such models are equipped with a special button that, when pressed, locks the pump, which eliminates the risk of accidental spilling of liquid. The volume is usually from 1.5 liters and more, and the price for such containers is much higher than for the classic options.
  • The thermos barrel has a corresponding shape and a fairly wide neck, it is usually used for soups with any consistency. If necessary, you can not only pour liquid into it, but also place various food inside, which allows the angler to have lunch or dinner right on the ice. The volume in most cases is the same as that of classic models, while many manufacturers supply such thermoses with a folding camping spoon and a lid that can function as a plate.
  • Thermos selection

    Before making a purchase, the selected model must be evaluated according to the following main criteria:

    • Manufacturer. It should be borne in mind that fishing involves rather difficult conditions under which you need to have a reliable device that will not start to leak or fail in any other way at the most inopportune moment. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase only thermoses from well-known manufacturers who have proven themselves on the positive side and have positive reviews.
    • Body material. It is best to refrain from buying plastic devices, since they retain heat much worse and are less resistant to mechanical stress. The best choice would be a container made of durable and reliable metal. Such thermos flasks have an impressive operational life and can function properly with active use for several years. Many modern models are made of stainless steel, which provides them with high-quality corrosion protection.
    • Bulb material. Some models have a glass bulb inside, this option is also considered undesirable. Glass is highly fragile, so just one drop will be enough for the thermos to stop performing its main functions. Plastic bulbs are also considered a poor option due to their low environmental friendliness and poor heat retention. The metal structure is susceptible to corrosion, but despite this drawback, it will be the best solution.
    • Volume. This parameter primarily depends on the number of people going fishing. For one angler, it makes no sense to take a thermos with a volume of more than 0.5 liters, since this amount of hot liquid will be quite enough, and the device itself has good mobility and its transportation will not cause any trouble. However, if you intend to spend a lot of time fishing, then a more voluminous container that can hold up to 2.5 liters of liquid may come in handy. It should be borne in mind that such devices retain heat much worse and after a few hours the boiling water will begin to gradually cool down.

    The metal construction of thermos flasks is susceptible to corrosion, but despite this drawback, it will be the best solution

    Thermos have long been an integral part of the life of many people. They are taken with them not only on trips, but also to the office or on foot. New models maintain a stable temperature for days and do not allow the contents to heat up the case. They differ from each other in terms of volume, materials and design. Before choosing a thermos, you need to decide what will be stored in it - drinks, food, or both.

    How to choose the best thermos

    Rating of TOP-best thermoses

    Which thermos would you choose or recommend?

    Budget segment

    Metal thermos DX-500-1 holds up to 1 liter of liquid. The model is equipped with a narrow neck that prevents spills. The body and the flask are made of stainless steel, which is designed for many years of operation.

    Diolex DX-500-1

    The thermos is made in silver color, the coating can be easily cleaned from stains. The model is optimal for daily use. The light weight of the thermos allows you to take it with you to work or on daily walks.

    • volume: 500 milliliters;
    • what the body is made of: stainless steel;
    • what the flask is made of: stainless steel;
    • keeping warm: 12 hours;
    • keeping cold: 24 hours;
    • height: 25 centimeters;
    • diameter: 7 centimeters;
    • weight: 1 kilogram.

    • heat retention for 12 hours;
    • supports both high and low temperatures;
    • compact size;
    • narrow neck.

    • unpleasant odor from the plastic lid;
    • rapid heating of the case when pouring boiling water.

    Winter fishing is an incomparable pleasure from the rest, if, of course, you have seriously prepared for it in advance.

    And here the thermos plays the most important role, because you can't do without hot drinks in winter. And even better, if you manage not only to drink hot tea or coffee, but also eat something hot. Then winter fishing will not seem like an extreme kind of recreation.

    Thermos is indispensable in winter fishing

    The presence of a thermos with hot tea allows the lover of winter fishing to forget that the temperature outside is below zero. Moreover, in a thermos you can pour not only tea, but also soup or put hot cutlets. In this case, a full-fledged hot lunch is provided, which means an excellent mood is provided. The most important thing is to choose the right thermos so that it can retain heat for a long time, in cold conditions. But how not to be mistaken here if the market offers a huge variety of similar models from a wide variety of manufacturers.

    The perfect thermos for fishing

    Body material

    First of all, you need to pay attention to what material the body is made of. For fishing, you need a thermos with a durable body so that it cannot even accidentally break or crack. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the product, the body of which is made of metal, and even better - of stainless steel. In addition to being a reliable product, such a thermos can provide an angler with warm food for fishing.

    At the same time, you need to carefully read the design itself, as well as the instructions, where, among other things, it is written from which alloy the body of the thermos is made. The design of the thermos should be such that a space is observed between the body and the flask. Only such a design is able to retain heat to the fullest.

    Thermos volume

    To determine the volume of the thermos, it is enough to know how long the fishing lasts. If fishing lasts several hours, then a thermos with a capacity of 0.5 liters is enough. If you have to fish from morning to evening, then it is better to take a thermos with a capacity of 1 liter and stock up on sandwiches. If fishing can take a day or more, then here you need a thermos that can hold at least 2.5 liters. Moreover, you can't get off with tea and sandwiches here. You will have to take with you both dinner and lunch, and breakfast, and you cannot do without a spacious thermos. There is another option though. In order not to take ready-made meals with you, you can try to cook food in nature. But for this you will have to take a homemade stove with you. As a rule, this is excess weight and unnecessary worries.

    With the approach of cold weather for many people, the question of buying a thermos is becoming urgent. However, it can be used both in cold and hot weather, because a thermos is able to retain not only heat, but also cold.

    There are various types and volumes of thermos flasks, so it can be used in almost all spheres of life: take it with you to work, on a hike or a long trip, use it for domestic purposes. Due to the fact that the thermos is able to maintain the temperature for a long time, you can drink hot tea at any time or cool down with a drink in hot weather.

    Types of thermoses

    There is a huge amount of isothermal cookware on the market today. In order to choose a suitable thermos, you need to familiarize yourself with the types and functions of each

    • Thermos - bullet Differs in compactness and spaciousness. Fits perfectly in a bag or backpack. Great for storing liquid drinks, making decoctions. The bullet thermos has both a twist-off cork - and a cork - a button.
    • Thermos with pump mechanism This type of thermos is intended for stationary use. As a rule, it has a large volume. The advantage of a thermos with a pump mechanism is that in order to pour liquid, you just need to press a button. Due to the absence of the need to open the lid, the thermos keeps the temperature much longer.
    • Ship thermos Ship thermos are compact and lightweight, made of high temperature resistant food grade plastic. In such a thermos, you can put 3 types of food at the same time.
    • Thermo mug Thermo mugs are an excellent option for those who like to drink hot coffee or tea while walking, driving or studying. They keep the temperature of the drink for several hours, are very compact and functional.
    • Universal Thermoses Due to the wide neck, they are suitable for both liquids and other products. However, precisely because of the wide neck, in the open state, drinks and food cool faster in such thermoses. Most often, such thermoses are equipped with a double sealed stopper, which easily solves the problem of cooling products.

    How to choose a thermos

    Before purchasing a thermos, you should decide on its main purpose of use.

    Universal or vessel thermoses are perfect for storing food thanks to the wide neck. As a rule, these types have a comfortable handle and a removable cup lid. If you plan to use a thermos at home, give preference to a vessel-type thermos, as they are made of food-grade plastic resistant to high temperatures. Metal thermoses are suitable for "field" use.

    If you choose a thermos for storing drinks, then pay attention to a thermos - a bullet. The main difference between such a thermos and a universal one is the size of the neck, which is only 25-55mm. The thermos bullet is made of stainless steel, has a very durable body, therefore it is suitable for use in harsh and extreme conditions. Preference is given to models with a push-button plug, since such thermoses retain heat longer, however, models with a twisting cork are in no less demand.

    Thermos-bullet is compact, suitable for fishing, hunting, tourism. Easily fits in a backpack, easy to use, excellent temperature retention.

    Determining the volume

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