Hiking in the mountains of Abkhazia

Hiking in the mountains of Abkhazia

Travel on a serpentine SUV with panoramic photography

Excursion rating: 100% 35 reviews of tourists Individual excursion for 1-4 people Price: 7500 rub.

The most picturesque places of Abkhazia Lake Ritsa and Gegsky waterfall

Alpine Lake Ritsa is a natural attraction of Abkhazia, and the road to the lake is an amazing extreme adventure for the whole day with stops in picturesque places where we can take wonderful panoramic pictures. On the way, you will learn where the scene of Holmes's fight with Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls and some episodes of "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" were filmed.

Danil guide in Sukhum Conducts 9 excursions Usually responds within 3 hours. The history of Abkhazia is thousands of years old - it is a close interweaving of cultures and destinies of different peoples. On a walk with me you will see the most interesting and fascinating places, get acquainted with the life, customs and traditions of local residents, which you will not learn about from the guide. I will tell you the legends of my people and reveal the secrets that the Country of Soul keeps. I invite you to take with me an individual tour of the beautiful Abkhazia and love it with all your heart, as I love it! Conducts 9 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 8 hoursChildren: Allowed with childrenBest price guaranteeIf you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

The majestic mountain ranges and virgin forests have been protecting and hiding Lake Ritsa from human eyes for many years. Only Abkhaz shepherds, who knew the mountains and secret paths, enjoyed its beauty and spread news about it. Now we can also admire the beautiful lake. In the meantime, we will get to it along a steep serpentine, we will see the most picturesque places of Abkhazia, in each of which I will show you the best panoramic views for a bright and unforgettable photography!

  • the fabulous waterfall "Maiden's Tears" and the Bzyb River, about which there are many legends
  • A stunning sapphire blue lake at the foot of Mount Tskhin
  • Gegsky waterfall - the most powerful and most beautiful waterfall in Abkhazia
  • the gorge of the Yupshara river, where majestic cliffs close at an altitude of 200 meters and in the narrowest part of the gorge form a grandiose creation of nature - the "Yupsharsky gate"
  • the legendary Lake Ritsa, to which we will climb along a deep rocky canyon

Also, on the way to the lake, we will see the Tarzanka suspension bridge, observation decks and taste delicious honey and, of course, dizzying local wine!

Main impressions

Abkhazia. Mountains - sea - these are 10 carefree days with delicious and proper nutrition. Accommodation in campsites.

  • protected area (behind the barrier), a guarantee of safety for you and your belongings (there is always a duty officer in the camp); we are attentive to those wishing to stay in the camp and can refuse accommodation if valuables and the attitude to the world around them will contradict the principles of environmental friendliness;
  • on the most beautiful coast/endless uninhabited beach of the Black Sea (this is not only our opinion, but also those who chose the summer cottages of the first persons of the USSR. We are neighbors) <
  • there is electricity (it is everywhere and there is no problem to charge the gadgets);
  • wi-fi 300 meters from the camp;
  • no power problems;
  • showers with hot water;
  • toilets "like home")
  • free secure parking;
  • cinema in the evenings (free!); <
  • every morning (for those who wish) begins with exercise-exercises on the shore;
  • we provide for rent (if necessary) tents, rugs, bicycles, paddle boards.

What will we do on the tour

Tour Abkhazia. Mountain-Sea has stood the test of time.

Summer 2020 is the fifth season.

The most worthy places are selected, the routes are verified to the polish: mountain lakes and rivers, canyons and waterfalls, historical abandoned buildings and ancient temples, gardens and vegetable gardens, the best beaches, the cleanest bays worthy of the first persons of great powers. No wonder our only neighbors in the reserve are the dachas of Stalin and Gorbachev.

We create the conditions: it is a lot and interesting to walk, grow slim and get stronger, practice yoga, dance, create, collect herbs in the mountains, master stand-up paddle boarding, relax, and most importantly - discover Abkhazia and be accepted: learn traditions people, history and culture, what to believe on the Internet and what not ... about Russian settlements in Abkhazia and wintering at sea, downshifting and national cuisine, we will even learn a couple of Abkhaz words, not simple, but magical!


10-day tour, includes:

For those who have already come to Abkhazia and are captivated by the beauty of the famous Lake Ritsa, hiking routes through the mountains of Abkhazia will definitely be to their taste.

Today I want to tell you about four such routes that are most accessible to ordinary tourists.

All routes are one-day, without spending the night in the mountains, because it is easier for an unprepared person.

Lake Mzy

This route is, in my opinion, the easiest of all. Lake Mzy is located high in the mountains (above Lake Ritsa) behind the Auadhara mineral spring, at an altitude of about 2000 meters.

The walking path to the lake is about 4 km, but it runs along flat terrain and difficulties may arise only at the beginning of the path, on a short section. But all the way you will walk among the alpine meadows. As soon as the snow begins to melt in the mountains, the whole glade is painted with unusually beautiful and bright colors. The most interesting flower of these places is the black tulip.

If you have an SUV and experience driving on a mountain serpentine (the road is really very dangerous), you can get to the lake on your own. Read how to do this on the #wabkhazizhit website.

To everyone else, I would advise you to consider the option of a trip with a guided tour.

Kodori Gorge

In the Kodori Gorge, the hiking route is quite short, but at the same time difficult and sometimes even dangerous. You have to descend 1.5 kilometers along a narrow path to the famous Shakuran waterfall. It is best to visit it in May, when the mountain rivers that feed the waterfall are full of water. In summer, it dries up almost completely.

The path to the waterfall itself runs through a boxwood forest, it feels like you are in an enchanted world.

For those who are going to see the Kodori gorge and go down to the Shakuran waterfall, I strongly recommend getting ready: wear comfortable clothes and, most importantly, shoes! These should be sports shoes or boots with non-slip soles.

A whole abandoned extreme amusement park on the Black Sea coast

A whole abandoned extreme amusement park on the Black Sea coast

The fall of the ruble, lack of interest in foreign countries, or a modest budget - sooner or later you will start exploring your native spaces and their closest neighbors. Today we will try to prolong the aroma of tangerines in your room and tell you about a tiny but rich republic located behind a slowly disappearing fence from the Krasnodar Territory - Abkhazia.

A republic the size of the southern coast of Crimea has had enough troubles in its history, which, judging by the ruins of Abkhazian cities, continue to this day. For those who like to delve into history, we recall that in 1810 the independent Abkhazian principality became part of the Russian Empire, and "unification" with Georgia so similar to it took place only at the beginning of the 20th century, with the arrival of the red banners. After that, the Abkhaz resorts became a place of pilgrimage for wealthy Soviet tourists and athletes. Today, immersed in lush vegetation, dilapidated, but hospitable Abkhazia seems to have frozen and is waiting for you to rediscover it. Discussions about who is to blame and when bright times will come in this wondrous land will be left for the sluggish indigenous people, but for now we will tell you about the huge potential that this region has in itself for all people who are not indifferent to adventure and not afraid of difficulties.

Unrated hotels

Rest "savage" - real travel to the land of wind and waves without travel companies

The visiting card of Abkhazia is a mild and pleasant subtropical climate for the rest of the Russians. However, everyone who has decided to look for snow in this wondrous land should not be sad, because the power of the tropics extends to about half a kilometer in height, in other words, to the foot of the Main Caucasian ridge. By the way, it is he who closes all these citrus plantations, bamboo and palm groves from the cold, allowing guests of Abkhazia to enjoy the tastes and views that we are used to finding on the shores of warmer seas and oceans. Even in the most severe period - winter, the temperature on the coast of Abkhazia, as a rule, does not drop below 10-15 degrees Celsius, but with a fairly high level of humidity.

An ordinary Russian passport at the border, half an hour by car or minibus from Adler, and you find yourself in a wonderful world, where in a week of stay you can more than get by with just one five-thousandth bill. Of course, when bargaining for a bunch of dried persimmons or a bag of local pecans, you might get the impression that the prices are invented by local entrepreneurs. But in the best traditions of Asia and the East, they are always open for bargaining here. Wine familiar from supermarket shelves is at least twice as cheap as in Russia. Accommodation on New Year's holidays can cost from 150 rubles per bed, up to 500 rubles for a separate room in a small hotel on the seashore.

Surfing and snowboarding in one day

At the junction of two elements: 5 countries where you can combine snow and ocean every day

Considering the fact that the history of surfing even in neighboring Sochi began quite recently, the development of Abkhaz surf spots is only a matter of time. According to fans of domestic surfing, waves suitable for riding have been seen more than once on many parts of the coast, from the border Psou to Georgia itself, but no one has yet undertaken special expeditions in search of Abkhaz surfing. This is explained, first of all, by the absence of stable waves, which in the same Sochi are much easier to hunt for, thanks to the convenient transport accessibility and the availability of infrastructure.

For ardent fans of rafting, the Mandarin Republic has a lot of turbulent rivers with sections of any difficulty category. The main rafting season in Abkhazia begins in March and ends only by November; high water in this region is typical for the period from April to June. For those who have just decided to get acquainted with white water, but are not yet ready to devote the whole trip and the whole place in the backpack to this, you can take part in a small raft tour, which can be found on the way to the legendary Lake Ritsa, on the Bzyb River. Among the most popular rivers for rafting, as a rule, there are: Bzyb, Gega, Yupshara, Lashipse, Khipsta, Gumista, Kelasuri. By the way, all the rivers of the republic inevitably flow into the Black Sea, which means that with a successful scenario, you have every chance to change the paddle to a bottle of wine, and the raft or kayak to a place in a sun lounger.

Surprisingly, in addition to flowering gardens full of tropical plants, majestic mountains and raging rivers descending from them, in this marvelous land there is another world, underground, hidden from prying eyes. When mentioning the undergrounds of Abkhazia, the first thing that comes to mind is the New Athos cave, polished by camera flashes and overly equipped, which even has its own metro, but this is only a small part of the entire speleo history of Abkhazia. The deepest karst caves are hidden in the depths of the Gagra and Bzybsk ridge: Snezhnaya (1370m), Sarma (1543m), Pantyukhin's cave (1480m) and Krubera-Voronya (2199m), which is the deepest on the planet today. On average, during speleological expeditions, about 400 people a year descend into the Abkhaz caves.

Mountain routes for all tastes, ages and backgrounds

Summer. Vacation. Are you going to Abkhazia? And do you like unusual travel? Then write to us, because we have prepared for you the most unusual trips in 2021 in the format of mountain hikes lasting from 2 to 5 days.

Travels in the heart of Abkhazia at an altitude of meters above sea level

Tours are designed for lovers of mountain hiking and introduce you to the main natural and cultural attractions of the republic: famous and inaccessible lakes located at an altitude of 900 to 2600 m above sea level, endemic and relict vegetation, traditional food, drinks, culture and customs.

Even the most unprepared tourists will easily overcome the tour program. Fascinating trips, trekking at various distances, clean mountain air, spring water and much more await you.

More about the mountain program

Mountain hikes without experience and training with instructors

Reviews from our tourists

Why go to the mountains with the whole family?

Joint active rest is a chance for parents to better understand their own child, to see and hear how he lives. And he - to get to know his parents from the other side, unusual for him - strong, skillful, happy. After all, happy memories from childhood are preserved for life.

Family tourism provides a unique opportunity in reality to acquaint children with nature, teach them to love and take care of it, to be independent in solving practical everyday tasks (walk the route, make a fire, collect firewood, put up a tent).

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