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I have already written a lyrical post about how I love my small homeland, and posted an article published in the magazine "Your Megafon" in 2010, telling about my trip to Kamchatka in 2007. In this article, I share practical information on how to organize a trip to Kamchatka.

If you want to order a comprehensive planning of your trip to Kamchatka or, conversely, learn how to independently organize your trips, then you are here ?

Kamchatka is one of the most colorful places I've been to. And I say this now as a tourist. Picturesque mountain ranges, volcanoes, geysers, lakes, rivers - just a small list of what you can see in Kamchatka. I have already visited many places, but I want to visit even more.

Selected articles about some locations in Kamchatka:

When is the best time to go to Kamchatka

The season in Kamchatka never ends. The question is what kind of vacation you prefer. In summer and autumn, it is best to climb volcanoes and climb mountains. For this, the time period from August to mid-September is ideal. Some of the volcanoes will be covered with snow, but this will only add color to the hike. At the same time, you can organize rafting, kayaking, boat trips and fishing.

In winter you can go skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding and snowmobiling. Bathing in thermal springs after a good ski tour will relax you as much as possible. The end of March or the beginning of April is best suited for such entertainment. It's already warm, but the snow is still full.

How can I get to Kamchatka

The only way to get to Kamchatka is by plane. Personally, I prefer to fly with Aeroflot. Tickets Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Moscow will cost about 25 thousand rubles.

Extreme tourism in Kamchatka

Main impressions

There are places on Earth that are worth visiting at least once in your life. Where the morning of Russia begins. Kamchatka is so amazing and beautiful that hardly any place on earth can compare with it in its beauty. Amchatka is a place of power, it is a land of fire with powerful energy. You begin to feel unbridled energy in the first moments of your stay in this unique place. _________________________________________

What will we do on the tour

A yoga tour to Kamchatka is a planned complex program of active, extreme tourism with experienced guides and organically interwoven yoga practice with Konstantin Kharkivsky


Detailed program

Day 0 (July 22) Departure from Moscow and/to Aeroflot or Russia.

1st day (July 23) - Arrival at the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (10:00, if this is an Aeroflot flight from Moscow). We immediately set off for a small excursion around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (an overview of the city and Avacha Bay from the observation deck). Walk along the embankment in the city center, lunch at a cafe. Visit to the "Volcanarium" museum with a lecture on local volcanoes from the founder of the museum.

In the evening we check into a hotel in the resort area Paratunka ("Blue Lagoon" or similar), double occupancy, (toilet and shower - one for 2 rooms), hot meals included (dinner, breakfast), swimming pool with natural hot thermal water.

Evening at the hotel: organizational meeting, discussion of the upcoming trip and the plan of the seminar. Exercise if possible.

Day 2 (July 24) - Breakfast. Excursion to the ethno-village "Kainyran", ethnic program for 3-4 hours, lunch. 16 km from the town of Elizovo, not far from the balneological complex "Zelenovskie Ozerki" is the ethnocultural complex "Kainyran." A truly wild vacation awaits you away from the bustle of the city. You will visit a museum, a fur yaranga, where they will show you everyday life and tell you about the life of the aborigines, plunge into the ethnic world of the ancient peoples of Kamchatka, take part in master classes on weaving from birch bark, sewing with beads, and try your hand at making skins. You will be greeted by a guide and offered to visit the bear cubs living in the camp and sled dogs. You will be greeted by a guide and offered to visit the bear cubs living in the camp and sled dogs. You can complete your visit to the complex by horseback riding and, of course, swimming in the pools "Zelenovskie Ozerki". After warming up in the healing sulfur-hydrogen, arsenic baths, you can plunge into the lake, into which cold underground springs come out. The lake is located just behind the baths; wooden steps with handrails lead to it. Such a Kamchatka-style bath is a pleasant end to the trip!

Are you wondering when is the best time to go, how to get there and what you can see in Kamchatka? TripsTips. Professional travel notes! I have 32 countries and over a hundred cities in my track record!

The tourist season this year due to the coronavirus pandemic has been severely curtailed, and even now, travel agencies in the province are advised to comply with the restrictions. However, musician and traveler Dmitry Karpenyuk is sure that this is not a reason to stay at home.

Asphalt Sickness

And a few years ago I realized that I want more - to visit places where it is difficult to get. For example, in the area of ​​the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes - it is quite expensive, and the territory is inaccessible. I'm not even talking about expensive helicopter tours. And then I just got a job at a travel agency (laughs).

Ekaterina Dovgaleva, kamchatka. if. u: Many people in Kamchatka really refuse to travel around the peninsula, considering that tourism here is an expensive pleasure.

Dmitry Karpenyuk: Not at all. The tour can be expensive due to high transportation and food costs. But just pack a backpack and go to the mountains, roughly speaking, with a bag of buckwheat - what could be cheaper? And in order not to get lost, use the navigator - a phone with an application is enough.

By the way, I hitchhiked to Gorely volcano free of charge. Also - to the Bakening volcano and to the Nalychevskaya valley. But not everyone is ready to go hiking in mud and water, to live in a tent. Someone is much closer to the city and the asphalt.

Insecure, but fun

- Our region is rich not only in flora, but also in animals. Are you not afraid of unexpected encounters, with bears, for example?

- The fact that such meetings are very dangerous is a big myth. Speaking of bears, I've seen several dozen. And you can talk to any rescuer, he will say that in nature you need to be afraid of the cold and disorientation in space, not wild animals. How many incidents of bear attacks in Kamchatka per year? And the dogs?

But beware of the cold. One day at the beginning of September, I was in the Ganal East, and a strong wind began. Every now and then the tent was folded, it was pouring rain. For such conditions, of course, you need appropriate equipment and clothing. But you will experience stress in any case - here you can only love it and enjoy it.

By the way, once I set off with a company on a trip across the ocean - we left the ZhBF in Petropavlovsk to the southern tip of the peninsula. It was not safe, but fun. Kamchatka has opened in a new way - fjords and waterfalls are mesmerizing.

- But such trips can only be done by experienced tourists, but what would you advise for beginners?

- For a first impression of the specific nature of our region, I advise you to visit the Mutnovsky volcano. It is relatively accessible and guarantees a lot of impressions - glaciers, rocks, mountains - the whole set. You will not be disappointed. We also have other popular places - Gorely, Avachinsky, Kozelsky, Vilyuchinsky volcanoes, Blue Lakes - also quite accessible places.

Main impressions

Winter Kamchatka is an amazing land of snow-capped volcanoes, hot thermal springs, raging ocean and winter entertainment, which we will introduce you to on our road trip.

We have included in the route all the most unique sights of winter Kamchatka, comfortable accommodation, delicious local food and escort in four-wheel drive vehicles so that your acquaintance with this marvelous land is as comfortable and interesting as possible.

What will we do on the tour

Admire Winter Kamchatka every day (see the program by day)



Arrival at the airport Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Yelizovo by flights at 10:30 and 10:45, where the group meets with the instructor and goes on a group transfer to a hotel in the city center. But on the way, we will definitely stop by the famous sculpture "Here Russia Begins" against the background of three volcanoes and, at the request of the participants, we will stop by the local market, where we will tell you about the delicious types of fish, caviar, crab and other local delicacies. After accommodation at the hotel and gathering of all the participants of the trip, we go on an introductory tour of the city center, during which we will see the main square of the city, Avachinskaya Bay, the legendary Maksutov battery, Nikolskaya Sopka and other sights of the main city of Kamchatka. In the evening, everyone will have a welcome dinner with real Kamchatka fish soup.

In the morning we have breakfast and go to the ethno-village to get acquainted with the life and customs of the indigenous population of Kamchatka. During a tour of the ethnographic camp, we will see a real fur Yaranga, take part in ethnic master classes, and also have lunch with delicious national food of the Koryaks. Well, that's not all. We are waiting for dog sledding in the pristine nature of Kamchatka, where everyone can feel like a real musher, overcoming the famous Berengia dog race, which is considered a national sport in Kamchatka. After the ethno-village, lunch, sledding and a photo session with dogs, we will swim in the healing hot thermal springs, which are non-freezing even in winter, because the temperature in the refined pools is from 37 to 45 degrees. Water comes to the pools from the bowels of the earth, warmed by the lava of volcanoes, thanks to which it is very rich in useful minerals and trace elements. After swimming and relaxing from an active and busy day, we go to the hotel to relax. Evening program with a visit to a popular restaurant or cafe at will, the instructor will take everyone and recommend what to try.

In the morning we have breakfast and go to the famous Khalaktyrsky beach, black from volcanic sand, which has become the hallmark of Kamchatka. Even in winter, many tourists come here to admire the Pacific Ocean and the unique nature. In winter, the black strip of volcanic sand remains uncovered with snow due to the waves of the warm Pacific Ocean, although the entire road and the Khalaktyr Valley are covered with a multi-meter snow cover, through which we will drive in four-wheel drive vehicles and have a picnic on the winter beach with a view of the ocean, while the participants of the trip take pictures the famous Khalaktyrsky beach is included in the top 10 of the most unique beaches in the world. In the afternoon, we will visit the only interactive museum in Russia, the Vulcanarium, with an interesting exposition and a guide's story about the volcanoes of Kamchatka.

In the morning we have a hearty breakfast, dress warmly and go to the observation deck of the Mishennaya Sopka, from where a beautiful panorama of the entire city opens. The walk to the observation deck is only 1.5 kilometers with a climb of 150 meters, but the views from the serpentine road will delight any photographer. A photo session at the top of the Mishennaya Sopka and viewing platforms, after which we go down and go to have lunch at a popular, inexpensive and tasty restaurant in the city. After lunch we go to the thermal springs in Paratunka, but on the way we will stop by the Mokhovaya Bay, where you can meet huge sea lions basking in the winter sun near the old canned fish factory. Steller sea lion is a sea lion, which is the largest representative of eared seals. Males reach 3.5 meters and weigh over a ton. We will listen to a short story about a sea lion with a view of Avacha Bay and go to the resort Paratunka, famous for its therapeutic pools with thermal water. We swim, relax and drive back to the hotel.

Early in the morning, we have a hearty and tasty breakfast, get together and go to the best ski resort in Kamchatka - Mount Moroznaya, where representatives of the Russian national skiing team train, and President Vladimir Putin also skated. The maximum length of the track is just over 2 kilometers with a vertical drop of up to 770 meters. From the top of the mountain, there is a majestic view of the Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Kozelsky volcanoes. The main advantages of the resort: the presence of an abundance of slopes for all classes of skiers - beginners, amateurs, experienced skiers and snowboarders, professionals. As well as the availability of a variety of infrastructure for outdoor activities. After skating all day at the ski resort, at the request of the group, we go to swim in the thermal springs or relax in the hotel.

Today we will go on snowmobiles to the foot of the Avachinsky volcanoes with a height of 2751 meters above sea level and Koryaksky 3456, as well as climbing the Camel extrusion with a height of 1255 meters under favorable weather conditions. We have a hearty breakfast, dress warmly and drive to the beginning of the dry river, where we change to snowmobile sledges and set off on an exciting adventure to the foot of the volcanoes with stops in the most photogenic places. You can also sit on the snowmobile itself as a passenger or drive it yourself if the group is large and there are several people who want to drive the snowmobile. The guide conducts special instructions for drivers. At first, the road to the Avachinsky pass runs along the bed of the Sukhaya River between thickets of stone birch and dwarf cedar. Above, the forest belt is replaced by a snow-white mountain plain with a view of 2 volcanoes and the Camel extrusion, which we will climb in good weather to admire the scenery from a height. But first, we will have a snack with sandwiches, sweet pastries and herbal tea to gain strength before climbing the mountain. After enjoying the views of snow-capped volcanoes, we return to the beginning of the dry river, from where we drive back to the hotel by car.

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