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What movie heroes will not do to save themselves.

The subgenre of adventure literature, which tells about survival in difficult conditions, is far from young. And even Daniel Defoe with his novel "Robinson Crusoe" was not a pioneer. At that time, the topic had already been raised more than once in the world classics.

Most of the survival films were made quite recently. Undoubtedly, the wave of attention to him was spurred on by the American drama television series "Lost", whose heroes found themselves on a desert tropical island somewhere in Oceania.

And the interest of the audience is easy to understand: after all, a movie about survival allows you to reveal the topic of overcoming and look at a person's capabilities from an unusual perspective.


  • USA 2015.
  • Drama, western.
  • Duration: 156 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.0.

The plot is based on the biographical novel of the American writer Michael Pahnke. The main character - a seriously wounded hunter Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) - will have to survive all alone among the unexplored primeval lands of the Wild West.

An emotional film about the severity of moral choice brought Leonardo DiCaprio his first long-awaited Oscar. And the audience could enjoy the unique work of director Alejandro Iñarritu and cameraman Emmanuel Lubezki. Iñarritu literally quoted Tarkovsky, while Lubetzki completely abandoned artificial light.

Some particularly difficult scenes, such as the battle between hunters and Indians, were filmed for two weeks.


  • USA 2000.
  • Drama, adventure.
  • Duration: 143 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.8.

These are stories about people who miraculously managed to survive in the wild, although all the circumstances were against them. About strong-willed people who will not be broken by an avalanche, or a devastating tsunami and impenetrable jungle with poisonous snakes and insects.

People are able to survive even in the middle of the endless ocean. And these stories prove once again how strong you and I are!

Feet Depth

Having finished his hockey career, Eric Lemark does not know how to continue to live and how to replenish his adrenaline addiction. He finds drive in snowboarding. To sort out internal contradictions, Eric goes to an abandoned slope away from the tourist trails. Lost, he survived for a week in harsh frosty conditions. Until rescuers found him. This story is based on true events.

Lost in the Ice

Pilot Huxley crashed in the Arctic desert far from civilization, where the temperature drops to 70 ° C below zero. He learned to survive in such conditions and calmly waits for help. Until one day, not far from his hideout, a girl in a helicopter crashes. She is seriously injured and needs medical attention. Huxley realized that she might not wait for the rescuers. And having tied the girl to the sled, he goes on foot to civilization.


James Franco decided to move away from his image of a stoned schoolboy and played in a powerful autobiographical film that left no one indifferent. He also received a lot of positive reviews and awards.

A desperate climber goes to the caves alone, without warning anyone. Having fallen into a crevice, he gets stuck between the rocks. And then the bitter truth of life comes to him. No one will save him, since not a single living soul knows where he is. This film is a real test of strength. In such situations, people either give up or do everything to survive.


Although the film is about the Bennett family, this story is twice based on real events. Firstly, in 2004 there was a powerful tsunami that destroyed many islands in Thailand. Secondly, the events unfolding in the film actually happened. But only with a family of Spaniards. Dr. Maria Belen Alvarez, her husband Enrique and sons Lucas, Simon and Thomas were relaxing on the coast when the tragedy struck. They survived, although it was not without injuries. The producer heard about them on Spanish radio and decided to film them on the big screen.

The couple are embarking on a romantic trip to refresh their feelings. While saving their marriage, the couple also hopes to track down rare insects. But the real adventure begins after a black mamba crawls into their tent - one of the most venomous snakes in the world! What do you need to learn from this movie? Always close your tent tightly!

Going to the open sea is a serious challenge, what can we say about the victims of shipwrecks and plane crashes in the water or on a pitiful raft in the middle of waves infested with sharks?

Alas, the chances of surviving without equipment in such cases are low, but practice shows that it is possible!

A person in such extreme conditions is threatened, if he is lucky not to drown, first of all rapid dehydration, and then hunger, in the northern and extreme southern latitudes - cold, as well as sunburn, and, of course, the ubiquitous sharks ...

History knows many examples when poor fellows who found themselves in the open sea reached cannibalism, but still survived.

Adventurer and enthusiast, French physician Alain Bombard in 1952 spent 65 days on the high seas on a raft, conducting an experiment on survival in extreme conditions. He lost more than 25 kilograms of weight all the time, undermined his health, but still managed to survive. He caught fish and drank its juice, and also ate seaweed, which gave him strength and saved him from scurvy.

The experience he gained was described in the book "Overboard at will", and on its basis amendments were adopted to the maritime instructions for shipowners regarding the content of NZ.

Truly, God save those who go to sea!

In this collection we have collected 10 interesting films about survival at sea:


Director: Robert Zemeckis. Cast: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Larry White and others

Desperate workaholic Chuck Noland of FedEx goes on another business trip right before Christmas, leaving his fiancée alone. As if in punishment, his plane crashes in the middle of the ocean, and only he manages to survive. On a life raft, he gets to a desert island.

Hope will not fade

Director: JC Chandor. Cast: Robert Redford.

See other collections:

Flight of the Phoenix,

Film Search: 6.8. IMDb: 6.1. Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama

After the closure of the mine, a cargo plane carries workers back home, but suddenly crashes. People who find themselves in the Mongolian desert will need to survive and find a way to return home by trying to rebuild the plane.

Against the Sun,

Film Search: 6.6 IMDb: 6.5. Genre: Drama, Adventure, Military.

During a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean, three pilots find themselves on a small raft alone, without food or water. They do not know where to swim and how to call for help, so they will have to survive and think about how to get out of there.

Six Days Seven Nights,

Film Search: 7.2. IMDb: 5.8. Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy

The girl whose wedding is coming soon and the pilot of the plane find themselves on a desert island due to a breakdown. They have their own lives, but now they will have to unite to find a way to fix the plane and return home. In addition, it turns out that there are pirates on the island who are not very happy with new guests.

Gone Swept Away,

Film Search: 5.8 IMDb: 3.6. Genre: melodrama, comedy

Amber Leighton, a wealthy woman, and the sailor Giuseppe find themselves on a desert island, where no one else exists. Due to Amber's bad character, heroes often conflict. But the girl will not be able to survive on the island without the knowledge of Giuseppe, and therefore they will have to make peace. And the characters are gradually beginning to like each other.

It's time for long, cozy evenings, voluminous books and exciting films. Getting acquainted with the achievements of travelers, you can make your own plans and think about routes.


In the seventies of the last century, 28-year-old Australian Robin Davidson decides to cross her native continent. The girl is going to make a trek of almost 3000 km in the company of four camels and a dog. Having become interested in the project, National Geographic magazine convinces the traveler of the need for photography, but Robin is going to meet with the photographer only three times. Rest assured, the nine-month trek has prepared a lot of dangerous adventures for the girl. The message of the film is obvious: female weakness is a myth.

And then: crossing Australia is not Robin's only journey. The next was a many-month hike across India.

Touching the void

In 1985, 25-year-old climber Joe Simson and his friend Simon Yates decide to conquer one of the most difficult peaks in South America. For the ascent, they choose the most difficult western slope. The ascent was successful, which cannot be said about the forced descent. An unexpected storm, a fall, an injury ... And then, according to the logic, only death. However, any path can be traversed by dividing it into minimal segments. An exciting and incredibly optimistic film keeps you in suspense from the first to the last second.

And then: After many surgeries, doctors predicted Joe would be completely unable to walk. However, he not only recovered, but also returned to mountaineering. Ahead of him awaited the peak of Pachermo in Nepal, the northern wall of the Eiger and the most difficult southwestern wall of Mera Peak. Well, literary fame, of course.


In 1947, a young Norwegian anthropologist advanced the scientific theory that Polynesia was inhabited by the Incas from Peru. The scientific world demands proof. A team of six young adventurers build a wooden raft and launch it into the water. Ahead is one day of storms and calm. In a very short time, the whole world will be watching the sailing of Kon-Tiki. After all, the main thing is to believe in your star in spite of all the skeptics of the world.

And then: Travel on reed boats "Ra" and "Ra-2" across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Barbados. Archaeological and anthropological expeditions, literary fame and world renown.

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