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Extreme tours

We not only promote active tourism and education in the basics of life safety, but also organize the most extreme and most risky events. On our resource, it will soon be possible to test yourself for such types of outdoor activities:

1. Rock climbing - climbing on natural or artificial rocky terrain.

2. Canyoning - overcoming canyons without the help of floating equipment using various techniques to overcome difficult water and rocky relief.

3. Rafting - rafting on mountain rivers and artificial rowing canals.

4. Kayaking - active recreation on the water in a kayak (kayak).

5. Yachting - sailing on the water.

6. Windsurfing is the skill of controlling a light board of a small size on the water surface with a sail mounted on it.

Extreme Tour Promotions

Often nature challenges us with its elements. But sometimes a person can challenge her. For example, try to climb its mountain peaks. A three-day tour to Hoverla offers you a similar feat over yourself and your spirit. Tours are organized on any days convenient for you by prior arrangement. Tour cost - UAH 2,500. This amount includes the services of a guide and three meals a day. Snar ...

Mountains are a fascinating and powerful natural force. Those who have been here at least once will definitely want to return again. A test of the strength of body and spirit, extreme and simultaneous relaxation from worldly modern vanities. All this is a hike in the mountains. Test yourself and go on an extreme tour to the Carpathians from 14 to 16 January 2017. The cost of such a tour is 1 210 hryvnia. This amount includes railway and bus crossings ...

Some hotels can be a great place for a quiet and peaceful stay. Others offer guests a rich nightlife. But Ozon Hotel 2 * stands out among them all. This place is intended to become a starting point for adventures in the mountains of Georgia, because the hotel is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level in Gudauri. A tour here from January 11 to January 17 costs $ 1,258. Price includes: flight from Kiev ...

Diving into the depths of water, climbing the mountains and mastering new peaks - all these are features of extreme recreation. Tours that include travel and dangerous adventures have attracted tourists from different parts of the country for many years. The popularity of this kind of vacation is growing every day, and an increasing number of travelers can boast of having such an experience in their luggage.

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Those who are not used to sitting still should pay attention to such tours. If you are oppressed by the routine course of life, and the thirst for adrenaline now and then makes itself felt - you are the one who should go on an exciting journey along snow-capped peaks or exotic coasts. These tours include visiting the capital of Holland, walking along the tops of skyscrapers in Canada, and mastering jumping into the abyss in Chile.

Advantages of Extreme Tours

Often, clients of travel agencies are those who want to book an unusual vacation. The advantages of such a vacation are its uniqueness and originality. It is unlikely that among your friends there will be someone who has already mastered bungee jumping, or at least once went on an underwater trip with sharks. It is worth considering the fact that the concept of extreme is too different for each person. Among the countries where you can spend an unforgettable vacation, you can highlight:

  • Egypt. It is the responsibility of local instructors to provide equipment for diving or underwater photography. However, the most extreme is the process of diving into the depths of the sea, the purpose of which is to capture the inhabitants of the depths and be alone with the sharks.
  • Metropolitan areas of Canada, USA and Germany. In the capitals of European and Western countries, walking on ropes stretched between skyscrapers is practiced, which exactly corresponds to the description of extreme tourism.
  • Thailand and other Asian countries are attractive to tourists no less than world famous resorts. The reason for this is the amazing local cuisine, the coast, fraught with hundreds of mysteries and impenetrable jungle.

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