Extreme tourism in Armenia

TOP-10 tourist trips for extreme lovers

For some travelers, the usual relaxing on the beach or walking in the woods is not enough. They crave extreme and visit incredibly dangerous places!

For the adrenaline rush, they are ready to do anything - to conquer the peaks, freeze in the fierce cold or get wet in the rain. It is good that there are many such corners on planet Earth that are perfect for extreme lovers.

This list contains some of the most extreme places on Earth!

Mount Torah, Canada

Mount Torah, located at Noonanut, Canada's northernmost point, is not the highest peak in the world. It is famous for having the most vertical slope in the world - an average angle of 105 degrees. The height of Mount Tora is 1250 meters, so climbers from all over the world come here to conquer this granite block. However, not all daredevils manage to reach this peak on Baffin Island, because the ascent conceals a lot of treacherous traps along the way.

Oymyakon, Russia

The coldest place on Earth is suitable for those who are not afraid to freeze. The temperature in winter here can reach - 64-65 degrees Celsius. The earth is frozen throughout the year, so few people can withstand such a climate. In the past, it was used as a place of exile for political exiles, and now it is home to about 500 people. In Oymyakon there is only one hotel and a lot of real winter entertainment - skiing, ice fishing and hockey.

Atacama Desert, Chile

According to NASA and National Geographic, the soil of the Atacama Desert can be compared to Mars. For almost 15 years, from 1903 to 1918, not a drop of rain fell here. Despite the fact that the desert is very dry and hot, tourists love to visit this place. There are several hotels here that are open all year round for extreme lovers. The main thing is to stock up on sunscreen!

Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador

This mountain is not the highest in the world, traditionally. But if you do the calculation from the center of the Earth, Chimborazo is even ahead of Everest by a couple of kilometers. At the top of this extinct volcano, you can get as close to space as possible. Chimborazo has not erupted for several thousand years, its summit is covered with ice, so it is a favorite destination for climbers.

Deshte Lut Desert, Iran

Tourism in Armenia. Do you like extreme tourism? Then welcome to Armenia! Armenia is one of the most suitable countries for extreme tourism. Thanks to the mountainous landscape and climate, as well as natural attractions such as extinct volcanoes, rocks and mountain lakes, Armenia is increasingly attracting fans of extreme tourism. Moreover, the world-famous National Geographic Traveler magazine included Armenia in the list of the three best countries in the nomination “Active, including extreme tourism”. Now the country's tour operators are developing adventure and extreme tourism, making tours to the best points throughout Armenia. If you are interested in extreme tourism in Armenia, we offer you the types of extreme tourism.

Armenia is a mountainous country and ideal for climbers. There are not so many specially equipped climbing routes, but they will completely satisfy the climbing enthusiasts.

The gorge is located 80 km southeast of Yerevan.

The steep limestone cliffs are ideal for rock climbing, and in general all nature, vegetation and the river are indescribably beautiful. There are several climbing routes in the gorge equipped with station hooks and bolts.

Noravank Gorge. Tourism in Armenia

This is another popular climbing destination. The width of the gorge is 1.5-80m, the length is 8 km, the depth is 100-400m.

Hellish Gorge (Joghki Dzor). Tourism in Armenia

In the gorge there is a beautiful clearing for camping, a stream and, of course, several routes specially equipped for rock climbing.

At a distance of 30 km from Yerevan there is the Garni gorge with rocky walls made of basalt stones.

Garni Gorge. Tourism in Armenia

Because of its uniqueness, the gorge is called “Symphony of Stones”, the beauty of which is beyond words. The basalt pillars originated from volcanic lava. When viewed from afar, the gorge looks like a huge organ (musical instrument). The gorge stretches along the Azat River, its total length is 55m. Tourist buses stop far from the gorge, so you have to walk there or you can rent a car in Yerevan and drive straight to the gorge.

One of the most popular routes for climbers is Mount Khustup, the highest peak of the Khustup-Katari ridge.

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Inspection of active volcanoes

There are dozens of volcanoes in Kamchatka, and about 30 of them are active. The flight to the peninsula is not close, but it is worth it, because an excursion to the volcanoes is an unforgettable event. The most popular volcanoes among tourists are Mutnovsky, Gorely and Avachinsky. Each of them takes several hours to walk, but the end justifies the means. In addition, along the way, you can see rare animals of Kamchatka and take incredible exclusive photos.

During the entire excursion, tourists are accompanied by an instructor-guide. In addition to climbing volcanoes, extreme lovers are offered to swim in local thermal springs, fly by helicopter to the valley of geysers, or just enjoy a boat trip.

Taiga Survival Course

As the organizers promise, after such a course, an extreme lover will be able to survive in any difficult conditions - not only in the taiga forest, but also in the jungle, and even in the desert.

Travelers start at a certain point in the taiga forest of the Urals or Siberia, where you can get there on your own or by transfer, but for a fee. First, the group wanders through the forest, overcoming rivers, ravines and windbreaks and mastering the basic techniques of survival in the wild with the help of a mentor-instructor. During this stage, tourists are fed and cared for.

However, at the next stage, each participant is given an individual route, and within three days he must try to survive on his own, without special equipment, with only one knife. It is assumed that he is already able to get his own food and water, arrange a lodging for the night and light a fire without matches.

Paragliding in Armenia

Soaring in the sky and feeling completely free? Armenia has all the conditions for making this dream come true. It will be most convenient for a beginner to start in a pair with an instructor from Mount Hatis, which is 25 km from Yerevan.

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