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Orenburg Robinson

In the footsteps of Miklouho-Maclay

Trade all-inclusive tourism for grueling hikes in the heat, lack of air conditioning and overnight stays in African tribes. Extreme tourism changes the idea of ​​recreation: instead of a warm pool - the ocean, instead of a buffet - national dishes from the fire, instead of night parties - ritual dances in the rain.

From childhood, Orenburg resident Konstantin Batrakov dreamed of finding himself in the world of his heroes - Robinson Crusoe, Miklouho-Maclay and other personalities, descended from the pages of fiction and history books. He was attracted by the countries located south of the equator. The man realized his dream already in adulthood and could no longer stop - he traveled around Madagascar, the Seychelles, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Barbados and many small states in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

“Yes, there are sometimes problems with languages. But I think over the route in advance, so I take phrasebooks with me and learn simple phrases in their language. Then those people with whom you visit begin to respect you, it is pleasant to anyone. In addition, guides who speak English or French and local dialects are very helpful in communication, ”explains the traveler.

The Orenburg tourist says that the fewer foreigners have visited a remote town or tribe, the more interesting it is to communicate with the local population: they are honest, more original and have not yet learned to cheat.

Unknown Republic of Vanuatu

The last tourist route of the Orenburg resident ran to the distant country of Vanuatu, located in the Pacific Ocean, east of Australia. To get there from Orenburg, the tourist spent more than one and a half days, of which 26 hours he spent in the seat of the plane.

Before Konstantin Alekseevich, Russian tourists did not come to Vanuatu, but the traveler from Russia was warmly received there. He visited a local school, where, by the way, children study up to grade 7. Instead of the usual blackboard, paper handwritten tables and diagrams hang on the walls; during classes, students sit in groups around square tables. The local newspaper of Tatuba Island even wrote about the unusual guest.

“When I talk with people, it’s interesting to learn about their life, joys, sorrows, cuisine, customs, everything that cannot be learned from any source. Am I afraid of these people? No, they are naive, like children, although half a century ago they ate their own kind. It seems to me that now it is more necessary to be afraid of civilized people, ”reflects Konstantin Batrakov.

Before risky trips, a tourist always reads about the country, makes the necessary vaccinations, insures his life. He goes into the unknown lightly: firstly, because clothes, as a rule, can be bought for a penny, and secondly, a man refuses unnecessary things.

“The longer I live, the more I'm convinced that a person doesn't need much: a pair of trousers, a shirt, a T-shirt to replace. I live in a one-room apartment, why do I need more? I don't want to be attached to my home. In general, I dream of meeting old age on the ocean shore ”, - Konstantin Alekseevich shares his plans.

The Orenburg resident was very impressed by the Cape of Good Hope - a plateau that separates the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. The Orenburg adventurer makes trips for new sensations to different parts of the world at least once a year, and he tries to combine the tour with his birthday. An extreme tourist dreams of visiting South America, as well as sailing on a yacht in the Caribbean.

"I haven't done everything yet"

Profitable tours, bus tours, ski trips, skydiving, hot air ballooning, gift certificates.

LLC "Orenburg Center for Domestic Tourism Nebo56" is actively involved in organizing weekend tours, children's and corporate events, sports relay races. Our main directions: ski trips (Bannoe, Abzakovo, Beloretsk, Adzhigardak, Zavyalikha, Tashla, Kuvandyk); sightseeing tours (Kazan, Ufa, Samara, Arkaim, Nizhny Novgorod); extreme tourism (parachute jumping, flying on airplanes, hang-gliding and wind tunnel, off-road jeeping, ATV rides); tourist destinations, rafting and climbing (Aigir, Inzerskiye zubchatka, Taganay, Remel, Alinovaya, Muradymovskoe gorge, Nugush, Bannoe lake, Gadelsha, Kuk - Karauk, Kuperlya waterfalls; Shikhany, etc.); alloys along the river. Belaya, Zilim, Sakmara, Ural); Combined tours (horseback riding + rafting) tours to holy places (Diveevo, Krasnousolsk, Saraktash, Tugustemir, Pokrovskie caves); We accept individual applications for groups of 12 or more We always have gift certificates for any services or amounts Information about the tour operator: Full name: Limited Liability Company "Orenburg Center for Domestic Tourism"; Abbreviated name: OCVT LLC; registry number - РТО 020106 Office working hours: from Mon to Fri, from 10:00 to 19:00, without lunch . u

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