Extreme tourism business plan

Extreme tourism business plan

As soon as the hostilities began in the South-East of Ukraine, a huge number of deals immediately appeared, which began to organize "extreme tourist tours", allowing everyone to visit the conflict zone, and even become a participant for a while for an additional fee. But since for me personally, the ethics of such a business is very doubtful, the article on the business idea "Organization and conduct of tours for extreme tourism lovers" will talk about other types of recreation - something that will cause only positive memories in any of your clients.

And today, despite the fact that the World has been studied up and down, there is still a huge number of places that can be called truly wild corners of nature, and for the sake of the opportunity to visit them, many outdoor enthusiasts are ready to pay really big money. But, only by organizing such tours, you should remember that you will not be paid for the route laid through extreme places and zones, but primarily for safety. And therefore, if you cannot guarantee that nothing will happen to any of your clients, you should by no means undertake the implementation of this business.

Speaking of routes, they can be very different:

Even if you have already conquered some of the routes suggested just above, then simply advertising the organization of such a tour is not enough. It is necessary not only to gather a group, but also to prepare its participants for the upcoming journey. And prepare not only physically, but also psychologically. In addition, you, as the future guide of the tour organized by you, must help your clients to choose and buy the appropriate equipment - clothes, tents, various accessories. And at the same time, take care of first aid equipment, communications, and much more. Only in this case you will be able to declare yourself as a real professional, and therefore receive appropriate remuneration for your work.

In the same way, you should be serious about organizing the route of your future travel, knowing exactly where you can replenish food and water supplies, where you will stay for the night, where to set up camp, from where, if the unexpected happens, wait for help, and where and how to evacuate if something happens.

But to do all this even with an initial level of Internet ownership today does not present any particular problems. Therefore, the preparation of any route will not cause you the slightest problem. Much more important is your personal readiness to play the role of the head of the expedition, guide and guide, as well as the person who will find a way out of any most hopeless situation, and the one who organizes a vacation for his clients that will be remembered for their entire life. And they will be remembered not as a series of failures, disasters and troubles, but as the brightest and most interesting adventure of all that they have ever had.

But, as always, I can't help but reveal to you a few secrets that will help make this business as profitable as possible:

First - organize tours to inaccessible places for lovers of esotericism and all those who are engaged in spiritual self-development. So travels to inaccessible northern monasteries or a trip, the purpose of which will be to search for the world famous Shambhala, will at once gather around you lovers of everything mysterious and mystical, who are ready to pay for a tour from 3.00 dollars.

Second, organize extraordinary trips for bloggers and photographers making money online. Always eager for new experiences, which they can then tell about on the pages of their Internet resources, they will gladly pay for access to any exotic that allows them to collect truly unique material.

Third - tours for seniors, organized so that even men and women with disabilities can overcome the most difficult route without spending any special efforts. Whether the Sherpas will help them, or you organize the movement on comfortable boats, or rent seaplanes or pack animals, organizing overnight stays in at least 3-star hotels - it's up to you. The main thing is that the idea has been given, and now you can implement it, remembering that your future income depends on the quality of its implementation. And he - believe the professional - can be very, very large.

In this article, you will learn how you can make money by organizing adventure tours or starting a tourism business specializing in extreme tourism.

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