Extreme tourism

Extreme tourism

Today, extreme sports are available to almost any tourist. On the beach, travelers are offered to try themselves in surfing or diving, in the mountains - to feel the adrenaline rush during paragliding or mountaineering and so on. However, often everything does not go according to the planned scenario, and the craving for extreme and thrill leads to the need for a visit to the doctor or even hospitalization. The experts told the AIF. u about how to avoid this, how to properly prepare for outdoor activities and protect yourself as much as possible when engaging in extreme leisure activities.

Pre-training and pre-training

Some extreme leisure activities are advertised as accessible to beginners without special training. However, unsportsmanlike people are much more likely to end up in a traumatologist's office after an unsuccessful outdoor activity. In order not to spend the rest of the vacation in a cast, it is worth starting preparation in advance. Weekly workouts in the gym and daily exercises at least a few weeks before vacation will help you get in shape.

“Every person should have general physical fitness, especially if he wants to try some kind of extreme sport,” explains sports medicine doctor Victor Koss. "If this is not the case, then the risk of injury is very high." According to him, general physical fitness is understood as at least daily 30-minute loads. These can be swimming, jogging, walking, push-ups, pull-ups, or other physical activity.

Almost all extreme sports require a certain level of training. For example, for surfing, you need to have trained arm muscles, and for mountain biking, you need to be able to perfectly control the center of gravity and body weight. In order to assess your strength, you should familiarize yourself with the chosen type of active leisure while still at home. For example, you can check the level of readiness for mountaineering at a climbing wall, for diving - in a special pool, for surfing or windsurfing - on a simulator or in a pool with an artificial wave, etc. Such experience will not only allow you to make the final decision about whether doing extreme sports on vacation, but will also help you train and prepare for the trip.

Medical insurance

Buying medical insurance when planning a vacation abroad is a standard practice for Russians, since many countries will refuse to issue a visa without this document. However, the minimum policy covers a limited list of services. It may not be enough for travelers planning to do an extreme sport. In this case, it is better to choose a policy with extended coverage.

Active Vacation Insurance allows you to select the sports that the tourist is going to play, as well as add additional options such as search and rescue, helicopter evacuation and accident insurance. The latter will allow, upon returning home, to receive funds for rehabilitation or compensation for time off in case of impossibility to return to work. At the same time, the treatment itself during the vacation will cover the "main" policy.

The most responsible extreme sportsmen also choose civil liability insurance. This option is useful if a tourist accidentally damages the health or property of another person: in this case, the insurance will cover the costs of the victim. But do not forget that having insurance, even the most expensive one, is not a reason to forget about other security measures. In addition, any policy has a number of restrictions. For example, the insurance will not work if at the time of the insured event the policyholder is found to have alcohol in the blood.

Instructor selection

Cocktails and bright photo sessions are not the only hobby of Russian celebrities on vacation. Some celebrities are not at all interested in beach relaxation, give them something hotter. Extreme tourism is not uncommon in the lives of stars. Maybe that's why they manage to stay awake, fit and cheat age.

Russian celebrities choose adrenaline, and judging by their success, they are not disappointed at all.

Forward on the waves

Singer Valeria has long been known for her preferences in the field of healthy lifestyle - daily yoga, to which she introduced her husband Joseph Prigogine, a vegetarian diet and jogging. But not so long ago, a new hobby appeared in the singer's life, connected rather not with the state of "Zen", but with adrenaline rushes. During the filming of the video on the island of Bali, Valeria tried surfing, and she liked it. By the way, it is yoga that helps surfers maintain balance and fortitude, so it was not so difficult for Valeria to get used to this sport.

Another surf lover is the host Regina Todorenko. She not only travels to different countries, but also cuts through the waves.

Of the men, Timati is fond of surfing, he claims that fighting the water element allows you to ideally ventilate your brains from unnecessary thoughts.

Visiting Wild Animals

Channel One host Ekaterina Andreeva turned out to be an avid safari lover. She broadcasts from Tanzania National Park, and tells subscribers about the habits of wild animals. But Catherine's hobby involves only observation, such things as hunting do not attract her at all. The goal of the presenter is to convey to the general public the idea that nature is beautiful in its original form.

Swim along the Moskva River

Oleg Gazmanov doesn't even need to travel far to go in for extreme tourism. Although there is enough travel and active entertainment in the life of an eternally young artist, he spends a lot of time abroad. But this time Oleg Gazmanov surprised fans with a swim on the Moskva River. True, he did not swim in the literal sense, but on a special board. SUP or Standup paddle boarding is the name of the kind of extreme that Oleg was fond of. This vertical rowing on the board is a rather difficult hobby that requires good coordination and strength.

Wakesurfing on the Volga

The former KVN player, and now the actor Stanislav Yarushin, also decided not to go far. He is wakesurfing on the Volga River. This is a kind of surfing, but not on natural waves, but on those created by a boat that tows an athlete. It should be noted that this requires not only balance, but also the absence of fear of speed.

Deep Underwater

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