Extreme sports: pros, cons and types

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Sports is the favorite word of millions of people around the world. For some it is the Olympic Games, for others it is a roaring stadium of fans at the final of the World Cup in football or ice hockey, for others it is a way to show their wealth and status in society, and for someone sports is a pleasant and interesting way to spend their free time. find like-minded people, make new acquaintances. And in connection with the growing fashion for a healthy lifestyle every year, going in for sports is becoming not only useful, but also fashionable. And if earlier the fashionable sports were cricket, golf, sailing regatta and even football, now you will not surprise anyone with them; Extreme sports have become the most fashionable among young people (and not only).

Fashionable ways to get your adrenaline rush

There are a huge number of sports that can rightfully be called extreme, and each generation comes up with more and more extreme sports, thereby creating a fashion for them. Some of them soon become so widespread that official competitions are started on them, and some are even included in the program of the Olympic Games. In every country in the world they invent their own extreme ways to spend their free time, here are the most popular ones:

Snowboarding is an extreme sport that has already entered the list of official sports of the Olympic Games. In the mountains, special trails are equipped for snowboarding, amateur athletes specially travel to different countries - ski resorts, where you can try new tracks. But the mountains, so attractive for their magical romance, are fraught with too many dangers, and people who find themselves in the mountains put themselves at risk every minute.

Surfing is a water variant of snowboarding, and no less dangerous and extreme. Athletes conquer the waves on fragile boards, relying only on their own sense of balance. Many avid surfers take unnecessary risks by rushing into the highest and most dangerous waves that can drag a light board to the seabed.

Skateboarding is an incredibly popular sport among young people, and although many do not consider it extreme, in fact, athletes are often injured in training and competitions, and avid athletes are so passionate about this sport that they do not feel the verge of their own capabilities and for the sake of thrill go to city streets and roads for an unforgettable experience.

Base jumping is one of the most dangerous kinds of extreme sports, but at the same time the most accessible for young people. Thousands of fans of this sport travel around the world in search of the highest platforms for jumping into the abyss - bridges, towers, sheer cliffs - any high object can become a place for base jumpers, whose life at the time of the jump depends on a small parachute.

An extraordinarily extreme sport similar to Base jumping - Bungee jumping. This is perhaps the most dangerous sport in the world, athletes jump from great heights and free fall into the unknown. The only insurance is the cable, which the athlete is tied by the belt to the anchorage at the top of the site. The life of an athlete depends on the strength and quality of this cable and the serviceability of the fasteners. But all the same, the adrenaline that people get during such jumps, and the romance of danger, attract thousands of interested people around the world to this sport. Bungee

Diving is perhaps the most beautiful kind of extreme sport that few people perceive as really dangerous. Diving has become a favorite way of entertainment for tourists in almost all sea resorts in the world. Vacationers love scuba diving under the supervision of a local diving instructor to enjoy the stunning views of the coral reefs and seabed. But such dives are carried out exclusively in coastal areas in order to eliminate the risk to the life of an unprepared person. Real divers, on the other hand, dive to great depths, spending up to several hours under the ocean and experiencing the pressure of the sea depths.

This is not a complete list of extreme sports that are fashionable for today's youth. Climbing, roofing, parkour and much more attracts with its danger and the opportunity to get an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

Advantages of Extreme Sports

Despite the fact that the sports that were discussed carry a constant danger and a share of risk for those who decided to do it, it should be noted that extreme sports have a number of advantages and benefits :

Extreme variety of sports today captivate many. Extreme sports fans are not only young, but also older people. With the help of such sports, you can overcome your own fear and maintain excellent physical shape. We will consider the advantages of extreme sports, as well as their disadvantages, and tell you about an interesting extreme sports, which, in our opinion, may be of interest to many.

Extreme benefits

Being engaged in various extreme sports is a great way to spend your time. Among the most popular are:

  • parkour,
  • skydiving,
  • base jumping,
  • rock climbing and others.

After the sensations that extreme sports give, the roller coaster will seem like a completely boring and uninteresting attraction. Adherents of extreme sports are more self-confident. Such an active pastime gives incomparable impressions and emotions. It is a great way to get rid of the effects of stressful situations. Engaging in any extreme sport, it is easy to keep yourself in great physical shape, be trained and strong. The advantages of extreme sports include training of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Speaking about such sports, their disadvantages should also be mentioned.

Disadvantages of extreme

There are also disadvantages of extreme sports, the main of which is danger. The disadvantages of extreme sports include a high probability of injury. Also, various types of such sports lead to overstrain of the body's systems, which can have negative consequences. With any extreme activity, there is a regular adrenaline rush, which is also not very useful.

How to spend your time in an extraordinary and safe way?

Not sure what extreme sports to do in order to get vivid impressions and minimize the likelihood of injury? Get a certificate for flying in a wind tunnel, during which you will feel like a skydiver in a free fall, get an incomparable experience and be able to fully enjoy extreme sports. Among all sports for those who like to tickle the nerves, this one is the safest, but it gives no less vivid impressions.

Freezone has the best conditions for extreme sports. It has the largest wind tunnel that even professional skydivers come to train in. Such flights train various muscle groups and teach you how to control your own body. This type of extreme pastime is suitable for people of different ages, including children. Experienced instructors will teach you the basics of flying. After explaining them, you will be able to soar in the stream of air, enjoying new incomparable impressions.

There is no danger in a wind tunnel that is inherent in parachuting. Extreme activities can be safe. This kind of extreme pastime will never get bored. Each time you will improve your skills and get new experiences. Among all the possibilities for extreme varied sports, we offer the most affordable and less expensive.

Agree that such an extreme pastime will help diversify the weekend program. After flying in the Freezone park, you can visit the cable car city, immerse yourself in virtual reality, have lunch or dinner in a restaurant, cafe. Come to Freezone for a full day or even a few days. There is a comfortable hotel in the park that will help you gain strength before new adventures.

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Having been doing one of them, rock climbing, for some time, I have experienced these features of training myself. Let's figure out what disadvantages you have to face and what positive action you can feel.

Advantages of Extreme Sports

Skydiving © Easy useful

Now almost everyone goes to some kind of sports section, and every person, locksmith or director, strives for self-realization and self-improvement. As for me, this is a great trend in society, which is reflected in the popularity of extreme sports.

And here are the main benefits of extreme sports, whether it's mountain climbing or jumping on the Pogo Stic.

Physical development. Any extreme sport requires you to be in great physical shape.

And if you don't have it, then intensive training will quickly force you to start building your own body.

Of course, depending on the direction of training, different muscle groups will receive different loads, but, in general, the body will be provided with a share of activity. By the way, it is now lacking for most adults.

Climbing © BestJump

Psycho-emotional health. While playing sports, you will get rid of negativity, and if you find yourself in a pleasant, cheerful company, you will receive a constant charge of positive emotions.

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