Extreme sports activities in Altai

Extreme sports activities in Altai

In the summer, life in Gorny Altai is in full swing, and fans of extreme sports will also find a lot of entertainment for themselves. Rough rivers, deep caves or flying over the ground - in a few days you can increase your adrenaline level to the maximum.


Beginners willingly float along the lower and middle reaches of the Katun. If you are on the water for the first time, it is better to take a simpler rafting to assess your strength. The best option for a novice water enthusiast is the Exclusive rafting. This is a fast dynamic passage through the funniest section of the lower Katun: the Manzherok Shivera, the Manzherok rapids, a barrel near the Shishkov monument. In an hour and a half you will be soaked to the skin, hate the instructor (for making you row) and fall in love with boating forever. Adrenaline is rife, especially these pleases Manzherok. The most extreme in May-June, the high water level opens the threshold in all its glory: three huge ramparts at the beginning and an oblique at the exit. A coup is possible, but the instructor, before going out on the water, will read the safety instructions, which must be listened to very carefully so that the desire for extreme does not end in failure.


This kind of entertainment can be found in several places, each with its own peculiarities. The simplest one is at Lake Aya. A small bungee starts from the rocky shore of the lake, and in a deep, safe place near the beach, you fly into the water. The lake is warm, so everything is very wet, fun and summer-like. Yes, they give out a life jacket at the start.

The longest bungee is also located in the village of Aya. It starts from the top of an unnamed mountain, passes over the Katun, and you find yourself on the opposite bank, where a car meets you. A fascinating long flight, during which you can enjoy the most beautiful views of Altai. If you remember to open your eyes. You can rent a GoPro camera for an additional fee and capture the landscape or your own face as you descend. Immersion, of course, is not provided.

There are two bungee buckets at the Chemal hydroelectric station, with and without immersion. In the first case, you will catapult in a deep place near the rock; in the second, you simply fly over the reservoir bowl. If you choose the dive option, you will be given a life jacket, helmet and some simple instructions. For the entire existence of this attraction, no force majeure has happened, so enjoy it calmly. The only thing is, it is better to ask the people nearby to close the ears of the children, because even the most intelligent and cultured people express emotions very chaotically.

Hang gliding

Near the village of Aya there is a place where hang gliders start from. This service is not cheap, for 10 minutes about 1000 rubles, but it's worth it. To see the landscapes of Gorny Altai from a bird's eye view is an incomparable pleasure. Takeoff is highly dependent on weather conditions: cloud cover, temperature, wind speed and direction, etc. Therefore, it is better to learn about the possibility of flying on the spot. An experienced instructor can even give you a little steering if you can convince him of your adequacy. Don't forget your camera or camera.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

You can drive adrenaline not only at altitude, but also in depth. Descent into the category cave at first glance does not seem to be something extreme. But when you stand on the edge of a thirty-meter steep well, to the bottom of which the light of your lantern cannot reach, and take a step into emptiness and uncertainty ... this is where those very sensations will arise. The realization that there are 300 meters of rock above you also instills fear in some people. However, you should not be very afraid: the cave is the most stable place on earth. During the strongest earthquake in 2003 in the Tut-kush cave, not a single stone was moved. Teams for going to such caves are rarely recruited, so it is better to go with a friendly company to get there exactly. And one more important note: if alcohol is possible at least theoretically at other extreme entertainment, then in the cave it is completely prohibited. Even "to relieve stress", "in therapeutic doses", etc. Underground, complete self-control is essential to avoid accidents.

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