Extreme fishing: catch goldfish and man-eating pike

Extreme fishing: catch goldfish and man-eating pike

On the one hand, what could be more relaxed and less sporty than fishing? You sit yourself, you sit, absolutely calm, meditating on the float. In summer - on the shore of a lake or river, in winter - at a hole. What's sporting here? If only weighted walking? After all, fishing rods, spinning rods, nets, nets and backpacks are sometimes very heavy, and fishing places are often outside the transport accessibility zone. Indeed, many hobbyists use fishing as a nerve-calming agent. Well, roughly like knitting or crocheting.

On the other hand, fishing is an established sport. Clubs, competitions, championships, from the shore, from the board, in the seas, rivers and lakes, winter and summer, day and night, with a fishing rod or spinning rod - all this is sport fishing. So what -

Is fishing an extreme sport?

If we start “from Adam”, then initially fishing (as well as hunting) arose as an elementary means of obtaining food. Self-caught fish, not bought in a store or at the market - food, subsistence. And so it remains to this day, and for some, for example, among a number of northern peoples, to this day it is the basis of the diet.

But, like many things, with the development of civilization, fishing began to differ greatly. Commercial fishing is one thing, bobber meditation is another. Extreme fishing is the third.

Extreme fishermen spend their hard-earned money on travel arrangements. Following the example of the Old Man from the tale of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, they often let go of their catch. And they do not even wait until he starts asking them about it. (By the way, isn't the tale "About the fisherman and the fish ..." the first example of a literary description of extreme fishing with absolutely unpredictable consequences? (L. .)) Of course, prey for extreme fishermen is almost always just a trophy won in an exciting struggle for survival, an important object of personal pride, serving for self-affirmation, for one more confirmation of the human (as psychologists and psychoanalysts say?) Self.

Continuing the literary research, we can recall the last, published in 1952, the story of the Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway "The Old Man and the Sea". This is where the ocean and the abyss of real extreme are. And the stories about old whalers? Indeed, in those days when the whale was considered a fish, and this fishery was not put on industrial rails, hunters went to a duel with a huge mammal using only a small rowboat. The main fishing tool was the harpoon. Much later, in the twentieth century, rampant whale hunting put this species on the brink of extinction and was banned.

But extreme fishing "on the brink of a foul", and maybe beyond it, still exists. However, sometimes it is difficult to believe in it. I repeat, everyone knows very well what "hunting" and "fishing" stories are and how they can be believed. In a number of cases, they will tell you: "It is impossible to prove anything, the fisherman thought to eat the fish, but the predatory" fish "turned out to be more agile and ate them themselves." Go and figure out where is the harsh truth of life, and where are the legends of deep and not very deep antiquity.

To date, the most impressive descriptions of the hunting of northern sharks that live off the coast of Greenland. The outcome of such fishing is difficult to predict. True, if we approach the results of the fishing process with a grain of humor, then we can say that it is 100% predictable. Due to the abundance of urea in the meat of the northern shark, this fish is practically not edible, and there is only one answer to the question: who will eat whom, if anything. After all, the Greenland shark weighs up to 1000 kg. Its length reaches seven meters. This "fish" does not differ in its good disposition. And although ichthyologists consider her to be a slow creature, she may well ram a boat. Or try to jump out of the water in order to have a snack with an extreme fisherman.

The Asian carp, although it does not have several rows of teeth like a shark, can also deliver a mouthful of worries. The length of such a carp reaches two meters, and its weight is up to half a centner. His habits are characterized by jumping out of the water to a height of up to three meters. In this regard, fishing for such a river miracle is a very real danger for fishermen.

For trout ... with an alpenstock!

There is another type of extreme fishing. As strange as it sounds, this is trout fishing in the French canyons. The problem is created not only by the inaccessibility of these canyons, but also by the great caution of the delicious fish. This region of southern France (Vercors, Cévennes, Seealpen and Basque Country) is quite sparsely populated. The water in the canyons rushes off the sheer cliffs.

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