Extreme entertainment in Moscow and Moscow region

Extreme entertainment in Moscow and Moscow region

A public organization based in the city of Sergiev Posad, but operating throughout the world. We were collected as a Sports Club, but later came to the conclusion that there is extreme in everything, from music to painting. render completely.

♦ Professional construction and maintenance of sports facilities: playgrounds and sports grounds, skate parks, snow parks, velodromes.

♦ Assistance in the promotion of young athletes, musicians, photo and video operators

♦ Rent of professional musical equipment (weddings, corporate events, concerts, parties)

♦ Professional photo and video editing of your events

♦ Organization, holding of concerts and music festivals

♦ Conducting competitions in all extreme sports: skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, MTB, diving, cyclocross, snowboarding, parkour.

∆ You already understood that we have quite a variety of activities, so we will be happy to help everyone ∆

We invite progressive youth and other public associations to cooperate

Extreme RF. - the strength of the spirit is with us!

We demand to express concern and discuss the situation with Marilyn Manson at the state level

02/13/2021 Everything moves in a circle, every 50 years the ocean shows how insignificant a person is before the forces of nature. The Arctic wind blows into the Arctic Ocean and forms the most insidious snow swells on the planet in the center of the European part of Russia, in the north-west of the country. The break point for amateurs and professionals of the snowboard was the Loza Park season 2021. render in full. Located in the Sergiev Posad urban district between the Loza Ski Center and the Kosmonavt slope, a snow park for jibbing built by the youth of SK Extreme, chairman Alexander Salogub, has become a center of attraction for extreme lovers from Moscow, Moscow, Samara, Yaroslavl and Vladimir regions. Beginners, amateurs and professionals have shown their level of snowboard handling. The annual snowboarding contest at Loza Park ran all day and brought together over 50 young athletes, riders competed in their ability to overcome difficult obstacles on a snowboard.

Girl's snowboard: 3rd place - Alena Kazakova 2nd place - Anna Ponomareva 1st place - Ksyusha Pleshkova

In three words: Surfing, skydiving and speed riding in the best places on the planet!

Tel. in St. Petersburg: +7 (911) 791-70-85 Tel. in Syktyvkar: +7 (8212) 48-50-50

Address St. Petersburg, Leninsky prospect 88

g. Syktyvkar, st. Karl Marx 192, fl. , TC "Northern Paradise"

Briefly about myself: Project Extreme TOUR begins its work! We are ready to offer tours of active recreation with the most unforgettable set of emotions. All our destinations are self-verified, as well as places guaranteed by our friends from all over the world. Come to us, and we will plunge you into the world of unforgettable emotions, where it will be hard for you to believe that this is not a fairy tale)

Surf in Siberia. Autumn. Episode 4. Several years of planning, half a year of preparation and many months of work, and this is the result.

"Episode 4" Kuril Islands. Typhoon. Autumn "tells about the pursuit of a childhood dream.

Having studied the maps and forecasts, we have chosen the Kuril Islands as potentially the best place in terms of wave quality in our country. It took more than two years to plan the trip and implement our plans. The Kuril Islands turned out to be not an easy place for an ordinary tourist, and in order to catch the wave we had to endure two typhoons and many difficulties. Luck was on our side. Iturup Island showed us all its beauties and, most importantly, presented the best waves on the territory of the Russian Federation. "

Surfing is included in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

20-31 October 2015 Peniche, Portugal

Come to Portugal in October for the world's largest professional surfing competition.

We are haunted by the same questions: How to have a fun weekend? How to surprise your soul mate? What to give for your birthday? And these banal answers: eating pizza with friends, going to the cinema together, giving cognac - are already pretty tired. The choice of interesting entertainment in the city and its environs is very wide. To find an adventure for yourself, you just need to read the article to the end and click on a specific link. Places for all "participants" in the rating were assigned depending on the level of "thrill" and danger.

location Yacht and jet ski rental "From the shore, the ship is not ruled!"

Our magnificent six is ​​opened by the rental of water transport. Yes, the sea is far from the capital. But river trips on boats and yachts along the Moscow River with views of city sights are still popular every season. Thrill-seekers will appreciate the opportunity to ride jet skis.

Easy, fast booking of yachts and boats online with payment by credit card. No harder than calling a taxi. The assortment includes different types of small boats. The ability to manage them is not at all necessary. The service "My Captain" is available on the site. It will be possible to swim in yacht clubs: "Country Park" in Khimki; "Dawn" in the village of Ermolino (MO); and also at the Burevestnik Water Sports Complex in Moscow. The location depends on the vessel being booked: motor boat, boat or sailing yacht.

Rest with your family and extreme water entertainment for every taste and budget you can find in this company. JetSummer offers a wide variety of models of aquabikes that are suitable for both extreme sports and beginners. Water rides such as banana and cheesecake are more popular among children. JetSummer parks in Moscow and the Moscow region allow holding an event of any scale from an individual jet ski rental for 1 hour to a large-scale corporate party with up to 10 aquabikes and boats, as well as VIP motor yachts.

ATV Race location "A vehicle that allows you to drive where you don't need to"

Under the roar of the engine, these small cars will drive along the most fierce off-road, overcome any obstacles. You just have to hold on to the steering wheel tighter.

Just 5 minutes north of the Moscow Ring Road, there is a popular extreme driving club. The company offers rental of ATVs and sports motorcycles with specialized equipment (helmet, gloves, waterproof semi-overalls). Routes vary in difficulty. Therefore, everyone can find something to their liking, from a leisurely walk with children through a picturesque forest, to a crazy survival race with friends. On the bank of the Klyazminskoye reservoir there is a cozy cafe for those who are tired of extreme entertainment.

The proximity of the reserve and the variety of natural landscapes provide a large selection of trails. Riding on impassable swampy terrain with various obstacles is popular, as well as seasonal picnics in the forest full of mushrooms and berries. Lovers of virgin nature will be pleased with such extreme entertainment as safari walks. Meeting with wild forest animals is possible! For those who have recently purchased their own ATV, ATV land has a professional driving school.

Polaris Sportsman 500. For rent in ATV land and North

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