Essay in English Extreme Sport with translation into Russian

Essay in English Extreme Sport with translation into Russian

Mankind supports sports and say about their positive effect on the body. Still, many people doubt about extreme sports as they are tightly connected to risk. These nontraditional activities require participants not only physical strength but brevity to dare and try yourself out.

Here, it is important to say that every sport is relevant to danger. A football player can break a leg while running. A jumper can fall down jumping the barriers. What's more, even cyber sports connected to constant sitting in front of the desk may cause backache. Luckily, correct technique and concentration help to decline these risks and avoid traumas. Extreme sports and risk are inseparable. Action sportsmen tend to cope with speed, height or depth, long-term endurance and sudden release of adrenaline.

Action sports take place in air, water, land, snow and ice.


Snow and Ice

Young people and adults enjoy extreme sports because they can compete against each other or complete own achievements. Unfortunately, these sports are challenging not because of danger, they need a lot of money! Equipment for snowboarding includes a board, snow boots, baselayers, helmet, goggles, etc. All the items cost so much but without them it is impossible to go snowboarding. Other action activities may demand even more tools.

Summing up, if you have courage, strong money and a lot of money, extreme sports will suit you perfectly. When you are unsure about at least one of the points, take your time and start with more traditional sports like swimming, athletics or dancing.

Useful words

Mankind – humanity

doubtabout – doubt about

require –require

brevity – courage

Extreme Sport

If you are taking care about your health same like me, you are sure crazy about good food and sport. I think all kinds of sport are good if you do it with all your heart. If you are really crazy about this sport, it will become your lifestyle.

Football, basketball, volleyball, swimming and jogging are very good and can help you to keep fit. But there are different kind of sport in the world and today I would like to speak about extreme kind of sport.

All people call it also adventure sport or action sport is popular all over the world. This kind of activities involve high degree of risk. Usually these activities are connected with speed, height and a high level of physical exertion.

There are many different kind of extreme sport. For example, water skiing, air racing, gliding, surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, extreme skiing, snowboarding, parachuting and sailing. People can choose whatever they want and like, but you have to remember about the risk always.

I have never tried any of these kind of sport. But I am really curious about some of them.

Parachuting looks very attractive to me. I would like to do it at least once in the life, to see the view and to have this feeling of freedom. Of course it makes me scared and I would never risk to do it by myself.

Surfing looks also very interesting. It's good for those people who live close to the ocean. I know Americans are crazy about it. There are even schools where you can learn to surf.

Skiing and snowboarding are very similar I think. Many Russian people go to Switzerland, Sochi in the mountains to challenge themself.

In general I think people need to have some hobbies. It's only important that we have only one life and any of these kind of sport is a risk to be shaken or lose this life.

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports lately firmly strengthens its position in the choice of leisure among young people. Everyone knows that this sport is very dangerous for life. Immediately the question arises: for what? It turns out that many extremes like to get thrills, balance between life and death. For some, such a pastime helps to throw out negative energy. Others need to experience a heightened sense of life.

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Have you ever heard of extreme ironing? This leisure activity is becoming more and more popular in Britain and is considered an extreme sport. It even hosts international competitions - both team and singles.

What is extreme ironing?

Extreme Ironing is an outdoor sport that combines the danger and excitement of extreme sports with the pleasure of a well-ironed shirt. All that is required is to iron a piece of clothing on an ironing board. But what's extreme about it, you ask. And the extreme is to do all this in places that are least suitable for ironing, for example, on a steep mountainside, under water, in the air, etc.

It is necessary to iron the things that you took with you (at the same time, it is advisable for someone to take a photo or video of the process) while you climb a rock, go downhill on skis or snowboard, jump from parachute, scuba diving - the scope for imagination is not limited.

Of course, a shirt that has been ironed to the extreme is unlikely to look flawlessly ironed by the time you descend a cliff, emerge from the deep ocean, or climb out of a barrel that just fell into a waterfall. But all this is not so important. The trick is to get experience - to bring action and a little danger to boring activities.

History of the extreme ironing sport

Englishman Phil Shaw, whose nickname in the extreme ironing community "Steam" is "Steam", invented the sport in his native Leicester in 1997. In June 1999, a worldwide recruitment campaign was held with the United States, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. And in 2002, the first world championship was held, in which 12 teams from different countries participated.

In 2016, De Montfort University in Leicester recognized Extreme Ironing as an official university sport and the DMU Extreme Ironing Club was established.

Well, this sport may seem a little overwhelming, but any activity has a right to exist if it brings joy, without causing harm to others.

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