Entertainment is not for the faint of heart: new extreme sports

Entertainment is not for the faint of heart: new extreme sports

Recently, extreme sports are gaining more and more popularity, which help us to escape from the gray days and everyday routine. Such entertainment guarantees an adrenaline rush and a huge portion of vivid emotions and unforgettable moments. That is why every day all over the world there are a lot of people who want to take part in such adventurous events, even if you need to spend a considerable amount of money. Today we will talk about all kinds of extreme sports, which will definitely be included in the category of the best entertainment for thrill-seekers.

Trampoline Parkour

Many have already appreciated the new sport, consisting of elements of parkour and trampoline jumping. Jumping with the help of a trampoline, the acrobat performs many difficult and at the same time exciting stunts, literally floating in the air and violating the laws of gravity.

In this case, the athlete can touch other surfaces, for example, special vertical installations and interact with different objects. I must say that you need good dexterity and experience to perform this kind of movement, so if you are not one hundred percent confident in your abilities, start with simpler exercises.

Psicobloc (Water climbing)

This sport has already gained enormous popularity in the United States, where, in fact, it was invented.

Its essence is to climb to the top of an artificially created structure with all kinds of protrusions and bends and from there jump into a pool filled with water.

At the same time, everything is built in the form of a competition between professionals, whose skills and physical fitness are assessed by a specially selected jury.

The system of criteria includes not only the speed and technicality of climbing up, but also the aesthetics of a jump into the water.


If you live far from snowy peaks and the ocean, but dream of riding a board, then this sport is for you. In order to take part in such extreme entertainment, you need a special board on wheels and a horse as a pulling force.

Today, the number of fans of unusual and extreme recreation is increasing every year. Therefore, the idea of ​​opening an exotic hotel for the next ten years is one of the most profitable and relevant areas of the tourism and hotel business.

Content of the article:

Such extreme vacation spots include:

  • underwater hotels;
  • themed hotels and hostels;
  • in the cemetery;
  • options for hotels located away from the bustle of cities, for example, in the thick of the forest or high in the mountains;
  • in the trees;
  • mini-hotels in barrels, drain pipes, capsules;
  • salt, in caves or mines;
  • hotels made of sand or ice;
  • hotels on wheels (in the form of trains, ships).

And this is not the whole list of existing extreme and unusual options. The hotel, built in an exotic and extreme place for recreation, is directly related to the given climatic conditions of the area where it is located.

Hotels under water

The most expensive and unforgettable exotic hotels. The demand for them is growing rapidly. An unforgettable feeling of unity with the underwater world makes a modern person to fork out for a very decent amount.

An example of such an architectural miracle is the Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji, built on the basis of a former underwater station, at a depth of 12 m. Visitors stay in hermetically sealed capsule rooms. An addition to the unusual rest of the guests is the remote feeding of the fish of the local fauna. The maximum cost of living is about 774 thousand rubles. per day.

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island aquarium hotel in the Maldives is uniquely beautiful and original. At the choice of the visitor: a room on the coast surrounded by coral reefs, or a more expensive option - a suite at the bottom of the tropical sea. The cost of living is about 42 thousand rubles. per day.

Huvafen Fushi SPA Resort 5 * Maldives

The prototype of an exotic underwater hotel in Russia can be the underwater-surface hotel of the Manta Resort resort near Pemba Island, Tanzania. This is a four-meter three-tiered structure, the lower part of which is deepened a couple of meters under the water. The second tier is a living space, the upper tier is intended for viewing beauty and tanning. The house is fixed to the bottom with ropes.

Accommodating guests in the thick of the forest

We have collected the most popular summer business ideas and gave advice on how to get started quickly for quick income. Read the instructions.

What is the advantage of seasonal business:

  • fast promotion;
  • minimal investment and quick payback;
  • the ability to make maximum markups on the product;
  • high profitability of this type of business.

Reasons for the popularity and prospects of the summer season in business

The popularity of business in the summer increases, as people most of all strive to relax, to afford a little more.

This is especially noticeable in the resort area, but in ordinary cities you can find your own niches for earning money, for example:

  • sale of soft drinks;
  • stall with cotton candy, popcorn;
  • ice cream trade;
  • offer of souvenirs ;
  • sale of remedies for mosquitoes and midges;
  • sale of glasses;
  • sale of beach goods;
  • organization of game attractions, children's complexes.

There are many other opportunities, but these are the most popular in every city.

The pros and cons of seasonal business

What is the use of seasonal business:

  • Do not store inventory for a long time if it is disposable.
  • When trading reusable items, you can always sell them at a discount next season.
  • You don't have to pay salaries to sellers and register them officially, because the business is seasonal.
  • In summer, you can set the highest prices, especially on the beach, because people are trying to boo and spare no money for recreation.
  • You can earn money even in the village, first on berries, then on picking mushrooms, mating brooms, haymaking. It all depends on the person's desire to earn extra money.
  • It is not necessary to be registered as an individual entrepreneur, you can pay for the rent of a seat every day and move around the beach or city. If necessary, you can arrange rental or rental of vehicles: bicycles, skateboards, floats on the river or rollerblades in the park.
  • There will always be those who want to earn extra money for a penny, the same students or schoolchildren, who can play the role of salesmen or assistants. For example, helping on rides.

  • a business can be organized from anything, it all depends on demand, you need to find and give an offer;
  • the money invested pays off instantly by 300%;
  • cheap workforce in the form of teenagers;
  • it is not necessary to be registered as an individual entrepreneur.

The same air conditioner installers, landscape designers are in demand only during the season, and the rest of the time they can do the repair or design of premises, which is closer to someone. Also, cafes, kebabs and various ice cream stands are relevant only in summer, and in winter, few people will sit outside. Therefore, this type of business can also be considered seasonal. In any case, the owner of such a business needs to immediately think over what he will do in the winter.

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