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Egypt, what a tourist needs to know when visiting for the first time

A tragedy has occurred in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. A shark attacked the Ukrainians while walking. A boy was seriously injured, his arm and, possibly, as the locals write, his leg was amputated. The story caused a resonance both in Ukraine and in Egypt, where local authorities are criticized for what happened. "Vesti" found out that the sharks were fed the day before by poachers, the guide was not certified, and tourists were swimming in a prohibited place.

Attacked twice

The tragedy took place in the Ras Mohamed nature reserve, 25 km south-west of Sharm el-Sheikh, where tourists are brought to diving and snorkelling - swimming under the surface of the water with a mask, snorkel and in flippers.

As the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine told Vesti, a 12-year-old Ukrainian who is now in intensive care was injured during snorkeling, his arm was amputated, and another operation is also planned. And in Egypt itself, it is not excluded that the leg will also be amputated.

"We had a message that two Ukrainian tourists and their guide were injured. The woman and the guide received lacerated wounds in the legs, and the teenager had bitten wounds in his back, buttocks and arms, and he needs to amputate his arms and legs. ", - Ukrainian Oksana Yang, who lives in Sharm, told Vesti.

The press service of the State Agency "Vesti" was told that they did not have such information. "The boy had a bite on his arm and leg. But we have no information about the operation on his leg," the press service said.

The Ministry of the Environment of Egypt confirms that there are three victims of the shark attack - Ukrainians and their guide. This happened while surfacing near the Shark Reeve diving area in the Ras Mohammed Nature Reserve in South Sinai.

According to preliminary information, the group consisted of six campers. The tourists were attacked by the Oceanic Whitetip Shark, about three meters in size. She managed to attack tourists twice, the second time when they tried to escape.

At the same time, the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment assures that the attack is unnatural for this species of shark. The ministry has set up a commission to investigate the tragic incident.

"The day before, poachers were feeding sharks"

Excursion programs in Egypt are very diverse, rich and exciting. This is not only visits to historical sites and sightseeing, but also trips to water parks, dolphinariums, extreme entertainment. You can choose an excursion for every taste and budget, the main thing is to familiarize yourself with the program in advance and take everything you need with you.

Historical excursions

Egypt is a country with a rich history and many unique attractions, therefore it is historical excursions that are the most popular here. Millions of tourists come from all over the world to see the pyramids, visit ancient mysterious temples, view huge statues and the remains of ancient palaces. There are a lot of excursion programs, so it's impossible to describe everything. Below are the most popular of the historical excursions.

"Capital of the Pharaohs"

One day excursion to the pyramids of the necropolis in Sakkara and a trip to the pyramids in Giza. The necropolis is the oldest in the country; its length is about 7 km, on the territory there are 11 pyramids and the Imhotep Museum. It is here that the famous pyramid of Djoser, with stepped walls, and the pyramid of Unas are located. The walls of the tombs are decorated with unique rock paintings depicting various rituals of the ancient Egyptians and everyday life. After visiting the sights of Sakkara, tourists are taken by bus to Giza - to the great pyramids and the Sphinx. The final point is a visit to the nearby jewelry and souvenir shops, where visitors are happy to buy something to remember the trip.

Since the excursion takes place in the desert, dress in such a way as to protect your skin as much as possible from dust and sand that is carried by the wind. At the same time, the clothes should be light, and the shoes should be comfortable. It is advisable to have a hat and sunglasses, as well as a small backpack for water and personal belongings. To satisfy hunger on the way, the hotels offer dry rations. Be sure to take a passport and insurance policy, as well as money if you plan to buy souvenirs.

This tour is available at all popular resorts; details can be obtained from the hotel. The tour guides speak Arabic, English and Russian, and the bus picks up guests right at the hotel.

Mini Luxor

One day excursion with a rich program. First, tourists are taken to the city of Dender, 65 km from Luxor, where they visit a temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor. The amazing building has survived almost in the same form as the ancient Egyptians knew it, and its main attraction is a chapel with a dozen columns. Each column represents one of the months of the year, which is confirmed by the images of the zodiac signs.

Next stop in Luxor: acquaintance with the city, visiting temples and banana island, Valley of the Queens, Nefertari tomb.

If you sometimes have questions about the service in Egypt, then diving here is certainly beyond praise. Colorful reefs, visibility up to 50 meters, sunken ships, cliffs and caves made diving in Egypt almost the main goal of recreation. Another plus is affordable prices and many diving centers. We have compiled a list of the best diving sites in Egypt for both beginners and experienced divers. So, below are the TOP 7 best diving spots in Egypt.

Reef Jackson World Class Diving Site

Located in the Tirana Strait at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba. Maximum depth up to 70 meters, visibility up to 50 meters. Differs in bright red corals. Among the inhabitants - large tuna, barracuda, caranx, sea turtle, sometimes hammerhead sharks swim. At the bottom is the ship "Laura", which sank in 1981. Strong underwater currents are possible in the northern part, so dives are recommended for advanced dives.

How to get there: from Sharm el-Sheikh and the nearest resorts by ship.

Reef Shaab-Samadai (Shaab-Samadai) Diving and snorkeling with dolphins

The reef is located close to the shore of Marsa Alam and is suitable for beginners. Immersion depth up to 25 meters. Dolphins live in the lagoon near the reef, for which the reef received the second name "House of Dolphins". On the south side of the reef there is a hard coral garden with turtles and a variety of fish including moray eels, barracuda, and butterfly fish.

How to get there: from Marsa Alam and the nearest resorts by ship.

Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef Beauties of Ras Muhammad Nature Reserve

The reefs are located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula and are separated from the coastal reef by a picturesque lagoon. Several underwater currents mix around the reef and create unique conditions for corals. The depth in some places exceeds 750 meters, visibility is up to 50 meters. The reef, which has three peaks, is especially picturesque in summer, when schools of fish come here to spawn, attracting sharks. Here you can also see the remains of the ship "Yolanda".

How to get there: from the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula by ship.

Abu Dabab Bay Diving & Snorkeling with Exotic Dugongs

The bay, 35 kilometers from Marsa Alam, is home to dugong sea cows and giant sea turtles. There are also colorful reefs with an abundance of fish. Another local resident is a guitar stingray. Diving here is possible up to 10 meters and is available for beginners. Due to its inhabitants, the bay attracts many fans of underwater photography.

Most of Africa is known for its many attractions, which over the years have attracted crowds of tourists from all over the world. One of these is Cairo, which is located in the northern part of the continent. In addition to being the capital of Egypt, this city is also the largest city in all of Africa. The locals call him Masr. In fact, Cairo is a rather dirty and very noisy metropolis, sometimes compared to Rome, largely due to the many historical monuments and the same density of tourists to each of the monuments. Read more about the rest in the capital of Egypt, attractions, entertainment and prices - in this article.

Airport & Transfer

There is an international airport just 20 km from the center of Cairo.

Cairo International Airport is one of the busiest. Every day more than 150 thousand tourists and people who come here on business issues adjoin here. There are three terminals on the territory of the airport, which have a good and developed infrastructure.

Travelers and vacationers prefer to stop at Terminal 3. To leave the airport for the desired area of ​​Cairo, you can take the bus. He supervises around the clock and departs from the first terminal. Tourists will be taken comfortably by shuttle bus. His stops are Tahrir Square, suburb, Mohandesina, Giza pyramid.

Buses run from the terminals to the city center throughout the day. You can also use a taxi service, however, such a trip will cost about 50 EGP. The main station of the city is called Ramses and is a typical colonial station. On its territory, you can use spacious storage rooms and an information window, which was created especially for tourists.

If you plan not only to get around comfortably, but also to enjoy the picturesque pictures of the Nile in the background, it is recommended to use the train that runs to Luxor. Fares are paid exclusively in cash, but they accept both Euros and Dollars. The fare includes lunch and first breakfast. The maximum fare to the most remote city will be a little over 100 EGP. But it is better to buy a ticket a few days before the trip.

At the main bus station in Cairo, all routes are served without exception, including boat stations, which will allow you to freely move to any part of the city. Boats arrive with a regularity of 15 minutes, and the cost of an hour trip will cost 2 EGP. When using the metro, the fare of which will be 1 EGP (no more than 8 stations), it should be taken into account that the first carriage is exclusively for the fair sex.

Visa to Cairo

People who want to fly to Cairo may not receive a visa. Now there is no need to pre-collect documents. Upon arrival at the airport, tourists are stamped and two stamps are glued into their passport. The cost of a visa for one person is about $ 25. Tourists will be able to stay in the country for no more than 30 days.

Egypt is a state located in the northern part of Africa with a year-round sun, transparent warm sea and a long history. For some time, this country was closed to travelers from Russia at the initiative of the government because of the unsafe flights.

Now Egypt is open again - and it is necessary to understand what a tourist who arrives for the first time in Egypt after resuming flights needs to know.

The rules for entering Egypt for tourists in connection with the coronavirus have changed in 2021. It is imperative to take a PCR test and make travel health insurance covering coronavirus treatment. Insurance can be obtained online at the Cherehapa service, which compares prices from all leading insurance companies.

Before the official closure, Egypt was in the lead in the Russian list of the most visited foreign resorts on a par with Turkey.

And this is not surprising: the location of an exotic country on another continent with a unique hot climate and Egyptian pyramids for a relatively low price attracted many tourists.

So far there are only direct flights from Moscow to Cairo. You can fly to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh only with a stopover.

Travel Preparation

Egyptian authorities promise safe destinations for charter flights departing from Moscow to Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. These two main cities, located on the Red Sea coast, continue to receive tourists from all over the world for an exotic vacation.

Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada on the map of Egypt

What currency to take to Egypt

It is best and most profitable to take American dollars with you to Egypt. Euro can be exchanged at a less favorable rate, it is better not to take rubles.

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