Conquer the sky on a hang glider with a motor

Conquer the sky on a hang glider with a motor

Extreme tourism is a type of tourist recreation that is more or less associated with risk. Of course, such a vacation is only suitable for very brave people. At the same time, it requires good physical and psychological assistance, although it allows you to get just incredibly vivid and memorable impressions, emotions and adrenaline.

Adventure Tourism

We're using it. Extreme tourism. Which combines travel and active travel methods. Feelings and impressions are guaranteed. And not because suddenly it became boring, but because the majority of those around them, if they travel, are lazy. Conditionally cognitive. And then to walk from the sun lounger on the beach to the nearest bar. But, say, not in Kiev, but somewhere in Limpopo. Well, I went there. Well, I went, Well, then I got hung over. So what? Boring. And extreme tourism has never even heard of boredom. Forward.

Diving. I dived, showed off in scuba gear, remembered that now there are more than 20 million certified divers in the world, and 40 years ago there were several hundred.

Wakeboarding. A combination of water skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. The boat is racing, you are tumbling, acrobatics are resting.

Windsurfing. Sailing caricature. Racing on an oval CFRP board with fins and a small sail. Fun, fast, energetic, wet.

Rafting. Or rather, raft tours. It can be for one day, or it can be for several days. But on a raft. On the river. Outdoors. On vacation ...


Mountain biking. Bicycle, mountains and cyclist. Sometimes it's not cheap. But with the wind, and even traumatologically. The main thing is not to miss the pedals.

Spelestology. Underground travel. But not in the caves. And on artificial underground structures. Inaccessible, or uninteresting to others. In short, the gnomes are waiting to visit.

Mountaineering. This is clear. And sometimes it's not easy. But if you want to test yourself, take a chance and get to the top - leave the climbing wall and go for the equipment.

Snowboarding. Descent from the mountain. But not on a sled, but on a specially equipped board. Active, extreme, fresh, normal. Up to snowboard freestyle.

Man has always been attracted by the sky. In the 70s of the last century, people were interested in hang gliding. Flying on hang gliders, that is, light non-motorized aircraft, have received the love of people inclined to extreme sports and recreation.

Literally 10 years later, hang gliders became participants in the Olympic Games. But it is always not enough for a person. A hang-glider means only soaring in air currents. The desire to expand the capabilities of a non-powered aircraft led to the creation of new types of hang gliders that would be equipped with engines.

Designer and Pilot Handbook

The heyday of research and experiments in the field of hang gliding in the USSR came in the 70s. That gave impetus to the rapid development in the early 80s of motor ultralight aircraft. The book "Hang Gliders: Design and Theory of Flight" was written by AP Klimenko. and Nikitin AND.The. - direct participants in those legendary events.

Despite the past years, most of the information in this book has not lost its relevance. It is still considered the reference book of the designer and pilot of a motor hang-glider. And, although this book is not reprinted in our time, thanks to the development of information technology, we can offer everyone an electronic version of the book in PDF format: Hang Gliders: Design and Theory of Flight

Hang Gliders

Ultra-light aircraft are developing in two directions:

  • Control of aerodynamic steering surfaces such as aileron, spoiler, etc.
  • Balance control

Hang gliders refer to aircraft with balanced control. There have been successful attempts to make a wing with steering surfaces, but this complicates the design too much and reduces its reliability.

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The cart from the hang-glider is also used for paragliding. This is described in our other material.

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