Camping sleeping bags

How to choose a sleeping bag: features and ranking of the best

A sleeping bag selected according to temperature conditions, level of comfort and a person's figure is the key to good sleep and outdoor recreation. A large assortment of camping sleeping bags is presented on store shelves, differing in shape, thickness of insulation and other parameters. Let's take a closer look at the differences between the various models and choose the most suitable one for autotravel.

Types of Camping Sleeping Bags

The construction of camping sleeping bags is similar to that of regular camping sleeping bags. All commercially available sleeping bags can be divided into cocoons and blankets in shape.

A blanket-shaped sleeping bag is produced in a rectangular shape. A semicircular headrest is sewn into the upper part of the rectangle to warm the tourist's head. Two zippers are sewn on the side and end sides of the sleeping bag. Having unbuttoned them, you can unfold the bag and hide it like a large blanket or blanket. If you wish, you can chain two blankets together, making a cozy place for two travelers to sleep. This feature is especially convenient for a married couple or a mother with a child. Blanket beds are sewn wider than cocoons, it is more comfortable to relax in nature in them.

The cocoon-shaped sleeping bag resembles a human silhouette. In the lower part, its width decreases, at shoulder level it is maximum. A small semicircular hood with a tightening zipper is sewn into the upper part of the cocoon, and at the neck level, warming rollers are installed to prevent heat from escaping from the tourist's body. Cocoon-shaped sleeping bags keep you warm in cooler temperatures.

Choosing a camping sleeping bag

A sleeping bag for car travel, if properly used and maintained, can serve for many years, therefore, when purchasing it, they try to take into account all significant factors.

Sleeping bag cost

The cost of a sleeping bag directly depends on the materials used and the insulation inside. As a rule, road trips with overnight stays in the fresh air take place during the warm season. During cold autumn and frosty winter, it is easier to get to the nearest hotel and recuperate after a long journey in the warmth. Based on these conditions, for summer trips, it is sufficient to purchase an inexpensive polyester sleeping bag with a thin layer of filling.

Insulation type

The weight, volume and cost of a sleeping bag depends on the material used as insulation. When sewing sleeping bags, manufacturers use synthetic or natural materials.

For the manufacture of camping sleeping bags, holofiber, polyester, fireteck or synthetic winterizer are usually used. To improve water-repellent properties and increase thermal conductivity, the fiber of the insulation is additionally covered with a layer of silicone. Synthetic heaters are characterized by low thermal conductivity, do not cause allergies when using a sleeping bag and do not lose their properties when folded many times. Sleeping bags with synthetic fiber insulation retain heat well, dry quickly in the sun, and wick moisture away from the human body during sleep.

Natural filler is a time-tested insulation material. Goose or swan down is used as a natural insulation. The material is very light, retains heat well. A sleeping bag filled with bird down can cause allergies in a tourist, it gets wet quickly, it cannot be dried in a field environment, and the wet filler can become moldy inside the sleeping bag. The purchase of a sleeping bag filled with goose down is justified for overnight stays at low temperatures. For short summer trips, it makes no sense to pay for expensive natural insulation.

Sleeping bags Rafting is a large assortment of Russian-made products. The lines include models that are insulated with fluff, synthetic fillers, and suitable for any season.

About Splav

The Alloy Company was established in 1992. From the very beginning, she began to produce tourist equipment, clothing, footwear, equipment for the army, security structures. In 1993, the production of tents, awnings and accessories for them was opened.

The brand has its own design department, which develops models based on the professional experience of different types of troops. Its military ammunition and equipment have been tested more than once in difficult climatic conditions.

Today, the company's products are in great demand not only in Russia, but also abroad. Sleeping bags "Splav" are suitable for mountaineering, extreme tourism, expeditions, outdoor recreation. The brand's production facilities are located in Russia.

Summer sleeping bags

The summer line of sleeping bags Alloy includes several series. These include:

These are camping blanket sleeping bags with a lower comfort temperature of + 7 ° С. Water resistant Taffeta 190T polyester tops and sides. The models are insulated with Hollowfiber synthetic filler. The bags have a long side zip with heat roller and anti-bite bar and can be zipped with other sleeping bags. Weight 1 kilogram, length 2.25 meters, volume 75 centimeters.

• Models Alloy Veil 120 Primaloft

The series includes blanket bags with a lower comfort temperature of 10 ° C. The reverse side is made of soft Nylon 20D/370T Down Proof W/R Cire. The upper is made of water-resistant polyurethane-coated nylon. Between them is a layer of Primaloft® Silver insulation, which has good thermal insulation properties. Sleeping bags are equipped with a long detachable zipper with an anti-bite bar, an elastic cord with clamps for tightening the neckline. Weight 850 grams, length 2 meters, volume 80 centimeters.

• Double Primaloft 120 models

Ultra-light sleeping bags are relatively new to the mass market. Previously, lovers of easy-going tourism bought them in small workshops or created them themselves. It was not profitable for large manufacturers to sew such sleeping bags. But as time went on, the demand for them increased, and large companies had to pay attention to the development and manufacture of ultralight models.

Ultralight sleeping bag types

Ultra-light sleeping bags are divided into blanket models and cocoon models. They have a different design, weight, size, are equipped with a left or right zipper, they can be without them at all and have additional pockets. Bedrooms come in a variety of designs and materials. The lines include summer, demi-season, winter sleeping bags and models that can replace warm clothes.

Ultralight design

Models are insulated with light fluffy down or modern synthetic materials. They are equipped with hoods-headrests, hoods-pillows, long or short zippers. Some of the sleeping bags are equipped with hidden pockets for small items. On sale there are ultra-light chest-length options with a tape that tightens the top, and models with zippers in the arms and legs, allowing you to get something without getting out of a warm bag, and providing ventilation.

Ultralight sleeping bag materials

In order for the insulating qualities of an ultralight sleeping bag to be at its best, it must be made of breathable, vapor-permeable fabric that can dissipate heat over the entire surface. All these requirements are met by the English-made Pertex nylon material. However, it is quite expensive, so water-resistant polyester with a polyurethane coating or nylon with ripstop weave is often used in the production of easy-going backpacks.

Lightweight sleeping bag selection

You need to choose an ultralight sleeping bag based on the purpose of its application. For relaxation in the warm season, models-blankets made of polyester with synthetic filling are suitable. For mountain climbing, traveling in cold weather, it is necessary to take down cocoon sleeping bags made of nylon.

Before buying a bag, you should study its characteristics well. It is important that the product is made of fabric with high water resistance, has a soft, pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic lining. Some manufacturers inaccurately indicate the size of the model, so it is advisable to first try on the sleeping bag and check if it is suitable for height and build. The bag should not be too tight or too spacious. This will deteriorate the thermal insulation properties. The choice of design and cost depends on the personal preferences and capabilities of the owner.

TOP-best models of ultralight sleeping bags

• Yeti Fever Zero Models

American sleeping bags are of excellent quality, incredible reliability and high comfort. They are suitable for tourism, mountaineering, extreme hiking and are in great demand in many countries.

American sleeping bag manufacturers

Models are produced by many companies that develop their own technologies that ensure the strength of products, their ability to perfectly retain heat. These are mainly global brands with production facilities in America, Europe and Asia.

Alexika Sport Group

The company was founded in 1995 in Portland by a group of climbers and travelers. Its first products were tents and sleeping bags for alpine camps. Later, models for camping and trekking were added to the collection.

The main goal of the company is to make its products as comfortable as possible. Today, the brand's sleeping bags are sold all over the world, but its lines are mostly focused on the European market. Recently released series adapted to the climatic conditions of Russia. Among them:

• Winter cocoon bags Alexika Iceland Cocoon;

• Demi-season sleeping bags of Alexika Mountain windows;

• Summer camping Alexika Summer Plus sleeping bags and much more.

The company's production facilities are located in Southeast Asia, headquartered in Germany.


Woe to the tourist who didn't take the time to buy a suitable sleeping bag. This subject belongs to the first category of necessity. Among the tourist equipment, it must be present without fail. In the old days, travelers took blankets with them, which got wet, smelled bad and were very heavy. Today, technology makes it possible to take a sleeping bag as light as a feather and as warm as the thickest blanket. However, all parameters must correspond to the operating conditions.

How to choose

It should be remembered that the best sleeping bag is neither the most expensive nor the warmest, but the one that is best suited for a particular trip. What is good in the summer in the valley is bad in the winter in the mountains, and vice versa. Therefore, pay attention to the characteristics.

Construction and materials

Each sleeping bag consists of three layers - external, internal (lining) and intermediate (insulation).

Each of them must have certain characteristics:

  • Natural down (usually goose down, although eiderdown is used in expensive extreme bags) has not yet been surpassed in terms of thermal insulation. In addition, it is very light - downy sleeping bags will not overload their owner, even on a hard march. Unfortunately, fluff is afraid of moisture. When wet, it immediately sticks together and ceases to save heat. In addition, over time, it cakes, so actively used sleeping bags with down have a very specific shelf life.
  • Synthetic fibers are extremely diverse. Every few years a new type of insulation appears, which has become even lighter and better. The advantages of synthetics are their low price, they are not afraid of moisture. After getting wet, synthetic fibers retain their shape and dry easily, returning to their original state. Therefore, holofiber, thermolight and other fillers are gradually replacing natural materials, occupying the entire niche.

Shape and fit

Bedrooms are divided into two large groups according to their shape and cut:

  • Cocoon. Has an anatomical shape. At the legs it is narrower, at the shoulders it is wider, and the head is covered by a sweaty hood, which is one piece with the sleeping bag. When pulling in special compression lines, the internal space is reduced to a minimum, which means it is easier to warm up in it. The advantages of a cocoon are better heat retention, light weight and packed size. Minus - limited movement and difficulty in use for people with a non-standard figure.
  • Blanket. In such a bag, it runs along the entire side line. When unbuttoned, the sleeping bag opens and turns into a blanket. At the same time, there are varieties with or without a hood for the head. In a buttoned blanket, a person feels much more comfortable, nothing hinders his movements. Another important feature is that two blankets can be zipped together and wrapped in them together. In extreme conditions, this can be beneficial for maintaining health and even survival. Alas, the size of the blanket bag is larger, and the weight is higher, so it is rarely taken for extreme hikes at low temperatures. But camping and three-season trekking are perfectly combined with this view.

Usage temperature

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