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Tourism is an interesting sphere that allows a modern person not only to enjoy leisure time and improve his inner life, but also to improve his own financial situation. After, under the influence of internal and external crises, many areas of tourism are periodically closed and limited, Russian citizens have new opportunities within their homeland. Thus, the question of how to make money on travel has become more than relevant and promising.

Ways to make money in the tourism sector

Newcomers to the tourism industry, even at the stage of self-determination, should choose priorities and suitable areas of activity, based on their own knowledge, skills and preferences. The most popular and potentially profitable are the following types of employment:

  • work on tourism websites, including booking flights, hotel rooms and similar intermediary services;
  • selling creative products in resorts and other tourist destinations ;
  • work as guides, guides, extreme sports instructors, etc. creation of websites for tourism

Creation of tourism websites

For those who do not have sufficient financial capital, the best option would be to work on a thematic site. The services for booking places in hotels, tickets, tours and excursions are becoming more and more in demand every day. The routes within the country have been especially popular lately. And since not all existing resources can offer customers sufficient variety in this direction, creating their own resource, it is worth making a separate emphasis on this.

If you don't have enough funds to open a full-fledged resource, you can start by cooperating with existing services or offer your services on social networks or on your own blog. Blogging activities can also be used to post your own travel notes and other useful information.

Online courses on website development:

  • 1-2-3 - SITE. Climbing (1Day1Step) - a practical online course with a certificate and help in finding a job: master the functionality of the Tilda constructor; create several sites (landing, multi-page, online store); learn how to start making money on creating Tilda sites and much more.
  • How to create a website yourself (TeachLine) - distance learning course with a diploma: usability, website types and their features, prototyping, page structure, HTML, CSS, design and animation, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, CMS, PHP , website development on WordPress, the basics of website optimization (SEO) and more.
  • How to create a landing page yourself (TeachLine) - a distance learning course with a diploma: types of landing pages and their features, stages of creation, structure, errors, design in Figma, design and texts in the interface, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript , jQuery, PHP, landing page development on CMS WordPress, SEO and more.
  • WordPress: Domain and Hosting and WordPress: Basic (Evgeny Popov) - free video courses on creating sites from scratch on CMS WordPress. Domain registration and hosting purchase, WordPress installation, posts, images and media, pages, content management, site appearance and more.

Earn on sites using partner programs of services for tourism, recreation and travel (the most popular is TravelPayouts).

Sale of souvenirs


Business courses



Extreme tourism, visit the pirates

Yes, what people just do not invent just to tickle their nerves and cut the money. It's about extreme tourism for a little crazy people, in a good understanding of the word. Well, think for yourself: you visited Antalya, acquired a magnificent tan, and there is nothing to remember. And here is…. And so a short interview with Australian Kevin Pollard, he offers interesting tourist tours: he takes his tourists to the hottest spots of the planet. Through its partners, the travel agency Babylon Travel in Geneva, he sells trips to Paxitan, Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia. He plans to visit Chechnya.

Where did you go last?

I visited Afghanistan with a group of 12 tourists from Europe. Incredible impressions both for them and for me.

Hmm, Afghan is clearly not a resort. This is a hotbed of terrorism and drug trafficking.

In the know. You know, sitting on the beach under an umbrella and doing nothing is no longer a vacation. My clients, like me, do not tolerate it either. They are interested in politics, religion, history and culture of other countries. It is the Arab countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia and Iraq that are very attractive in this regard, and it keeps our way there.

Also, what was interesting?

On May 2, 2011, my group spent the night at the US Air Force base in Bagram in Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan. Combat planes were flying over our heads, but we did not know what was happening, but there was clearly some kind of "movement". Before that, our mobile phones were taken away, the same is clearly not casual. They returned in the morning. After lunch, a colleague called me and told me interesting news: "Bin Laden was killed." This is how I found myself in the center of events.

Against the background of global cataclysms in recent years, people are more and more interested in the problems of survival in non-standard, unusual conditions for a modern person. Our country is no exception. Opening a new business in Russia that could teach people how to survive in the wild, without electricity, heating and other human benefits, seems to be a rather promising business.

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For obvious reasons, not everyone can open such a school of survival. To teach people something, you yourself need to be a professional in a particular field. In Russia, this business is new and it is suitable for climbers, firefighters, rescuers or the military. As you know, these people finish their work experience early in their specialty. Opening your own business by profession, transferring your knowledge and skills to the younger generation is a win-win. Having decided to open a survival school in Russia as a new business, one must take into account the responsibility that the teacher takes on. The information conveyed to students must be reliable and useful.

What is survival school

Survival courses can be organized in a variety of formats. These can be regular classes over a period of time, or individual master classes. The duration of individual lessons does not allow transferring the course information in full, so they can be separated into separate thematic lectures. Classes are usually divided into theoretical and practical. Without the application of knowledge in artificially created conditions, training will be incomplete. Trainings can be carried out right in nature, teach first aid, how to use flora and fauna for their own purposes. The duration of one lesson should not exceed 2-3 hours, and theoretical lessons should be alternated with practical ones.

To open a new interesting and useful business consumer in Russia, the program needs to be built on such basic aspects: <

  • survival in non-standard conditions;
  • Provision of first medical and general assistance to others;
  • Increase chances for survival for a long time;
  • Precautions that will avoid dangerous situations.

where to start courses of survival?


Material on the topic: "Tourist business ideas" with a complete explanation and justification.

Tourist business from scratch

How to open a travel agency? Step-by-step instruction <

Before starting any activities, it is advisable to develop a business plan, assess the competitors market. Tourist business is a fairly advantageous activity, the term of its payback from one year. No licenses and additional permissions are required. A detailed marketing research of the tourist market can be studied here.

Initially, it is necessary to cover the areas of tourist activity in which you have knowledge, partners and connections. It is necessary to determine its niche in the service market. We recommend that you initially use the tactics of unidirectional activities, for example, specialize in tours to oriental countries or organize extreme rest in wild places.


Each company is at the present time literally fighting for each client, in your office everything should be at the highest level, ranging from repair, decor and ending with the helpful personnel. Take care to have the opportunity to offer client tea or coffee, put interesting logs or photos to the prominent place, create a corner with souvenirs from different countries. Each visitor should have the opinion that they were in a decent, successful firm. The furniture should be fashionable and convenient, a leather sofa or comfortable chairs is well suited for customer stay.

Develop a system of discounts and promotions of regular customers. Alternatively, the manufacture of club cards is suitable. Discounts can be provided on the factor of seasonality or consideration of customers.

Tourist business is divided into tour operators and travel agents.

Tour operators. Directly engaged in the creation of tours (airfares are organized, book rooms in hotels).

Travel agents. Sell ​​ready-made tours developed by the tour operator. On average, the process of travel agents range from 10 to 15% of the cost of the tour.

small firms, as a rule, are travel agents, that is, they charge ready-made products, with their further selling.

To work with tours, you need to connect access to a unified search database for tours and tour operators.

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