Bulgaria is so different: a short trip home

The most impressive destinations in Bulgaria

Holidays in Bulgaria, organization of sea holidays, individual excursions on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Landmarks of Bulgaria. Rest in Sozopol Bulgaria.

Children's Festival Bulgaria

In June this year, for the eighth time, a children's festival "Sun - Friendship - Peace" was held in the resort town of Obzor. It was attended by groups from Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. (more ...)

Begliktash - a miracle on the sacred Thracian mountain

In this article I want to tell you about a visit to an extraordinary ancient stone complex. There are many names for this place ... From unsuccessful translations of its Turkish name to Bulgarian Stonehenge ... (more ...)

Bungee jumping in Bulgaria

Man has always tried to surpass his capabilities.

What could be more exciting than challenging fate and surviving to talk about it.

Bungee jumping is interesting for those who just want to test themselves and for those who are terribly afraid of heights, but want to cope with this fear. (more ...)

Extreme Water Tourism in Bulgaria

Extreme water tourism in Bulgaria is becoming more and more popular every year. You can go rafting, canyon trekking, exploring underwater caves, and kayaking on the rivers and sea. (more ...)

Paragliding in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an attractive destination for tourists, not only because of its wonderful resorts such as Golden Sands. The country offers to all visitors countless tourist destinations, impressive New Byzantine buildings and wonderful places like the Valley of the Roses.

Today everyone can afford an affordable vacation in Bulgaria, which offers a lot of new experiences. A huge plus of this direction is that it is very close and you can even get there by bus. And then we will tell you about the most beautiful places in this country.

Rose Valley, Kazanlak

If you are looking for a truly special place, choose the Valley of the Roses in Kazanlak. Here you will walk along kilometers of paths lined with very beautiful roses. These scents will delight all your senses for hours. The Valley of Roses is the perfect place for couples.

In the city of Kazanlak, you can visit both the Castle of Roses and the museum dedicated to these flowers, where you can buy fragrant rose jam.


Koprivshtitsa is a very old town, which is carefully preserved by the Bulgarians. They take great care of their traditions and history. It is an impressive architectural ensemble dating back to the period of the Bulgarian Renaissance. Koprivshtitsa is an area where you can completely relax, especially as it is located near the Topolnitsa River.

The city of Ruse is located very close to the capital of the neighboring state of Romania. Bucharest is only 70 km away. In Ruse, you can walk around the old city center, take part in festivals that are held every summer and at the end of autumn.

Foodies are the ones who will get the most out of visiting Rousse. Here you can enjoy excellent food at very low prices.


Melnik is considered by many travelers to be a romantic city, ideal for a getaway for two. Here you will enjoy the silence, hidden alleys, museums and historic centers that will make you think you are in another century.

In addition, in Melnik you can enjoy famous wines, which are known and appreciated all over the world for their exquisite taste.

There is hardly another country, the attitude of Russians to which is as ambiguous as to Bulgaria. On the one hand, Russia more than once came to the aid of the Bulgarian people (suffice it to recall the period of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878), on the other hand, "brothers" fought against our country in two world wars. The state, which during the years of building socialism was spoken of as the 16th Soviet republic, was the first of the former participants in the Warsaw Pact to join NATO. Finally, the tourist dream of Soviet citizens (it was realized only among a select few), after the discovery of the Turkish-Egyptian paradise for Russians, fell into the category of "a scoop, he is a scoop." And all this is true.

Nessebar or Sunny Beach?

The question is not idle, although it only arises for those who are in preparation for a trip to Bulgaria. Upon arrival in the country, everything falls into place. The fact is that many Russians still associate Solnechny Bereg, firstly, with the Slynchev Bryag brandy, one of the few available imported alcoholic beverages. And secondly, with the Golden Orpheus music festival held here in the Soviet years. It was on it that in 1975 A. Pugacheva received the Grand Prix for the song "Arlekino", becoming immediately after that ... Alla Pugacheva.

And Nessebar? Nessebar, a city with 3000 years of history, is not associated with anything. At least that was until recently. It is worth explaining. From the point of view of administrative-territorial division, Sunny Beach does not exist. There is an almost 10 km long coastline of beaches and a coastal strip (from Sveti Vlas to old Nessebar), built up with a large number of hotels, administrative and residential buildings. This part of the coast is part of the Nessebar community and is collectively known as Sunny Beach.

And in view of the fact that Nessebar consists of an old (everything is simple here) and a new part, then, perhaps, not every local resident can understand these territorial intricacies. Therefore, some geographic inaccuracy may accidentally fall into the story about this region. It doesn't matter.

Historical background about Nessebar

As already noted, Nessebar is the oldest city in Bulgaria, dating back more than 3000 years of its existence. Even one listing of notable events that befell him will take a long time. Therefore, I will confine myself to only epoch-making turns in the history of the city.

First millennium BC ... - a Thracian settlement is located here. As in many other cases, this is determined thanks to the finds of some artifacts. Among the Thracians, this place was called Menebria, associated with the name of the first settler Mena. The existence of this person is controversial, but one of the streets of modern Nessebar bears his name.

From the 6th century BC ... - Messembria becomes a Greek colony, and from 72 BC. ... part of the Roman Empire. With the disintegration of the latter, this part of the Black Sea coast became part of Byzantium, and from 811 it became Bulgaria. This period of the greatest prosperity of Nessebar, according to the Bulgarian historians, was interrupted for a long period.

This is interesting! In 1452 the fortress city of Missivri (Turkish,) is under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Liberation was brought by Russian troops, who achieved success in July 1828 during the next Russian-Turkish war.

Recently returned from a wonderful trip to Bulgaria. After flying from the UAE to Sofia, we stopped at Le Fleurs boutique Hotel. A wonderful hotel in the center of the capital. Within walking distance of the Vitosha shopping street with all restaurants and attractions nearby.

Vitosha Boulevard - the main shopping street of Sofia

First day in Sofia

On the first day after checking into the hotel, we went for half a day sightseeing to get to know the city. In just 20 minutes we got to the National Historical Museum of Sofia.

The museum has more than 650,000 unique exhibits and we were lucky to see one of the oldest gold treasures in the world.

After the museum we drove further uphill to the medieval Orthodox Bulgarian Church of Boyana, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

Day two - walking tour of Sofia

The day ended with a delicious Bulgarian traditional dinner and traditional folk music and dancing. On the second day after breakfast, we went on a free guided walking tour of Sofia. Tours start daily at 10 or 11 am in front of the Palace of Justice in Sofia, which is located a short walk from our hotel.

Our big tour of Bulgaria started on the third day when our rented SUV was delivered to our hotel. The first destination from the capital was the Prohodna Cave (through the eyes of God), located 1.0 hours drive from Sofia.

After that we continued on to the Troyan Monastery, the third largest monastery in Bulgaria, located in the Balkan Mountains on the banks of the Black Osam River, dating back to 1600.

Bulgarian phrasebook for tourists

If you are going to Bulgaria on a trip as a tourist and want to explore not only the beaches, but also visit restaurants, archaeological and cultural sights, or just have fun at the beach disco, it would be nice to know conversational Bulgarian tongue.

And what to do if there is absolutely no time at work and at home, there is not a drop of free time to study the Bulgarian language.

If you are an owner of an Android phone, you can download a voice translator from Bulgarian to Russian by going here.

There is a great solution for quickly learning Bulgarian for tourists, you don't even need to learn all these phrases and take textbooks, but just open our website and look at the entire set of words you need - a simple solution! You can download GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT BULGARIAN LANGUAGE a good book for beginners.

Bulgarian language - a short phrasebook for tourists

And what to hide? Bulgarian is very similar to Russian and the first time, staying in Bulgaria, it even seems that they "stole" (in the good sense of the word) all of our speech. However, no, it's not like that! Everything is not at all like that, Bulgarian words differ from ours in form, and it should also be remembered that Bulgarian borrowings are from: Ukrainian, French, Turkish, Greek and Italian. The basis is still the well-known old Slavic root, so do not be surprised if you hear such outdated words (which are found only in Christian texts during prayers and crossovers), such as: chelo, eye, sever, mistress, restaurant, ogledalo , shoes, children, etc.

Bulgarian phrasebook - Old Slavic alphabet

However, one important detail should be taken into account Bulgarian language has a different grammar than Russian, as well as other stress in words. This is where the difference ends, perhaps.

There is no letter in the Bulgarian language: Ё, Ы and E.

The letter Y is sometimes pronounced through the letter I.

The letter E in Bulgarian is replaced by the letter E (good - reads like good).

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