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Places for extreme sports

Interesting places for extreme recreation

Lately, many tourists have become tired of the standard vacation with its nightclubs and beaches. For those who are tired of ordinary resorts, there are routes to interesting places, a vacation in which will leave impressions for many months, or even years.

The Maldives - the most interesting places on the planet

The Maldives is recognized as the world's best diving destination. By the way, the Maldives has its own diving school on each island. And each school has at least two instructors, from which we can conclude that diving is the main type of port on the islands. Equipment can be rented and it is advisable to listen to the instructors. In the Maldives, the current is rather complicated, which, at times, complicates the studies. Surfing and fishing are also popular on the islands, as well as a new trend in Snorkelling - a type of swimming with only masks and snorkels.


Europeans in Nepal are a kind of miracle that descended from heaven. The reason for this is the recently opened borders for tourists. It is better not to save money on hotels, and also not to experiment with street food, you should only drink water from bottles. If you follow these safety rules, your vacation will become a real extreme trip that will be remembered for a lifetime.


African hunting is a very expensive trip and you need to prepare well in advance. It is better not to experiment with independent tours, but to find organized tours and protect yourself, since hunting in African countries is accompanied by a bunch of problems and formalities. It is better to take trained people on the trip. There is a classic South African tour for 20 days with excursions and hunting in two areas.


Many people know that real fish is very different from the one that is often found in stores. There are many types of fish. Finland is a real paradise for lovers of fishing and fish dishes. Everything you need can be taken right on the spot. Finland is often called "the country of fish" and is quite justified.

Of course, this is not all extreme vacation, however, for people tired of typical hotels, you can choose something to their liking. There is always a tour to your liking, both for individual tourists and for extreme family holidays.

Bungee jumping over the Zambezi River, crazy victorious descent in Canada, diving in Micronesia. Introducing the world's best extreme sports destinations.

Diving, reefs, sharks, Japanese fleet

The underwater world is quiet and slow. Water cuts off ground noise, cacophony of sounds and unnecessary stimuli. Unfortunately, the development of civilization and global warming have a noticeable impact on underwater life. Fortunately, not yet everywhere.

Maldives - an underwater paradise

During El Niño in 1998, some shallow reefs in the Maldives lost some of their colors, but over time everything is back to normal, and locals claim that the underwater world has never looked so beautiful.

The Maldives is known for its incredibly beautiful beaches and turquoise blue waters, and the weather is favorable there all year round. However, what is underwater is even more interesting. There are many places in the world where coral reefs are brighter and more impressive, but there are few places where underwater life is as rich as in the Maldives. Diving here can be classified as the best in the world, everyone will find something for themselves. Large schools of fish swimming nearby will impress not only fauna lovers. It is a great spot to spot reef sharks, turtles, rays and manta rays. Here is a paradise for fans of extreme sports

Wreck divers should definitely go to the Truk Islands in Micronesia, where a significant part of the Japanese fleet rests at the bottom, drowned in 1944 during the American bombing. Hulls of ships, planes ready for takeoff, weapons, household items - all in one place.

Number three in our subjective rating is Belize, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The Blue Hole is located in the center of Lighthouse Atoll. It was once an underwater cave 135 meters deep. There you can see stalactites and rock formations unprecedented anywhere else. The place was discovered to the world and popularized by Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself.

Kite surfing, water, flying and Asia

One of the most dynamically developing sports, one of those that provides a powerful adrenaline rush. Speed, strength and reflexes are important here. Where can I learn this? Maybe on the Mui Ne beach, located in the southeast of Vietnam? It is a four hour drive from Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon. In recent years, Mui Ne Beach has become one of the world's centers for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The beach is one of the friendliest places for tourists. Here you can always count on the wind. For 230 days a year, it blows at a speed of over 12 knots. During peak season, between November and April, it can blow at 40 knots. In the off-season, the wind weakens, and the waves are lower.

Kite surfers feel at ease here. There are no crowds of tourists, although there is not enough local, Asian flavor. The beaches are long, sandy, with palm trees all the way to the coastline.

Extreme entertainment is one of the most effective ways to safely deal with your negative emotions. Sochi is one of the best places in Russia to blow off some steam.

  • Sochi - where to “catch” adrenaline
  • Olympic sports for tourists in Sochi
  • A walk along the Sochi health trails
  • The best and varied sports activities
Extreme amusement park in Sochi PHOTO: ecotrip-sochi. u

Sochi - Where to Catch Adrenaline

One of the safest, weirdest and coolest ways to tickle your nerves - was invented back in 1980, by a young builder from New Zealand. Tying long vines to their feet, the locals jumped headfirst from 35-meter wooden towers. For a long time, the islanders believed that these fearless leaps would bring a large harvest of sweet potatoes.

PHOTO: densurka. u

After his first leap nearly 30 years ago, builder Hackett decided that everyone should experience what they felt. First of all, he turned to the New Zealand Department of Science and Industrial Research, where he was helped to invent a mathematical formula and make a strong and safe rubber rope for jumping from bridges. There are now eight parks in the world representing the AJ Hackett brand. extreme Skypark in Sochi

Skypark AJ Hackett opened in Sochi a couple of years ago. It is located in the Akhshtyr Gorge in the valley of the Mzymta River on the road to Krasnaya Polyana in the middle of an old forest. Here you can find Colchis boxwood, jasmine and rhododendrons.

The centerpiece of the park is the 439-meter Skybridge, the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world. The first step is to take an exciting walk through this structure. At an altitude of 207 meters above sea level, you will see the Caucasus Mountains on one side and the Black Sea coast on the other. Here, anxiety gradually gives way to delight.

PHOTO: vhs-austria. om

This is where you will see the highest swing in the world, the SochiSwing - 170 meters, they are among the highest bungee in the world, and like the MegaTroll attraction, it allows participants to reach speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour, they also located in Skypark.

The Liana Cave leads to the via ferrata (a protected climbing route equipped with steel cables, which are fixed to the rock). The route is intended for those who do not like wild jumps over mountain gorges. In addition to thrilling giant rides, Skypark has many other enjoyable spots such as Mowgli Adventure Park, the Interactive International Bungee Jumping Museum, a 1200 square meter 18-meter climbing wall, observation decks with excellent sea and mountain views, and restaurants. at the edge of the canyon.

Of course, extreme tourism is very interesting and exciting. However, the pursuit of thrills and new emotions can end in disaster. Traveling to the most dangerous tourist destinations on the planet can result in loss of health and even loss of life. Where exactly should you be very careful?

Lake Nyos, Cameroon

Crater Lake Nyos in the Adamawa Mountains of northwestern Cameroon is known as the "killer lake".

The depth of the lake is 201 m, and huge volumes of carbon dioxide accumulate at the bottom, which is produced by a volcano that is extinct on the surface, but active in the depths of the reservoir.

Any external impact - earthquake, landslide, landslide, strong winds - can provoke a repetition of the 1986 catastrophe. Then almost the entire population of nearby villages - and this is 2 thousand people - was destroyed by an explosion of gas that rose from the depths.

Mount Huashan, China

On the Qinling Ridge in Shaanxi Province, there is one of the sacred mountains in Taoism - Huashan. Thousands of tourists annually climb a difficult and dangerous climb to a height of 2,160 m.

A unique path leads past the most beautiful places - monasteries and pagodas, temples and gates, while the road is extremely dangerous. An extreme climb leads along rickety footbridge without railings, in some places travelers hang over an abyss. The road is called "the path of death" for a reason.

The daredevil will be rewarded with tea in the teahouse at the top. Back, the travelers descend on the funicular.

Hussaini Bridge, Pakistan

The age of the suspension bridge across the Gunzi River in Pakistan is unknown even to local residents. The wobbly structure is assembled from wooden planks and ropes; over the years, the thin ropes have frayed, and the planks have fallen out. Crossing the bridge is also extremely dangerous because of the strong cold winds that strive to throw the traveler into the fast river.

Not everyone likes a quiet and relaxing beach holiday. Those who want to feel the adrenaline and the frantic rhythm of the heartbeat go to countries where extreme sports are developed. In some states, the structure of a certain dangerous kind of sport is developed, which tourists are sure to try out. Below are the top 10 countries for active and extreme sports.


Here you can try volcanoboarding - this is a descent down the slope of an active volcano! The entire path of the extreme is covered with ash and still uncooled lava. And the board develops a speed of up to 90 km/h. This kind of sport is certainly not for weaklings.


There is a Death Road in this country, along which mountain bike races take place. Participants overcome a dangerous path with numerous obstacles at high speed.

The winner will have not only a year's supply of adrenaline, but also an impressive prize.

Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula

Underwater speleology is widespread here. This is the name of the descent into natural wells, in which water flows, and then the return back. It attracts by the fact that the extreme goes to places where no human has ever set foot.

Spain, Pamplona

Bull races are held here every year. Thousands of tourists come to this event not only to watch the spectacular spectacle, but also to take part.

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