Best Travel Backpacks for 2020: Features, Cost, Advantages and Disadvantages

Best Travel Backpacks for 2020: Features, Cost, Advantages and Disadvantages

Over the years of practice, I had the opportunity to experiment and try many backpacks in use, since there were not only opportunities, but also the desire to find both the optimal one for various tasks, and the best one for daily use.

Alas, of the "tactical" options, very little suits the city, some look too tactical, others in such colors that you can call them urban, the language does not turn. In any case, we will talk about city backpacks separately.

Note: Below is what I have ever used, all conclusions are drawn from practice and personal preference.

Key Features of Tactical Backpacks

The name "tactical" comes from the production of equipment and uniforms for military personnel. Tactical backpacks, which differ from the usual ones, have many features:

  • A large number of external pouches and compartments for distributing the necessary items in the "quick access" area, without the need to open the main compartment;
  • Modular expansion system, for pouches , thanks to which you can expand and get the necessary functionality;
  • The available quick release system;
  • The presence of pockets for hidden carrying weapons.

Types of tactical backpacks

Tactical backpacks are of two main types:

  • Raid ;
  • Assault.

These backpacks have volumes of up to 60-70 liters, as well as the Molle attachment system or its analogue PALS.

Raid Backpacks are for long outings. The design of raid backpacks may include quick-detachable pockets, which functionally can be used separately from the backpack. Raid backpacks are large and equipped with unloading waist belts.

Ski backpacks are high-tech accessories for extreme sports. This type of backpack has a number of key features, including a special ski and snowboard attachment system, a compartment with rescue equipment, and a separate soft pocket for a ski mask or goggles. Most models are equipped with a back protector to prevent injury.

The volume of ski backpacks with back protection is no more than 40 liters. This is enough for all ski equipment, while such backpacks can withstand long hikes. Such a backpack is not suitable for hiking trips and long expeditions.

Ski backpack design with protection

The design of ski backpacks with protection includes the following elements:

1. External straps for securing skis and snowboards, as well as ice equipment

2. Rigid back frame that not only distributes weight but also protects the back from injury.

3. The straps and hip belt on many models play the role of a safety climbing system.

4. The straps are specially shaped (often in the shape of a sickle or letter S), which ensures a snug fit of the backpack to the body.

5. Chest and lumbar belts, thanks to which the correct distribution of the load occurs, for comfort and safety.

6. Reinforced back with durable and lightweight protection that prevents fall injuries and keeps the shape of the backpack. In addition, when falling, the backpack does not move on the back and can soften shocks.

7. The backpack has a narrow shape, so that the athlete can sit normally on the lift.

A tourist backpack can rightfully be called a good friend of every traveler. It is he who accompanies his owner on all trips and is responsible for the safety of his luggage.

The quality and spaciousness, and most importantly, the convenience of the backpack you choose depends not only on the number of things that you can take with you on a hike, but also on your mood, which will not be spoiled by a broken carabiner or a torn strap.

A loaded backpack should not create a feeling of discomfort, crush, rub, slide or interfere with walking. Therefore, puzzled by the question of how to choose a tourist backpack, it is very important to first familiarize yourself with the information about the varieties and characteristics of modern tourist satellites, and after that, go to the store to buy.

Types of Travel Backpacks

Depending on the design, backpacks are:


They do not have a frame and are more like the progenitor of a backpack - a knapsack.

The advantage of the soft model is that it has a low weight and low cost. Plus, an empty backpack can be easily rolled up and stowed away until it's useful again.

In order for a soft backpack to be conveniently positioned behind the back, it must be properly packed, which requires a certain skill. For this reason, this model is not very popular these days.


These backpacks consist of two parts: a metal or plastic frame (machine) and a soft backpack that attaches to it. With their help, you can carry large luggage by weight, since the frame helps to distribute the weight of the luggage and reduce the load on the spine. In addition to the backpack itself, it is possible to fix other weights on the machine.

A tourist backpack is specialized equipment for expeditions and various kinds of outings, where the question of high-quality equipment becomes. Any hike is impossible without a backpack, because you need to take a lot of necessary things with you. Capacious specialized equipment is rightfully considered the best. With its help, the hands will be free, and the load will be distributed evenly over the body. Accordingly, maximum comfort is achieved. Now it is impossible to imagine a hike without a backpack on your shoulders. That is why we have selected the TOP-7 of the best models of tourist backpacks, referring to the most important parameters.

It is important that the product has some kind of protective coating that prevents moisture and dirt from getting inside. But the main thing is volume. If you try hard, then the basic minimum can be accommodated in a primitive small backpack. However, sometimes the hikes are delayed, so that minimum is no longer enough. For this reason, it is worth approaching this issue as responsibly as possible. Sometimes buyers choose extremely roomy models, which, after filling, become completely unbearable. It is important to find the "golden mean" here. It is also important to have additional mountings. This will allow you to more securely fix the backpack and distribute the weight evenly.

Specifications Comparison Chart

In this TOP, we have collected the 7 best backpacks for tourism.

ModelVolumeNumber of strapsType of construction TATONKA Bison 90 + 10 black100 l2anatomicaldeuter Aircontact PRO 70 + 1585l2anatomicalOutventure Explorer 120120l2anatomicalTramp Setter 6060l2anatomical WENGER Narrow Hiking Pack 22 green/gray2

Below is a detailed description of each model.

Top Travel Backpacks Rating

TATONKA Bison + black

The company has been famous for its products for many years. Bizon is considered a hit of sales and is one of the first brand developments. This roomy product combines not only high quality and pleasant appearance, but also attention to the smallest detail. A special suspension system acts as a basis, with the help of which the weight is perfectly distributed throughout the body. The powerful hip belt allows you to securely fix the structure, thereby significantly reducing the load on the spine. The manufacturer claims that the correct setting of the backpack will ensure that 80-85% of the weight is transferred to the legs and hips. The design of the suspension is thought out to the smallest detail, so the operation of the unit not only does not harm your health, but is also as comfortable as possible. The hip belt does not deform under high loads due to the profiled polyethylene plate, which is sewn into it. Thanks to the soft insert in the back of the backpack, which rests against the owner's lower back, the pressure is evenly distributed over the entire area. So, the design can fit snugly to the body without causing any discomfort. This makes the product more stable, which is especially noticeable when walking on difficult terrain.

With the help of the suspension, the model is adjusted for a specific user. The lines are responsible for the most accurate adjustment, ensuring a snug fit. The product boasts a large number of compartments where all things can fit: from small to large. The backpack is one of the most "stuffed" with various utilities. The fabric is distinguished by its density, so you can safely sit on the product during halts. The seams are not sealed, however, short-term precipitation will not harm. To guarantee the preservation of things intact and safe, you should stock up on a large rain cover. Be that as it may, and such an abundance of pockets and the capacity of the model affected its overall weight. You cannot call it light, therefore not everyone can wear it.

Cost: 23 399 rubles.

deuter Aircontact PRO +

One of the most common tests of human endurance is hiking. In addition, for each "sortie" you need the right equipment. It is impossible to imagine a hike without a backpack, which can hold all the most necessary things. After all, it is the equipment that is considered the most successful, into which all the necessary items and things will intervene. It frees your arms and effectively distributes weight between your shoulders and hips, allowing you to carry and carry your essentials with maximum comfort and convenience.

A backpack must be of high quality, comfortable and fully consistent with the lifestyle. Now it is impossible to imagine people going on a hike, regardless of its duration, without this specialized thing. The editors of the YNashla website have prepared an overview of the best hiking backpacks in 2021.

What to look for before buying?

In field conditions, a backpack is a very important part. That is why it must be suitable, of high quality and meet the specific needs of its owner. Before you buy a hiking backpack, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • What is it made of, and how high-quality the material used is;
  • The quality of the seams - they must be even and strong, with smooth and sharp jerks in different the sides should not crack and disperse;
  • Size - it should fit all the items and things necessary for the trip;
  • The presence of a sufficient number of compartments that will provide unhindered access to the necessary small things; <
  • Versatility - the backpack should be such that there is no need to take additional bags or specialized carriers;
  • Things from the backpack should be easily and easily removed;
  • Possibilities of transformation; <
  • Adequate ventilation around the shoulders and back;
  • The presence of a special protective cover that provides protection from dirt and rain.

Backpack volume

With a certain skill, you can fit all the things you need, even in the smallest backpack. But often, with a compact size, all bulky things cling to the outside of the bag, which does not give convenience during the hike. Therefore, the choice of volume should be approached responsibly. It should be borne in mind that too large a hiking backpack has certain disadvantages. For example, there is a temptation to put a lot of things into it that will make it unbearable.

When choosing a volume, consider the following features:

  • for an average person on weekends, it is enough to purchase a hiking backpack with a volume of 45 to 60 liters;
  • for hiking on rough terrain lasting more than a week is better in total, backpacks with a volume of 80 to 130 liters for men and from 65 to 80 liters for women are suitable;
  • for hiking in the mountains it is recommended to purchase backpacks for men from 100 to 110 liters, and for women - from 65 to 80 liters;
  • for skiing or water hiking, you should take care of the availability of a hiking backpack for men with a volume of 130 liters or more, and for women it will be enough to buy a backpack with a volume of 80 to 100 liters.

With regard to weight, this indicator should be determined depending on the weight and physique of the tourist.

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