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Video film of Yakhroma Memory Watch

On November 25, 2017, the Military-Patriotic Club "Phoenix", together with the Center for Patriotic Education and School Sports of the city of Moscow, held the Military-Historical Event "Watch of Memory" of military-patriotic associations dedicated to the 76th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow ".

90 students of military-patriotic clubs and cadet corps visited about 15 military graves and memorial complexes to fallen soldiers defending the Moscow borders in 1941. Military honors were given to the fallen soldiers and flowers were laid at the monuments in the village of Zeretskoye to the monument "Grieving Mother", in the city of Yakhroma to the military memorial, in the village of Eremilovo to the memorial to the Heroes of the Battle of Moscow, in the city of hugging to the mass grave by soldiers of others , as well as the guys visited the Museum of Tank T-34 in the village of Sholokhovo. Eternal memory to the Heroes!

October, at the Garrison-A training ground, the "Phoenix Club of Extreme Rest and Tourism" held a group ride on a Jagdpanther tank

On October 28, 2017, at the Garrison-A training ground, the "Phoenix Club of Extreme Rest and Tourism" held a group ride on a Jagdpanther tank.

It is a replica (exact copy) of the 1943 German Jagdpanther tank. "Jagdpanther" is a heavy-weight German self-propelled artillery unit (ACS) of the class of tank destroyers during the Second World War. "Jagdpanther" is designed on the basis of the "Panther" PzKpfw V Ausf/G tank and has a line-up close to the line-up of the Soviet SU-85 self-propelled guns (nizskiy corps of a perfect configuration). For a heavy vehicle, the Jagdpanther had good speed. Since October 1943, German factories have produced 413 units.

- Arrival at the Garrison-A training ground;

- Registration of program participants;

- Dressing up in military uniform;

- Riding on a Jagdpanther tank inside or on armor for 5-6 people for about 30 minutes - 8 km over rough terrain;

Summer camp for teenagers "Zhukov"

Since July 2017, the camp "Zhukov" with a military-patriotic bias of education is again open for adolescents!

Summer camp is good because the time spent in it is completely different from school or city life. The days spent at the Zhukov children's camp will change the outlook on your child's life. Every day - getting new knowledge, skills, training, theory and practice of military affairs, team building lessons.

The purpose of the military-patriotic camp is to teach the younger generation not to be afraid of difficulties, to be able to live in the absence of the benefits of civilization, to feel life in a team, to learn responsibility to older people, to comrades and to oneself.

The most valuable thing that every child can take out of the Zhukov camp is lessons that teach respect for the history of the Motherland, for its heroes, for parents and elders, teamwork, and developing willpower.

In the camp, children will not only rest and have fun, but also learn the art of war. Every day of the camp shift is scheduled for children by the hour. A real field kitchen serves them as a dining room, and soldiers' tents serve as dormitories. Instead of attending hobby groups familiar in city life, teenagers learn shooting skills with great pleasure, go hiking, learn to overcome various types of obstacles, and receive lessons in real hand-to-hand combat.

Why is it worth buying a ticket to the Zhukov camp

Your teenager, even if earlier you could call him a real tomboy, after staying in a military-patriotic camp will definitely change for the better! He will learn many useful things, learn:

  • the basics of military art;
  • hand-to-hand combat techniques;
  • will learn self-discipline, organization, order;
  • will receive theoretical and practical lessons on working with weapons;
  • will receive good tourist training;
  • will learn how to survive in extreme cases;
  • will feel what a friendly shoulder is; <
  • learns what radiation, chemical, biological protection is.

In addition to this, during 1 shift, teenagers go on an excursion to the Museum of the History of the Airborne Forces and visit the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command Order of Suvorov twice Red Banner School named after General of the Army V. Argelova.

Summer camp "Zhukov"

This summer, a children's summer camp "Zhukov" with a military-patriotic bias will work in the Ryazan region. The location of the camp is the area between the village of Tokarevo and Malyshevo, which is in the Rybnovsky district. We accept children from 11 to 17 years old.

Tank trip in the Moscow region

Tank driving in the Moscow region is a service from the Phoenix club for fans of extreme recreation. We invite you to the Peredovaya training ground, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of wartime, learn about the peculiarities of controlling military equipment, and visit the museum of military vehicles. Such a pastime is perfect for self-confident men, teenagers, all lovers to spend their day off in an interesting and informative way.

Peculiarities of riding a tank in the Moscow region

Riding is carried out on the Gromada tank (this is a replica of an ACS combat vehicle on the BMP-1 platform). Before the start of this mini-tour, there is a mandatory safety briefing, and all participants change into military uniforms. After that, an obstacle course awaits you with overcoming labyrinths, destroyed stairs and other objects (it is recommended to pass only people with proper physical training).

The program includes shooting at a shooting range from special paintball machines, as well as throwing grenades. After that, riding on a tank begins directly for 15 minutes along the forest belt.

At the final stage, all participants can attend a military field lunch, which includes fragrant buckwheat porridge with stew, bread, strong tea, and of course, intimate conversations, during which the instructors will surely tell you something fascinating ...

Riding a tank in the Moscow region is a great gift for a lover of extreme recreation.

The standard program includes not only a walk on a tank, but also shooting, overcoming various obstacles and interesting competitions. Here are the advantages of this pastime:

  • Experienced instructors who will monitor compliance with safety regulations and lead an interesting and informative tour.
  • Riding is carried out on exact replicas of military equipment, which allows you to recreate the atmosphere of the front line.
  • Polygons in the Moscow region are located in picturesque places with beautiful nature - an excellent option for those who like to relax outside the city.
  • We sell certificates for this service, which will allow you to make a pleasant surprise to your loved one. To order a ride on a tank in the Moscow region, call our club and reserve a place.

Helicopter flight over Moscow

If you want to have a wonderful time, see the beautiful views of our capital from a bird's eye view, admire the beauties of nature, a helicopter flight over Moscow and the Moscow region will be an exciting adventure for you!

This service is suitable for both romantic couples and friends, all fans of extreme relaxation. In addition, the flight will be an excellent option for those who just want to get to know the capital and come to this city for an excursion.

Features of helicopter flight

Dear friends! There is a recruitment in children's groups for "Tai Eskrima" (the art of working with short sticks) (age from 7 years)! All details by phone: +7 963 191 68 08 (Artem Druzhinin). 214-29-00, 219-35-05 ("River - center")

We cooperate with "River - Center" (Krasnoyarsk, Abytaevskaya st. 2, tel. 214-29-00, 219-35-05) . om/rekacenter), where classes are now being held and recruiting for children's and adult groups is underway!

Right words are not nice. Beautiful words are not trustworthy. Kind is not eloquent. Eloquent is not kind. The knower does not prove, the prover does not know.

Find peace in your soul and thousands will be saved around you.

No matter how much work a person has, he must find time for exercise as he finds it for food.

Action is key. We offer you the most effective directions for self-development.

1. Learn financial literacy. render completely. Apply the rules of working with money in life. Learn how to start your own business and manage your money.

First of all, read the books: - Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"; - Yuri Moroz "Business. A Handbook for Geniuses "- Robert Allen" Multiple Sources of Income. "

2. Learn to think. there are special techniques of thinking. Master them from the books: - Edward de Bono; - and the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ).

3. Learn how human memory works. Read the book by Vladimir Kozarenko "Textbook of mnemonics". If you have children, they will become honors in school simply by using memorization techniques.

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