Andrey Molochny

Andrey Molochny

It's good that half of the people from the anti-rating are no longer in the Comedy.

First, you need to define the criteria. The hit list will not include people from the experimental first seasons of Comedy. For example, you no longer remember that Alexander Pushnoy sang heavy-metal ditties there, or the old-regime monologues were read by the duet "Krasnaya Burda". Therefore, they cannot be assessed in any way, because Dzhanibekyan and Martirosyan played with the format.

Also in the list of the worst people were not included in the list of the worst people from the late 2000s, such as the black fat man Lyubinda or Dmitry Sokolov from the "Ural dumplings". There will be no comedians who badly deliver jokes on stage, but write them well - like Sergei Bessmertny. Pavel Volya, Vadim Galygin and other dinosaurs will not be here, because we remember them as funny and shameful.

Yevgeny Sinyakov will not be here yet, because Comedy is needed to demonstrate the Comedy Battle social lift. There will still not be Ivan Polovinkin with enchanting unfunny stand-ups, because he probably became a resident for money, otherwise we will have to blame Garik Martirosyan for mental illness. Well, now you can start.

Timur Batrutdinov

“I didn’t get on TNT and didn’t get to know my favorite comedian Timur“ Kashtan ”Batrutdinov," stand-up Denis Chuzhoy, with this joke on a hurry, caused understanding laughter in the hall. - Agree, there is a feeling that now for the first time someone said the phrase "My favorite comedian - Batrutdinov."

On every TNT show with Batrukha, there is a fierce awkwardness from the fact that he is called a humorist. From him, as a resident of the Comedy Club, they expect jokes and brightness, and in return they receive something unintelligible and unfunny. Timur does not even support the image of a sad clown - no, he is ready to give out humor, but without a script and Kharlamov, nothing at all works out.

A lonely handsome man was blinded on TNT from Batrutdinov, filmed in "The Bachelor" and now Olga Buzova is being put under him. The best that the channel can do for him is never to shoot again in any projects other than Comedy. Because it is convenient for Kharlamov to act out miniatures about Timur's characters.

Sergey Svetlakov

Svetlakov has appeared in the club twice, and both times unsuccessfully. First with Mikhail Galustyan in the guise of Slavik and Dimona from Our Russia. In some special issue, they announced the residents in these stupid teenage sweatshirts and looked as ridiculous as possible.

Then Sergey ended up in Comedy when the format was relaunched in 2010. "Our Russia" then paused, and Svetlakov agreed to the role of the village peasant Mitrich. In the new Comedy Club, pre-recorded sketches were shown on the big screen, and a mini-series was born inside an entertainment show. Each episode ended with the death of the title character and the phrase “Mitrich died this way”. And then everything started over again.

This format was abandoned incredibly quickly, the recordings were even rubbed out of the rutube - either the transition to STS is to blame, or Svetlakov's shame for the content. The first issue came out in April, and in September the showman explained: "Filming has been suspended, this is my personal initiative." Apparently, I realized how unfunny "Mitrich" was.

The Zaitsev Sisters


Andriy Molochny is a Ukrainian comedian, actor, showman and producer, known for his participation in the projects "Duet named after Chekhov", "Fine Ukraine" and Comedy Club.

Childhood and adolescence

Andrey was born on May 2, 1978 in the town of Korosten, located 90 km from Zhitomir. The boy turned out to be Taurus by the sign of the zodiac. At the end of school, the mother insisted that the young man move to Kiev and receive a decent education. And so it happened - Andrey entered the National Agrarian University as an economist. Living in a hostel and receiving a meager scholarship, Molochny even managed to save money for gifts to his mother.

Ukrainian comedian, actor and showman Andrey Molochny

Serious specialty "Management of foreign economic activity" did not prevent Andrey from combining his studies with KVN. Together with the "On the ears" team, the future comedian won the championship in the Higher Ukrainian League of KVN. Small stature, sparkling jokes and catchy facial expressions made him one of the brightest members of the team.

After a while, Andrey joined the Va Bank team, which later also became a champion. Later, fate threw the comedian into the Alaska team, where he met his future friend and colleague Anton Lirnik. Playing in KVN, Andrey graduated from the university with honors and even entered graduate school. Dairy, however, failed to finish it.

Humor and creativity

The creative career of a humorist began at school, where he arranged small performances at breaks. Having studied all the miniatures from KVN, Molochny seriously thought of entering a theater institute. But fate took him on a different path.

Andrey Molochny played in KVN

Molochny's departure from Alaska in 2005 was the impetus for success. Despite his young age, he tries to go into business. But due to lack of funding, his business does not bring great success to Andrey. Having failed, the former KVNschik returns to his element - creativity. Inspired by the success of Vecherniy Kvartal (which had just started broadcasting on Ukrainian television), Andriy began to think about creating his own humorous project.

Dairy gathered like-minded people, including Anton Lirnik. Andrei suggested that his comrades create a project in which comedians would show various numbers for an hour. After several performances, friends of the comedians noticed the similarities between their miniatures and the Russian show of the TV channel "TNT" Comedy Club. This was followed by a visit to Moscow and negotiations with Garik Martirosyan. The latter, being one of the founders of "Comedy Club", invited the comedians to shoot a video in Kiev and show what they are worth.

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