All the delights of extreme tourism and how not to get trapped

All the delights of extreme tourism and how not to get trapped

Nowadays, diving to the sunken Titanic or conquering Mount Everest is no longer considered a topical activity for adrenaline-pumping travelers. What ten years ago seemed incredibly extreme and unusual, today no longer arouses the interest of fearless travelers and the horror of ordinary people. Modern technology and good training allow you to see the Titanic and see the world from the top of Everest without any problems.

Therefore, travel companies come up with new and original travel routes for those who are ready to get "real extreme". Besides, for any money. Yes, truly unique and sometimes dangerous travel cannot be cheap in principle. But, suppose you have no money problems. Let's dwell on the essence. The top of the most not banal, most extreme, most adventurous types of travel includes visits to the following sites:

) Desert Island Survival

An English travel agency has come up with a new type of adventure tourism and now offers its clients to spend ten days on a completely uninhabited island in the wilderness. That is, to feel like the hero of the legendary novel on the island of Crusoe. Of course, we are not talking about that very island, because, as you know, today it is quite inhabited. The island will be truly uninhabited.

Before the start, tourists are taught by instructors who give the expedition members the following knowledge: how to make a fire without matches, how to desalinate salt water, how to build a shelter from the most unusual improvised material, where to get food, etc. Then the adventure begins when a helicopter with a group of tourists "crashes" into the sea, near the coast of a desert island. Now a group of extreme lovers will have to survive for ten long days on the island without any help. The smartest can build a raft and sail off the island, while other members of the group can arrange temporary housing and wait for them to be "rescued".

) Become a prisoner of solitary confinement in a Bolivian prison

The San Pedro Colony in Bolivia has long since become self-sustaining. To survive, the administration of the colony arranges excursions around the territory of the prison for curious tourists. Anyone can pay a certain amount of money and spend the night in a personal solitary confinement cell of this correctional institution.

The money received from tourists is used to improve the territory of the prison, which over the years of its "independent existence" has turned into a full-fledged city with its own market, shops and workshops for the provision of various services.

) Tornado Chase

Tornadoes, tornadoes and hurricanes are being chased by professional meteorologists throughout the United States in an attempt to unravel the mystery of their destructive power. Various travel companies, from Dakota to Texas, offer their clients to take an extreme journey with a team of scientists in pursuit of another tornado. True, such an adventure always takes a different amount of time. In a season in these American territories, there are about 30 tornadoes of varying strength of destruction.

You can chase a tornado for a whole month and not achieve the desired results, but you can be among the lucky ones and find yourself in the very epicenter of a destructive tornado in a matter of hours after the start of the trip. While traveling around the states of America, you can "along the way" see many wonderful sights of the country and take many pictures for memory.

) Illegal US border crossing

For only $ 20, in the small Mexican town of El Alberto, located on the border with the United States, enterprising locals offer tourists to cross the cordon illegally, receiving a huge adrenaline rush. You will "your own skin" feel what it is like to be a "saboteur", with the accompanying shots of border guards and the barking of guard dogs.

True travel connoisseurs dream of visiting places where only the elite go. They are ready to pay a lot of money for this and even turn a blind eye to the dangers.

You won't come here every year, there are no hotels, beaches or shops. But these places are worth seeing at least once in your life.


The land of icebergs and penguins - the cost of a tour to the southernmost continent is measured in thousands of dollars, but places on such trips are always limited. There are enough people who want to see the shores of Antarctica at least from the window of the cabin. Although the modern possibilities of the tourism industry allow you to go ashore on the continent, take a picture with the penguins, and even take part in an expedition - spend as many as 10 days in Antarctica. No hotels have been built here yet, but who knows, maybe someday this will happen.

North Pole

If the South Pole has already been conquered, you can go to the North Pole. Previously, travel to the northernmost points of the planet was very expensive, and it was not about money at all - ships stuck in ice, frozen expeditions, hunger, cold and disease. Today the North Pole has become a little more hospitable, but not due to changes in nature, but only because humanity has mastered these lands. Now you can go on a tourist trip north, and it will be expensive only in terms of money. Tourists are invited to conquer the snow-covered lands by helicopter, in special vehicles or on an icebreaker. The most expensive pleasure is an icebreaker cruise, it will cost about 20 thousand dollars.

Everest Base Camp

An ordinary tourist can breathe the air that fearless climbers breathe. Getting to Everest Base Camp is not as difficult as climbing to the top of a rebellious mountain. But even here you will need endurance and fearlessness - the camp is located at an altitude of 5,545 meters. Even at this altitude, a person can overtake mountain sickness, in the camp one can already feel the icy breath of Everest. But many still decide on this path, and go to Nepal. Then tourists will have serious trekking surrounded by dizzying views, and at the end of the path - a group of climbers in the base camp.

North Korea

As strange as it may sound, in this totalitarian state closed from the whole world, tourists are greeted very hospitably. But only if the guests move as part of a tourist group under the supervision of a guide approved by the special services. You will not even be allowed to ride the subway on your own. But many people dream of visiting this country once in their life, because it is a different world, where you can see a lot of interesting and atypical, although almost nothing can be photographed.

Santiago de Compostela

The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is a journey for the strong in spirit. The Way of St. James - this is the name of the pedestrian passage to worship the relics of the Apostle. The classic French route is 750 kilometers long and starts in the Pyrenees. Although especially persistent pilgrims start moving much earlier and can walk more than 4000 km on foot. The trail is quite picturesque, along the way you come across old buildings and modern infrastructure. But pilgrims prefer to enjoy the benefits of civilization only a little, because the meaning of the path is precisely in humility, rejection of carnal pleasures and in strengthening the spirit.

Extreme tourism has always involved a certain amount of risk as well as overcoming difficulties. Therefore, not everyone likes this kind of rest. But even among travelers there are "hot heads" for whom the dangers are not terrible, but on the contrary, they receive an adrenaline rush from them.

Why this type of travel is useful

Any extreme type of tourism helps a person to harden his character, as well as to test his own capabilities in practice. Unfortunately, with the development of technology, fewer and fewer people are in nature, and even more so they go in for sports. In this regard, for them, even ordinary race walking with a small hiking bag can seem really difficult for them.

The ability to have active rest is an important component for your own body, which allows it to quickly get used to physical activity. Therefore, such training gives people, in the event of any force majeure, the necessary training and excellent physical data to cope with troubles.

Entertainment is the basis for such a holiday

A variety of unusual entertainment can also be ranked as extreme tourism.

This should include:

  • skydiving;
  • surfing;
  • rock climbing;
  • jumping from bridges and high-rise buildings under reliable insurance;
  • diving in a scuba diver's suit.

Of course, all these activities are dangerous if you start them without skill and without accompanying instructors. Therefore, if there are no skills in a certain type of entertainment, in no case should you risk your health or even your life. You should first insure yourself against any accident, providing yourself with comfortable conditions.

However, it should be stated that from such a plan of entertainment the traveler will receive a huge positive range of emotions and impressions. In the future, he will remember them for a very long time and it is quite possible that the tourist will carry these unique moments next to him throughout his life!

Development of important innovation areas

Today, the concept of extreme tourism has expanded somewhat. After all, visiting any theatrical performances can also be attributed to this category.

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