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What could be better for a hunter or fisherman than a prepared off-road vehicle. In winter and summer, such a car will help you get to the most distant corners of nature, enjoy a real male hobby, and deliver prey home. Therefore, the choice of a car should be taken seriously.

In order to buy the perfect off-road vehicle for hunting and fishing, you need to determine which characteristics of the car are in priority. For example, for rare trips out of town within the region, a station wagon is suitable, since it is expensive to purchase a separate car for a hobby. And lovers of long trips to uninhabited areas should give preference to reliable jeeps with an engine capacity of up to 2.5 liters.

The choice of the brand and model of a car is influenced by many factors: the cost of the car, parameters, features of operation. It is important to understand for what purpose the vehicle will be used. Winter fishing, hunting in the forest belt, extreme tourism - each hobby requires an individual approach to the selection of a vehicle. However, there are a number of characteristics common to hunting, fishing and other similar activities.

The main criteria for choosing an SUV

Long outdoor trips involve a powerful 4WD vehicle that can withstand tough driving conditions. Therefore, an SUV must meet the following criteria:

  • Capacity. The dimensions of the vehicle must meet the needs of the traveler. There should be room in the car for mining, tackle, equipment, tent, owner's companions. The ideal option is a car with a spacious luggage compartment, roof mount, 4-6 seats for passengers.
  • Simplicity of construction. It is known that complex mechanisms break down more often and require long and expensive repairs. Therefore, a vehicle designed for cross-country driving should be simply arranged. The owner will be able to repair such a car on his own, using the tools at hand and a standard repair kit.
  • Reduced fuel consumption. Many SUV models are equipped with engines of 3.0 liters or more. These cars require constant refueling, which is difficult to carry out in sparsely populated areas. Due to this, a good hunting and fishing jeep should not consume a lot of fuel.
  • Possibility of special tuning. Some car models acquire the necessary properties for cross-country travel only after a certain upgrade. Therefore, when choosing a car, you should consider the possibility of equipping the vehicle with additional equipment.
  • Convenience. Nature trips take a long time. In this regard, a certain level of comfort is required from the car. Without a climate control system, good noise insulation, comfortable seats, the journey will not be so pleasant.

The best SUVs combine all of these characteristics. Naturally, this affects the final cost of the vehicle. To help in choosing the best option for price and quality, we have selected 5 car models in different price segments. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular machines suitable for hunting and fishing.

Top Economy SUVs

Russia is famous for its off-road conditions. Therefore, it is not surprising that the majority of all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles in the price segment under $ 10.00 are Russian-made. Many car enthusiasts, of course, do not trust the domestic auto industry. However, the listed top contains the most reliable economy class SUVs.

UAZ Patriot

The advantages of the leader of the rating are quite understandable. The car is perfect for operation within the city and outside, it is easily repaired, consumes about 10 liters of gasoline per 100 km. The dimensions also meet the requirements of travel enthusiasts. The seats in the salon can be conveniently folded out, allowing you to accommodate up to 4 people while sleeping. The cost of a new Patriot is 12.00 dollars, a used one is from 6.00.

Now for the shortcomings. The front-wheel drive is switched on separately, the gearbox is only mechanical. When choosing a car, it is important to pay attention to the assembly. The owners of this model note that the assembly by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Emergencies is of the best quality.

You can ride off-road, rough terrain with a breeze on a buggy - a small and relatively light car. It makes sense for men to learn how to choose a double buggy or assemble a car with their own hands.


Buggy is a successful invention of the Americans. For the first time, the technique appeared on the roads of the United States in the 50s of the last century. Out-of-order Volkswagen cars with the well-known "Zhuk" prefix were used as donor cars.

From the characteristic name of the car brand, small cars began to be called - a bug.

Models were made without a radiator, many body elements, and the engine was located at the back. A modern two-seater buggy is a small car, the device of which makes it easy to overcome off-road. Main design advantages:

  • low center of gravity;
  • high ground clearance;
  • increased cross-country ability;
  • independent suspension;
  • reinforced undercarriage;
  • short wheelbase;
  • off-road tires.

The advantages of using a car that is unpretentious to the roadway, winding terrain are also obvious - simple control, mobility, the ability to get a lot of positive emotions from the driving process.

Perhaps the main advantage of popular cars is variability.

Every craftsman, lover of modern vehicles can assemble in a short time a 2-seater buggy according to his own preferences. For example, make a walking version of a car or make a powerful cross-country vehicle to overcome difficult obstacles. Regardless of the model, the key requirement for a two-seater buggy is the ability to drive extreme off-road and public highways.

Species overview

Before buying or starting to manufacture a two-seater buggy, you need to choose an option, which will eventually be the car.

Everything You Need to Know About RV

RV travel is popular in America and Europe. Many of us are familiar with mobile homes from various movies. But now this kind of travel has reached Russia. In this article, we will detail the most important points of caravanning (traveling in a motorhome).

Which trailer or caravan to choose?

There are two types of trailers: mobile home and car trailer. A motorhome is a minibus that is fully livable. It has all the necessary equipment, stove, refrigerator, toilet, sleeping places. The trailer is also equipped with everything you need, but it has its own distinctive features.

In order to understand what is better to choose for a trip, let's compare a trailer and a motorhome.

  • First, you need to decide on the route of your trip. If you have a long way and short parking, then it is better to choose a motorhome. In this case, the mobile home will be convenient to replenish stocks along the way. Setting up a trailer is time consuming, so it will be uncomfortable for short parking spaces.
  • If you plan to stand still and make rare and short journeys, then your option is a trailer. In a motorhome, stocks are limited, and therefore when you have already settled in the territory, it will be difficult for you to collect all the things again to drive off. You can leave the trailer on the territory, and move around in your car.
  • When planning trips to cities, you need to take into account that you can only park a trailer in a city in campsites or at a gas station. RVs can be parked almost anywhere.
  • When it comes to roominess, the trailer wins a bit. The entire usable area is occupied by living space, and in a motorhome the driver's cabin occupies about three square meters.

Camper rental

In Russia, there are very few proposals for renting a car of this kind. Check your vehicle thoroughly before driving, as there may not be any motorhome repair companies nearby.

Autohome purchase is not cheap at all. The new car will cost about 800,000 rubles. But for summer travel in Russia, it will be optimal to rent a motor home. In summer, rental prices go up, but the longer the rental period, the lower the price. The cost of a motorhome is about 15,000 rubles per day. In addition to paying the entire rental amount at once, you will need to pay a deposit for the car.

Do I need special rights to drive a motorhome?

To drive such a car, no special license is required if the load does not exceed

When an avid autotourist decides to buy a new car, the question always arises before him: what to choose? After all, the characteristics of cars are very different. One can drive for a very long time without refueling. The other has a very roomy interior. There are many features and criteria. We will try to deal with them.

Selection criteria and best car models

Consider cars depending on the criteria that many car travel enthusiasts are guided by.

Travel range

The first thing a future car owner thinks about is how long his car can drive without refueling? To find out, you should calculate how much the car passes on one liter of fuel. The resulting figure must be multiplied by the total capacity of the tank. It's simple: if, when driving on the highway, the car consumes an average of 9 liters, and the tank capacity is 60 liters, then the car can go 666 km (100/9 * 60) without refueling. It is the fuel consumption that interests the domestic traveler in the first place. Because it is not always possible to find good gasoline in the outback. Let's list the cars that can drive very far, having refueled only once.

Toyota Prius is a hybrid vehicle capable of driving 1217 km on one tank. Its economy is amazing - it consumes an average of 3. liters of fuel per 100 km.

This low flow rate is due to several factors. The machine is equipped with a hybrid installation. The gasoline engine has a very high efficiency. This motor is based on the Atkinson cycle. Finally, the Toyota Prius has excellent body aerodynamics. Here are the main features of the car:

  • fuel tank capacity - 45 liters;
  • vehicle weight - 1380 kg;
  • engine power - 136 hp. s;
  • acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h - 10.sec.

The well-known Passat can also be a good choice for those who want to save on gasoline, since it can travel 1524 km without refueling.

In this respect, the "German" bypasses its closest competitor - Ford Mondeo. But he spends only 0. liters less than the "American". Features:

  • fuel tank capacity - 70 liters;
  • machine weight - 1592 kg;
  • engine power - 170 liters. s;
  • acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h - 8.seconds.

The BMW 520d is another good option for long journeys. But this rule applies only to models with a manual transmission.

Stay in touch everywhere and always, and also have a smartphone at hand that can come to the rescue in many situations (see the road, translate a phrase into the desired language, call a taxi, take a photo or shoot a video, etc.). ) has become so natural that few people have doubts or questions.

However, only experienced tourists and travelers can tell how important a quality gadget with excellent characteristics is. After all, not every device is able to "withstand" intense, even extreme operating conditions. Let's take a closer look - what should be a tourist's smartphone?

Selection criteria

If you are planning to go on vacation to a fashionable hotel and spend almost all your time by the pool or on the beach, then you don't have to "bother" about choosing a smartphone and go with your "native" phone. Although we note that the risk of falling into water or splashing on the phone, falling from a height is not canceled.

If you are a supporter of outdoor activities (hiking, mountain climbing, water recreation, beach activities, safaris and excursions), then in natural conditions such phone parameters as "feature", reaction speed, processor power or the stylish body is far from being of paramount importance. Much more important are the other characteristics of the smartphone.


It is desirable that the gadget has a sealed case. This will give a guarantee of its performance, even if you get caught in the rain (for example, a tropical rainstorm in an exotic country), drop your phone into the sea, swimming pool or fall into a river while rafting, wading.


The smartphone must have a large battery to ensure uninterrupted operation for a long time. It is also worth considering the fact that the switched on mobile Internet or a number of other options, extremely extreme operating conditions, for example, severe cold, lead to an increase in the load on the device's battery.

Impact and high strength

Not a single gadget is insured against falling and hitting, regardless of where it is used (it can even happen at home), but such moments happen more often during hiking and travel. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the strength parameters. This is true not only for the smartphone body, but also for the screen.

The question naturally arises - are there smartphones that simultaneously satisfy all of the above parameters? Yes, and buyers still have the right to choose!

Ginzzu RS/RS– a smartphone for extreme travelers

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