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A week ago, a tragedy struck in Alaska: Belarusian director Nika Nikonova died. Together with her husband, she wanted to get to the bus, where in 1992 Christopher McCandless lived for more than a hundred days. The young American had a peculiar outlook on life and decided to retire away from society. Opinions about him were different: some admire courage, others talk about complete recklessness. Onliner studied the story of Chris and his struggle for the right to live "differently", which ended sadly.

A child with character

Chris was born in California to a wealthy family: his father was an engineer who later founded a successful consulting company. The guy grew up with his younger sister Karin and did not need anything financially: his parents provided him with a study at a prestigious university, opened an account in his name and, in general, did not restrain his son in money. But with a good income, the family could hardly be called exemplary: Karin recalled that her father could raise his hand against her mother and was generally distinguished by an authoritarian character. Yes, and a brother and sister were born even before their father left his first family.

The family later moved to the suburbs of Washington. Chris went to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. There he studied history and anthropology, and at the same time wrote for the university newspaper. The guy, according to the recollections of his entourage, although he was on his own mind, but studied more than worthily. In May 1990, Chris received his bachelor's degree and left the university. The parents hoped that their son would continue his studies at another university. But he had completely different plans: instead of becoming another lawyer or financier, Chris abruptly decided to just live. And in the wild, away from people.

Start of the journey

He transferred about $ 24 thousand from his account to charity, which his parents gave him for study, cut off all contacts with his family, got into an old Datsun (his parents offered to buy him a new car, but the guy refused) and drove along country. In a letter to a friend, Chris explained that “a lot of people live unhappily and are afraid to change something in order not to lose their safety and fit [with society. - Approx. Onliner] ".

Chris was out of luck in Arizona: he stopped on the banks of the Mead Reservoir and his car was hit by a flood. The guy had no options - he had to quit Datsun and start a walking trip, but before that he removed the license plates from the car. McCandless knew his parents would want to find him and most likely bring him back home. This was not part of the guy's plans, so he tried to leave fewer traces.

The guy invented a new name for himself - Alexander Supertramp. The last name was definitely appropriate: Chris traveled almost the entire western part of the United States, and then got out of his country. He mostly hitchhiked, but sometimes he made his way into freight train cars or simply wandered on foot. Chris traveled light, with him, except for change of clothes and books, he had practically nothing.

Although McCandless hated material assets, he still could not completely abandon them. Therefore, sometimes I had to earn extra money. In South Dakota, the guy worked on a farm, then worked in a fast food establishment. In the meantime, he managed to canoe down the Colorado River and get to Mexico. But during all his wanderings, the thought of Alaska did not let him go.


For all the seriousness of his intentions, McCandless was most careless about the implementation of his plan to live away from civilization. One of the drivers, who gave the guy a lift on the way to Alaska, then recalled that he was very surprised at the traveler's set: 4.5 kilograms of rice, a hunting rifle and books describing edible berries and plants.

Alaska is not only the largest state in the United States, but also the only region in the world that pays its permanent residents an annual dividend from the sale of oil. It is noteworthy here that all the benefits and privileges are also available to those who do not even have US citizenship, but have lived in Alaska for only one year. Details about everything, in order.

Fairy Tale Or Facts versus Misconceptions

Alaska is one of the states of the United States, but it is much easier to move here than to other regions of the United States. At the same time, it is immediately worth noting that numerous programs for resettlement in dying cities of the United States for substantial lifting, concern exclusively US citizens (for example, the program for the settlement of Detroit, where displaced persons are paid as much as $ 2,500 in hand), but all the benefits and privileges of Alaska are available to everyone immigrants who have received resident status. Moreover, the status is issued soon upon arrival in Alaska, and then, you need to wait only 1 year and apply for various benefits. And further, US citizenship.

And here hectares and lifting hectares are distributed

In a year, foreign immigrants who have received the status of a resident can issue a plot of land up to 50 hectares for use. True, it should be noted right away that all land plots issued for free use should soon be settled in and on them it is imperative to conduct vigorous economic activity. This is checked by a special commission that visits such ranches every year. Otherwise, if these conditions are not met, the site is withdrawn.

What you need to do to become a resident of Alaska

Even residents of other US states do not know what good living conditions are created for their residents by the authorities of Alaska. But it is worth noting such moments that the authorities have created a special database of vacancies in the region (analogous to the Russian Center for Employment of the Population), they have also thought out an excellent system of lending to persons who decide to do business (the limit on the loan amount is up to $ 25 million), and the interest rate starts from 1 %.

There are two ways to get to Alaska. Work and Travel students. This program operates among students from 18 to 26 years old. Therefore, it is appropriate to use it in the last year of the university (provided that there is no need to go anywhere). The second option is applicable for an older audience and involves filling out an H-1B visa form - a work visa. In both cases, it is imperative to contact the employer and get an invitation to work, as well as stock up on the initially determined amount of funds for the arrangement of $ 1200-2500. Upon arrival in Alaska, it is important to quickly formalize the rental housing. Get your driver's license and ID with the Department of Transportation. Obtain a license plate and register with the local electoral system. And, of course, she will find a job. From the moment of committing all these manipulations, a year later, but before March 31, it is necessary to submit an application for receiving dividends to the Permanent Fund. From the moment of receiving the dividends, you can seriously deal with the registration of US citizenship.

In this list, you will find the most frightening, bizarre and dangerous corners of our planet that people have been able to conquer: from the mountainous Guatemalan path to the Irish bike trail, where you can easily fall off the cliff. So, we offer you nine of the most dangerous places for extreme recreation.

Mount Huashan, Shaanxi Province, China

Much like an ancient Chinese ink painting, Mount Huashan rises 2 km in Shanxi Province.

The steep limestone slopes overgrown with cedar for a long time excluded any possibility of climbing Huashan, until the so-called "system of paths" was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The photo shows what it is - reminiscent of a scene from a nightmare, a narrow (about 60 cm) wobbly wooden path encircles the entire mountain, sagging down in some places, and allows travelers, desperately clinging to life, to hold on to the bolted ones laid along the platform from riveted chain boards.

In some places, travelers can “enjoy” the possibility of falling from 915 meters: no one counted accidents on this mountain, but apparently they were enough to give it the nickname “The Mountain of Death”.

Farseer, California, USA

The merciless rock "Diviner" ("Prophet") knows your future 100% if you come here without special skills and professional equipment.

Almost perfectly smooth, this intricately shaped piece of rock is 550 m closer to the sky than the surrounding canyons. The hardness of the rock is so great that ordinary climbing hooks do not take it: the daredevils climb, hammering into the cracks of the attachment, pull themselves up, standing on them, hammering in more, and so on.

The most desperate climbers, constantly risking falling down, manage to climb onto the Prophet without insurance, while the main risk when using a safety rope is slipping of the mounts due to their incorrect installation.

Peacock Haunted Cave, USA

While rock climbing is fraught with the unpleasant prospect of falling from great heights, even greater challenges await you below the surface of the Earth. You can feel like a scuba diver and a speleologist at the same time: experienced extreme lovers swim in dark caves and tunnels hundreds of meters long.

Alaska: On October 18, 1867, in Novoarkhangelsk (now Sitka), the official ceremony of transferring the state to the ownership of the United States took place: the Russian flag was lowered and the American flag was raised under the gun salutes of the Russian Empire. sold it six months before. So Alaska became an American, but so far only a territory. Not a state!

The American state of Alaska became the third of January 1959. Almost a hundred years after purchase. And this is a common American practice: at first the territory was declared the territory of the States, but only after many years did it receive a different legal status.

At the time of the sale of Alaska, about 35,000 people lived there.

Today, the northernmost state is separated from Russia by no more than four kilometers: the Russian-American border runs in the sea between Big Diomede (Ratmanov Island, belongs to Russia) and Small Diomede (Kruzenshtern Island in the Russian version, belongs to the United States) ... After all, the United States acquired from Russia not only Alaska, but also the Little Diomede.

A small Eskimo community lives on Kruzenshtern Island - about 75 people. They have their own church, school and shop. Eskimos are engaged in fishing and crabs fishing, hunting beluga whales, walruses, seals and polar bears.

Even after many decades, remnants of the royal culture are still preserved in Alaska: in many souvenir shops in Anchorage, Ketchikan and Juneau, handmade nesting dolls and copies of royal crowns are sold. And at the fur store in Ketchikan, visitors are greeted by a dummy bear with a balalaika.

It is here, in the village of Nikolaevsk, that the community of Russian Old Believers has been living since 1968. With the assistance of the state authorities, the Old Believers were allocated a large piece of land, helped to build a road, electricity, and were given increased quotas for fishing. As a result, fishing has supplanted traditional agriculture.

Currently, there are 400 people living in Nikolaevsk, most of whom are believers and devout Old Believers. You drive along country roads and you will not say that in America - at home, well, just like in Russia! And areas overgrown with weeds, which obviously no one is watching. Houses here are heated, as a rule, with firewood, because it is cheaper. In the corner of every room there is necessarily a corner with towels and icons. When guests are in the room, they must light a lamp. Old Believers wear traditional clothes. And they sew all the dresses themselves.

In Nikolaevsk there are no ubiquitous McDonald’s, no gas stations, no cafes or shops. Didn't take root. Everyone goes to neighboring cities. For America, of course, this is not typical.

The Old Believers of Nikolaevsk have never been to Russia, have not seen their historical homeland. Their Russian language no longer resembles modern Russian. However, they are undoubtedly representatives of Russian culture.

Today Alaska is the largest state in America. The name comes from the Aleutian “alyasҳa”, which means “abundance of whales”, “whale place”.

The indigenous population of the islands is the Eskimos. They inhabited these places 3000 years ago.

Kayaker touches pieces of iceberg, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. Photographer: Gary Scott, courtesy of the Alaska Tourism Association

Discover Your America: Holidays and Tours in Alaska

An exciting vacation in Alaska awaits you: affordable cruises, a trip to the heart of Alaska - Denali National Park, travel by a comfortable train on the famous Alaskan Railroad, whale and wildlife watching, glacier tours , historic cities, gold mines, indigenous culture and more! For those wishing to visit other popular tourist destinations in the United States, convenient connections are offered from Anchorage to Seattle, Hawaii, Las Vegas, California - Disneyland parks, etc.

The tours listed below are listed here only for the purpose of familiarizing our clients; the organization of tours takes place exclusively between the tourist and the tour operator. InterPacific Aviation and Marketing Inc/AirRussia. S does not give preference to a specific tour operator or tour and asks tourists to be independent when ordering a tour.

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