Active holidays in Israel: a kaleidoscope of vivid impressions

Ecological tourism in Israel

Israel is a Middle Eastern country rich in historical sites and monuments with an interesting landscape. All who love the sea and the sun come to this country with pleasure.

For those who do not enjoy passive lying on the beach, we recommend trying an active holiday in Israel. And to say that there will be a lot of opportunities for you is to say nothing.

Thanks to the small area of ​​this tiny state, it is possible to travel far and wide, see the ancient cities and archaeological zones, relax on three seas, explore the desert and climb into mountain caves, get acquainted with the famous biblical places: Bethlehem, Safed , Jericho, Caesarea, Nazareth.

Diving in Israel in the Red and Mediterranean Seas

A full active vacation in Israel is, of course, diving. Diving clubs are scattered along the Mediterranean and Red Seas, but the dives in Eilat are considered the best.

Standard programs: swim with dolphins, dive to an 80-meter coral rock in the national park (must be ordered in advance), dive on a shallow reef, where you can see sunken warships.

An introductory dive costs about $ 50 and lasts about half an hour at a depth of no more than 6m.

In Eilat, you can contact the Divers Village or Lucky Divers diving clubs.

For diving, you need to take out an annual insurance in the amount of $ 35-40, you only need a passport. Officially imported diving equipment must be declared and may be subject to duties. The customs deposit is refunded upon departure from the country.

Sightseeing Tours in Israel

More options for excursions can be selected by searching in the form:

If you choose car tourism, we recommend the following trips by car

If there are ten people traveling, it turns out inexpensively and conveniently. There are a lot of thematic excursions, so for $ 100-600 there is an opportunity to visit any region of Israel with departure from the place of stay.

In Israel, your tourists can rest all year round, you just need to choose the right region of the country

Autumn and spring are high seasons in Israel, at this time there are many tourists, especially in the center and in the north of the country. It is rainy in winter, but at this time of the year you can go to the south of the country, to Eilat - it is available for beach holidays all year round. Summer is also considered a low season due to the heat, but it is easier to tolerate in the dry climate of Jerusalem or in the mountainous regions of the country.

Israel today is already living a full life and is looking forward to the lifting of all restrictions in order to receive tourists from abroad. On the eve of the possible opening of borders, the Department of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel in Russia and the CIS proposes to study what is attractive to the most tourist regions of the country.

Jerusalem's rich history and culture

Jerusalem is divided into Old and New cities. In the Old, surrounded by a wall and divided into 4 quarters (Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim), there are shrines of three religions - the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. However, there are much more iconic sights here: there are at least 40 of them in the Christian quarter alone, including Via Dolorosa - the path that Christ walked to Calvary.

But the Old Town is also a colorful oriental market where you can buy a lot of goods. And from its walls, along which the promenade runs, a magnificent view opens up in the evening.

One of the most famous landmarks of the Old City is the Tower of David, part of the ancient citadel at the Jaffa Gate. True, it is indirectly related to the biblical king David, the founder of ancient Israel (X century BC). Today, the City of David is an archaeological park in Jerusalem on the site of an ancient settlement that later became Jerusalem, or the City of David. The Tower of David is the most popular venue for city festivals, fairs and concerts. A laser show is regularly held here, during which episodes of the centuries-old history of Jerusalem are projected onto the walls of the citadel to music.

The new city is widely known for Mount Zion with the Temple of the Assumption, next to which is the Chamber of the Last Supper, as well as the Mount of Olives and a number of Christian shrines. It has many interesting and unique attractions from various eras, including the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, Munitions Hill, Israel Museum, and Biblical Animal Zoo. And, of course, the Mahane Yehuda market, which has no equal in terms of color, variety, heady aromas and tastes of goods.

Amateurs of entertainment will certainly love such areas of Jerusalem as the German Colony, Ben Yehuda pedestrian street, Nakhlat Shiva, Shlomzion ha-Malka street, as well as the territory of the Russian courtyard.

You can explore Jerusalem not only by walking, but also using segways. Taking into account the distance between attractions, this will not be superfluous.

For most tourists, the State of Israel is a place of pilgrimage and a religious center. But today we want to tell you about the incredible number of routes for ecotourism lovers.

National parks and reserves, botanical gardens and zoos, hiking trails and cyclists, as well as the beaches of the three seas - an incredible cluster of attractions in the territory of a small state.

Hiking and cycling trails in green areas of the country

The Jewish National Fund - Keren Kaemet le Israel (KKI - JNF) - is the largest and oldest environmental organization in the country that deals with forestry and ecological routes in the country. KKI-JNF on its website develops the project "Plant a tree in Israel", the site has a Russian version, you can buy books in Russian.

All hiking trails along their entire length have colored marks - landmarks. You can get a map at the tourist office, choose a route that is suitable for the duration and feel free to go for a walk. Recommendations for choosing a route can be found on the site "Tourist trails of the whole country" or on the KKI portal. The technical thoughtfulness and the variety of routes are simply amazing! The trails are equipped with parking lots, signs and information boards, observation platforms.

Special routes have been developed for cyclists, and a thematic web page has been created.

People with disabilities and wheelchairs can also visit green areas and national parks.

Ecological recreation in Israel is about safety, comfort and cleanliness, amazing contrasts of wildlife and, oddly enough, freedom. Travelers can not only explore the World Heritage Sites, but also enjoy the natural wealth.

National Parks

Israel's National Parks and Reserves are scenic recreational areas. Plants and animals, historical monuments, significant archaeological and architectural objects are under state protection. All national parks are controlled by the Department of Natural Resources and Parks. The emblem of the Office is a Nubian mountain goat with a horn bent in the shape of an architectural element - a Roman arch, this symbol can also be seen on the organization's flag.

At the entrance to each national park, there are landscaped tourist office buildings. They always have clean toilets, cozy cafeterias and local souvenir shops. Outdoor benches and snack tables are equipped with shelters from the sun. Tourist offices are often multilingual.

Many national parks and landmarks are inscribed in the challenging tourist or lighter walking trails, which we have already described above. When planning your trip, read the guidelines for visiting parks in advance.

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